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The RPS Bargain Bucket: A Far Cry From Darkness


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Remember how I was hinting about things I wish I could talk about but just couldn’t? Well, I can tell you now. I’m doing a spot of freelancing for Onyx Path (Woohoo!), the people who are now producing the tabletop World of Darkness games. It’s not much writing yet, per se. But things are happening and you should know this because a) news is better when it is shared and b) disclaimer, Bundle of Holding features the old Vampire: the Masquerade games this time around and I don’t want anyone to accuse me of illegitimate endorsement. Our retro-plushie of the day is from Prolar Bear. Guys, always feel free to send in more.

Humble Bundle Weekly
Pay at least $11.47/£7.53/€10.14 for everything
Although I’ve never stopped being impressed by the Humble sales, they’ve lost a bit of their glamour in my eyes. Invariably, they’re comprised of something good. Sometimes, they’re even made-up of something fantastic. As a result, it feels like everyone already knows to peek there so, what’s the point in babbling about it again? But I really, really like this week’s, er, Weekly. The Broken Sword games are excellent, Whispered World is absolutely sublime, Detective Grimoire is clever, and a Golden Wake is just Lucasarts-worthy. I haven’t played The Detail but it seems to have more than enough emotional heft to work for some, and Cognition is favorably reviewed by more than a few people I know.

Civilization V: The Complete Edition
4x strategy games are interesting beasts. They’re sprawling, splendid creatures that subside entirely on what little time you can spare your personal entertainment. They eat you alive. And Civilization V is better than most at this accomplishment. If you’ve ever wanted to see what’d happen if YOUR chosen country was a world leader instead, now’s a good time to check it out. If you just want the base game, that’s available for cheap too.

Far Cry 3
Everyone’s talking about the pink-suited guy in Far Cry 4, but hardcore fans know the antagonist of Far Cry 3 is what villainy is all about. Sure, the game has been out and about for a while, but you were always waiting for an opportunity to get it for cheap. Just waiting for the right bargain to snatch up that digital plane ticket and fly off to the land of the Rakyat. In theory, you could probably stand to wait a little longer, but why do that when you can get this interesting little shooter right now? Don’t forget your #FUNISHOT code.

Darksiders Bundle
Everyone’s favorite looks-like-Humble-store-but-really-isn’t digital outlet has a new bundle going and it doesn’t look half bad. The Darksiders game might have never exploded the same way other titles have, but they’ve evolved a strong following and a great collection of reviews, anyway. The gimmick to this bundle is a simple one: buy now, or risk dealing with an increased price point. Overall, it’s a decent enough if you’ve had a hankering to pick up Aqua Nox, Summoner, Titan Quest, and Painkiller Overdose along with the Darksiders franchise.

Also of note

Vampire:The Masquerade Storyteller’s Collection– $24.58/£16.14/€21.73
So, full disclosure: I was passionately into V:tM growing up. It never really got me to the point where I became a goth of any variety, but it informed a lot of my earlier reading. It also became my gateway drug into Werewolf: the Forsaken, Changeling: the Dreaming, and pretty much everything else that came next. Though they can easily stray into the realm of camp at times, the books can also facilitate some wonderful moments of gothic horror.

Divinity: Original Sin – $23.99/£15.75/€21.20
If I didn’t spend all my time working, I’d spend it playing games like Divinity: Original Sin or Dragon Age: Inquisition. But mostly Divinity: Original Sin because of its ludicrous puzzles and that weird, nagging certainty that no one is taking anything very certainly. Sure, there are necromancers and evil things afoot. Sure, there might be something terrifying wrong with existence. But you can talk to chicken and round, fuzzy sheep.

A New Beginning: Final Cut – $0.99/£0.80/€0.87
The games from Daedalic Entertainment often seem troubled in some capacity, whether it is from an awkward treatment of minorities or a strangeness in dialogue. But there’s one thing they excel at: being beautiful. The lovely A New Beginning is an eco-thriller that features a man, a woman, a cataclysmic change in the weather, and some amount of time-travelling. There’s a bit of stiltedness in the voice acting, but the content itself is mostly good. The plot here is surprisingly sharp, and certainly worth the trouble at its current price point.

Pixel Piracy – $1.00/£0.79/€1.07
Rarely does a week go by when I’m not featuring something from Bundle Stars, today’s masters of the absurdly cheap. Pixel Piracy seems to have been getting a lot of under-the-radar attention, with no one really trumpeting its virtues but a whole lot of people enjoying it anyway. And why wouldn’t they? It’s a sandbox game that puts you in charge of a pirate ship, one where silliness and difficult decisions and permadeath abound. There are also parrots and a sea of updates to sieve through. Avast?

Bundle in a Box – Pay $3/£1.97/€2.65 for it all
As always, a Groupee bundle is a hodgepodge of mysteries. This Bundle in a Box is no different. There’s a swirl of titles I don’t recognize, but the bundle features Munin which is, according to people in the know, actually a decent little game.

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