Satanic Ritual Simulator: Sabbat Free For A Bit

This is the safe-for-work version, obvs. A lot of nipples are covered by that t-shirt. And where those snakes come from...

With the head of a goat, the wings of a crow, the chitinous legs and abdomen of a centipede, and bits of wolf and snake in places I’ll not trouble you with this early in the morning, I have found… maybe not my true form, but a pretty kvlt one. While Satanic rituals always come at a cost, Satanic ritual simulator Sabbat: Director’s Kvt [store page] is currently (and briefly) pay-what-you-want. It’s a jolly funny and slightly unnerving Twine game about trying to invoke dark powers and become something dreadful, then roaring into the night to find people who’ll adore and fear your new form.

Sabbat begins with us desperate for change, about to give up, throwing all our hopes at one last Satanic ritual we don’t really know much about. Are there even any satans? Who knows! Smearing blood from different animals on parts of our body (or animal products, if you choose the non-sacrificey option), we become strange and mighty. Then we’re off to take on the world, maybe engaging in a spot of kissing, toking, murdering, and revolting along the way.

It’s funny – I cackled (like A WITCH) a lot while playing – while rocketing out of a bleak and desperate place. Going alongside the text are a great doom metal soundtrack and charming portraits of our chimerical transformations, framed with cutesy little satanic stars.

Creator ‘oh no problems’ has set the improved Director’s Kvt to pay-what-you-want (with no minimum) for a short while on The Kvt brought more endings, those fine portraits by ‘cactusbee’ and the music by ‘signal loss‘, a non-animal-sacrificing mode, and some genital options, because hey. You’ve only today left to grab it before it goes back up to $5, because I didn’t catch the price cut on Monday. Sorry.

Porpentine was fond of the original version of Sabbat, if you want a second opinion, posting it in her Live Free, Play Hard column then revisiting it as one of her favourites in 2013.

Oh, I suppose I should be quite clear that this contains sex and violence and drugs and Satanism. That sounds like exactly what Friday night calls for. And in the game.


  1. Uglycat says:

    It’s Shabbat today…

  2. MrFinnishDude says:

    Hail satan.
    *Murdoc face, (if you get the reference)”*

    • Sir Frederick says:

      I think I get that reference… there’s a memory deep in my mind… it’s coming up… it’s coming up… it’s coming up… it’s DARE.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    I played the original free version of this until I had seen all possible combinations. It is delightfully metal.

  4. Rizlar says:

    Loved the original version. Not sure how much those illustrations would add to it though, trying to imagine wtf was being described (a cloaca? what’s that?) was a big part of my experience.

  5. Juan Carlo says:

    I laughed for like 30 seconds at the screenshot up there. I guess that means I should get this.

  6. Shardz says:

    +1 “Wolf Titties”. Finally, a game for the rest of us. >: )

  7. chesh says:

    hail gay satan

  8. Megarlin says:

    Every single transformation is great tattoo material.

  9. steves says:

    Centipede is NOT the right choice for ‘genitals’. No.

    Maybe I just got (un)lucky with this, but one of the heavier bits of doom riff kicked in exactly as I made a…certain choice. Most disturbing.

  10. Ryuuga says:

    Looks awesome! Would be good for a (possibly somewhat awkward) video by some of RPS’ finest?