Can’t Touch This: Resident Evil 2 Remade In UDK

Resident Evil 2 was my favourite of the early Resi games. Sure, its predecessor was the more iconic, and Resident Evil 2 contains not even one Barry Burton or sleeveless vest jacket, but Resident Evil 2 was my Resident Evil. Until Resident Evil 4, of course.

So here’s something very neat indeed! A fellow Resi 2 fan, Rod Lima, has seen fit to import the game’s assets into the Unreal Development Kit and recreate the game – purely as an educational project to assist in his learning the UDK ropes. So no, you can’t play it.

As well as rebuilding the game in a fancy modern engine with improved models and textures, he’s also added a co-op mode. I’m far from convinced that a co-op mode adds to the survival horror experience, but on the other hand I’m not convinced that Resident Evil 2 is still scary anyway.

News of Lima’s project did the rounds early last year, after he liked some of the results of his work enough to upload a few videos. Since then he’s received hundreds of comments from people requesting he share his remake project – which he has, sadly but entirely sensibly, refused to do. I’m fairly sure Capcom wouldn’t look kindly upon it.

A full playthrough of the game is now available on YouTube. It’s the next best thing to actually being able to play the remake. My, it does look prettier than the lumpy old PlayStation original.

You get all the original cutscenes too, which might disappoint some. Personally I find Resident Evil’s approach to storytelling so fundamentally naff that crude 90s CGI only enhances its charming cheesiness.

At an hour and a half long this is also an impressive playthrough – not far off the original game’s speedrun records. I guess after recreating a game in a different engine you’re going to know it pretty darned well.


  1. Jakkar says:

    Yes. This please. More of this sort of thing.

    Someone just make a new, unbranded game set in Red Panda Town, or Beaver Village, with the Q-Bacterial-Infection and the Raincoat Corporation. Let me run around solving improbable puzzles and dodging the undead with awkward camera angles.

    Improve the writing though, yes.

    All in UDK, with that flashlight effect swinging around.

  2. DanMan says:

    Should ask the guy how much effort it was so Capcom can’t pull us over the barrel when they do it.

  3. Kefren says:

    Capcom. Just sell this. Pay the guy x% of profit. Instant win for everyone.

    • Diziet Sma says:

      That makes an awful lot of sense, which sadly means it’s incredibly unlikely to happen!

    • misterT0AST says:

      “Capcom just do the smart and reasonable thing”


    • Scumbag says:

      Capcom take what he does.
      Sell it anyway.
      Sue him for using materials he “stole”.
      Sell the materials as DLC.
      Eat a baby.

  4. fuggles says:

    Pretty sure from another article on this, eurogamer I think he used assets from another resident evil game on the Wii. This expedited the process, but the models are of differing quality and creates legal issues with uploading.

    • vash47 says:

      This is correct. He used assets from the other resident evil games.

      Source: comments by the creator on the video.

      • Shaun Green says:

        Thanks for the clarification! I dug through some comments on this video, but evidently not deep enough to spot that info.

  5. Synesthesia says:

    wait, WAIT.

    I don’t remember that precinct boss with sherri. Jesus! I thought i had done every possible run, except for tofu and hunk.

    How do you get that one boss? Does he become the final enemy? Is it a first run one? So many question.

    • Jalan says:

      That’s RCPD police chief Brian Irons and the reason you don’t remember that fight is likely because it doesn’t happen in Resident Evil 2 (Irons dies when one of the G-virus parasites rips him open from the inside) and the whole segment with the cutscene video there is from Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.

  6. Swankertoast says:

    If he had skipped the cutscenes he probably would have topped the speed run records.

  7. subedii says:

    Claire A > Leon B was always my prefered run. The plot flows a lot better.

    Yes I know I just referred to the plot in a Resident Evil game.

    • Apologised says:

      Is that one FAQ still up on GameFAQ’s which tries to actually make some sense of Resi’s overall plot? You could actually see the guy who wrote it reaching for the Jaegermeister in places.

      On a similar note, here’s a fun game: Try to count exactly how many living people and tyrants were walking around the Raccon City Police Station in the 24 hour period where Re3 and 2 are set.
      My count is at 11 people 3 tyrants and one badassed lump of Tofu with a Knife.

      That place must have been like a scene from Scooby Doo at times, with people opening and closing doors but always JUST missing each other.