The First 45 Minutes Of Grow Home

Ubisoft’s Grow Home [official site] was unveiled barely two weeks ago, and is out now. Beginning as an experiment in procedural animation, it’s finished as a genuinely delightful little project. BUD, a heartbreakingly charming little robot, is charged with growing a giant plant up through floating islands, in some effort to re-oxygenate the Earth. Doesn’t matter. What matters is his gorgeously stumbling, clumsy movement, and the giggly delight of having him climb. I stumble and giggle through the first forty-five minutes of the game, below.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Lexx87 says:

    I think Ubisoft sat down and said “we need to make a game that John Walker won’t shout at us for”.

    It looks amazing.

    • tr76 says:

      Nah, they clearly sat down and said, ‘Hey guys, you know how Qwop, Girp, Octodad, I Am Bread are really popular on the Tubes? Why don’t we do a thing like that?’

      • povu says:

        “How about we create a game where you climb things?” “BRILLIANT”

  2. Turin Turambar says:

    Stop molesting the sheeps, John Walker.

    (how many times in your life have you heard that phrase?)

  3. All is Well says:

    To those of you who, like me, were wondering: No uPlay required!

    • Dorga says:

      Was just going to ask, wonderful!

    • LTK says:


    • Premium User Badge

      basilisk says:

      On the other hand, Steam required.

      • All is Well says:

        Yeah, you’ll need either a Steam account or a uPlay account to purchase, this only eliminates the need for both when you buy on Steam. Still, for those of us who are more comfortable with Steam, whatever the reason, this is an improvement!

        • grrrz says:

          so if you buy from the uplay store you need to install the client?
          I don’t use steam
          too bad it looked promising

    • slerbal says:

      Really? Great news, but I wonder why?

    • HighHill says:

      Really?! I had sworn never again to buy any games requiring the infuriating abomination that is Uplay. But maybe I can get this then… Lovely!

  4. NemesisZidar says:

    its an interesting game idea. Is it infinite? Like, can i grow that plant and climb it as high as i want to?

    • Retrofrank says:

      No.At the beginning you jump down form a spaceship and then you have to grow the plant up to there.
      It´s a short, but very charming game.

      • GameCat says:

        Ubisoft’s Tower Climbing Simulator 2015 strips their game design to the core – towers.

        • wcq says:

          My God, you’re right. They’ve finally done it.

          But where can they go from here? How can you make it more about climbing towers than this?

  5. BenLeng says:

    Drunk Robot Simulator 2015

  6. Ejia says:

    So basically, Ubisoft is better off not dealing with AAA titles.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      There must be plenty of extremely talented people under Ubisoft’s wing.

      Easy to gather them for some fun little project, the problem seems to appear when Ubi goes insane and tries to coordinate 600 individuals split between 6-7 different studios.

      Doesn’t sound much surprising actually.

      • wcq says:

        Well, that, and the production schedules that don’t seem to leave those talented people the time they need.
        Got to get an AssCreed out every year, right, investors?

  7. SpinalJack says:

    Ubi’s willies and foo foos growing sim

  8. Siimon says:

    And here I thought the game was just a bit tedious :/

  9. Morcane says:

    This is like an 8-bit parkour game, it looks fun but really really short. Next up: zombie DLC followed by a crafting xpansion?

  10. Toupee says:

    I adore these videos, John. Your British voice could put many kittens to sleep.