Skave On: Warhammer – Vermintide Co-op FPS Announced

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na RATMAN!

Left 4 Dead with ratmen” is how I’ll crudely summarise what little I know about the newly announced Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide [official site]. It’s a co-op FPS pitting heroes against hordes of Skaven in shoot-o-melee action, coming in the second half of this year from War of the Vikings makers Fatshark.

Warhammer 40K is more my bag than Warhammer Fantasy, so all I really know about the Skaven comes from Kieron in pubs. They’re hordes of ravenous little ratmen, I get, but also giant rat ogres and sometimes ride in rodent wheels bristling with knives and lightning guns. Cool-o!

Vermintide will have five different playable heroes, each with their own weapons and equipment, and see them voyaging “from the top of the Magnus Tower to the bowels of the Under Empire” according to the announcement. They’re pretty vague beyond that, though.

Click on this and it will magically become larger.

As for how it all works, a NeoGAF thread has a few more details supposedly translated from a Finnish magazine preview. They say one hero’s a witch hunter with daggers and pistols who rages on Skaven because a rat took his eye. A fire mage, meanwhile, is called “a pyromaniac insane old woman”, in the poster’s own words, and “She is powerful, but if she keeps on doing spells all the time, she will heat up and could burst into flames and kill herself.” That’ll be the character for me. They also have talk of an AI director and collecting items. The info seems legit, given that it surfaced before the official announcement, but details might get smooshed in the process of being summed up for a preview, translated, then recapped for a forum post.

And this too!

Here’s the not-very-useful announcement trailer:

John called this ‘Vermintude’ by mistake earlier, and now proposes we make that its Official RPS Name. He’s a pretty rude dude, that one. To the max.


  1. SMGreer says:

    Screw the filthy humans, I want to play as the glorious rat men. Rat King! Rat King! Rat King!

    • Pheeze says:

      Agreed! I would love to play as a sneaky gutter runner for clan eshin or some kickass skaven warlord of clan skryre!

      • Christo4 says:

        Play as rats that want to invade and infest human worlds
        hmm sounds interesting :D

    • sneetch says:

      Here’s hoping for a versus mode like l4d. :)

      Anyway, everyone knows there’s no such thing as skaven. Pah, rat-men living under the empire? Ridiculous!

  2. TomxJ says:

    *Boing* “Time for bed” said Zebedee
    “Quick-kill! DIE, bounce-boing thing!” said Vermintude

  3. Jams O'Donnell says:

    Glaring omission of the “Vermintude” tag.

  4. RedViv says:

    Yeah right, “skaven”.

    • Dilapinated says:

      If you believe myths like ‘skaven’, I’ve got a twin-tailed comet to sell you..

  5. Optimaximal says:

    All I can imagine is Kieron, in his basement, laughing…

    • Sleepymatt says:

      As soon as I saw the tag line I thought of KG, so it’s nice to see I’m not the only one :P

  6. misterT0AST says:

    link to

    You knew this, didn’t you?
    Nagash is back and Skaven got Lustria Estalia and Tilea.
    Also Malekith is the new Phoenix King.
    And dwarves are dead.
    And Lizardmen have left on spaceships.

    • Ace Rimmer says:

      That is … bonkers. I’m just going to pretend the setting has remained static since I bowed out of WFB, around the time 6th ed. came out. I was tempted to pick it up again recently, but dropped it when I saw the butt-ugly new treeman models.

  7. Runty McTall says:

    Man, whoever is in the Licensing Department of Games Workshop must just be exhausted – so many deals to sign!

    It’s like, what, one GW game per month at the moment, at least.

    • jonfitt says:

      They’re making up for decades of under underwhelming or absent video games.

      • Sian says:

        Well, the games are more numerous, but most really aren’t very whelming, and definitely not overwhelming.

        • screamingabdab says:

          And yet still no mention of an X-Com Enemy Unknown style Necromunda :(

          • WiggumEsquilax says:

            Never mind a full pc realization of the tabletop game, like a Chaos Gate 2.

  8. maeda says:

    Speaking of rodents, back in the day sat one of the E3’s there was a trailer of a 3rd person adventure(?) game with a mouse as main protagonist, developed by some indie dev. Does anyone remember the title?

  9. acoff001 says:

    Hopefully one of the heroes has a small (but vicious) dog.

  10. Caelyn Ellis says:

    This could be good. I never saw the appeal of making a bunch of Warhammer strategy games that didn’t play like Warhammer. Faithful adaptations like Blood Bowl are great, as are things like this. Status: cautiously optimistic.

    • jonfitt says:

      My thinking is they fear that if they ever produced an exact replica of WHFB or 40k then a good portion of people would play that instead of paying through the nose for miniatures.
      I don’t know how realistic a fear that is, but I think that is their logic.

      • Sian says:

        I can only speak for myself, but they’d actually win at least one sale if they finally made a good video game adaptation of their core games. And I’d pay through the nose for one, too, seeing as it isn’t primarily the price tag that keeps me away, but the assembling, painting and careful handling of the miniatures. I’m a klutz, but I still would love to play WHFB and to a lesser degree WH40k.

      • Caelyn Ellis says:

        Absolutely. And I don’t blame them for it. I just intensely disliked all the strategy games that looked like Warhammer and 40K, but didn’t play anything like them, to the point where any prior knowledge about how given units would behave seemed almost counter-productive. As a fan of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play, I always like seeing more in-depth looks at the setting, rather than the big sweeping viewpoints of strategy stuff. Plus I’m generally a fan of doing different things in different media.

        • Chiron says:

          Some RPG style games would be amazing, I’d love to play a low level find the cultist sort of game, instead the licencing seems to go for poor quality strategy games and fast paced action games… also they are all far to bloody serious, especially if they involve Space Marines

          Oooh, a really good Warhammer style Morrowind game would be good as well.

      • Volcanu says:

        If they wanted to be bold I’m sure a computer replica of 40k where the base game is free but you have to purchase units, rather like skylanders for grown ups (shoudl that be slightly more grown ups?) would be very popular.

        I’m one of those lapsed players that still loves the ‘fluff’ but (a) no longer have anyone to play with and (b) don’t have the space for all the miniatures, let alone game boards needed to truly do it justice. I’m sure there are many, many other people like me. If they wanted to be somewhat conservative they would still make you buy the models, but would come with some kind of code to unlock a virtual equivalent. Surely then being able to sell virtual terrain/maps, different units, add ons, missions etc would be a dream come true for the money men at GW?

        Sadly they have made it very clear that they absolutely do not want to do this. Even the recent change in CEO is unlikely to mean anything as they picked an ‘insider’ with the previous CEO staying on as Chairman. So any change in strategy or bold thinking is immensely unlikely.

  11. Schiraman says:

    Left4Dead with Skaven sounds, well… awesome actually. Please be good!

  12. Rizlar says:

    Shouldn’t rat people make squeaking noises?

  13. Kemuel says:

    The name made me think of ‘Vermintrude’, like some sort of scary, diseased rat-cow.

  14. Chiron says:

    Oh god they are using the End Times “background”

    I don’t think I’ll ever forgive them destroying Tilea but I’m biased after spending 3 years on a fan project for it.

    Still, looks neat, not for me though.

  15. bill says:

    I’m amazed they still haven’t figured out a way to include Skaven in 40k

  16. aircool says:


  17. sapien82 says:

    Looks like fun, I really wish a dev would pick up necromunda though , I mean would it be that hard to take Mordeheim and turn it into the Hive prime ?!?!?!