Drive!Drive!Drive! Across Several Tracks At Once

Drive!Drive!Drive! [official site] is “a driving game about racing multiple tracks at the same time,” I am told. I’m into the idea, but don’t know how that multiple tracks thing works. I’ve watched the pretty announcement trailer several times, but it only offers small hints. I even asked developers Different Cloth (some of the lot behind papercraft shark game Derrick the Deathfin), but founder Gordon Midwood only whispered something about switching then added “The starlings fly east” and thrice hooted like an owl. How very mysterious. Watch the trailer and see what you make of it.

Weird, isn’t it? Puzzling. Pretty. Pleasant. And something I’d like to see more of. I might even like to, dare I say, play it. Different Cloth haven’t announced a release date or even platforms, but I’ll assume Gordon not warning me off is casual confirmation of a PC release. That, or proof he’s a dastardly scoundrel. Time shall tell!

That music in the trailer’s pretty nice too, isn’t it? That’ll be the smooth synthesised tones of American duo Zombi, whose album Surface to Air I listened to a lot back in the noughties. Don’t confuse them with Zombie Zombie, the smooth synthesising French duo who’ve done a load of rad John Carpenter covers. I don’t know, flipping zombies everywhere nowadays.


  1. linea says:

    My record collection features not only Zombi and Zombie Zombie, but also Zomby and the Zombies.

    So far this has failed to result in any hilarious confusion though.

    Incidentally Steve Moore of Zombi’s solo work is well worth checking out for more synthy wibbling, as is the label (VCO) he runs.

  2. NemesisZidar says:

    Apparently every game nowadays has Zombi(s) in it.

    The trailer and all the description of it didnt convince me in any slightest way. Im not even interested. And i love such arcady weird racing ideas very much. I think we could need more cool and interesting racing games with multiplayer and using todays technology of random generated levels, or infinite progression or weird physiccal possibilities, to get great and interesting racing moments. I think for example Distance is one of those, or the Road Rash revival Road Redemption, or this other game in Early Access that reminds me of Hi-Octane, Extreme G and Wipeout and is called Radial G. Such games are interesting, cool, deliver the old feeling of playing a freaking racer like Mario Kart or Extreme G just with better graphics and more possibilities.

    But this game however, didnt even get me the point of being in the slightest interested. The trailer is complete garbage and im not sure if its my end of the line, but it also had fps issues and wasnt running smooth. So i hope sooner or later more developers come up with new and cool ideas of driving on cool tracks, driving on roofs, inverted, in a tube, loopings or mix flying with driving and do that with multiplayer and elements of rogue-like games (infinite,procedural/randomly generated), with many explosions or other cool things in high speed showing nice graphics and give the option of playing it in virtual reality (when it already happens to be available for a normal gamer).

    But this seems to not be it. Max rating C for me.

    • mattlambertson says:

      Yes, I’d like to see more games taking advantage of the basic concepts introduced by TrackMania and doing new and interesting things with them, like Nadeo / Ubi doesn’t seem to be interested in, being busy instead with a relatively fail attempt at creating new esports.