Bang Pow Growl: Mouthy Doom Replacement Sounds Mod


Do you remember that impressive Half-Life 2 mod where a chap replaced all the sounds with new versions he’d made himself with his mouth, lips, tongue, saliva, and perhaps other parts of his gastrointestinal tract? What a silly sausage! Now someone has done the same for Doom. Shotguns, rockets, growls, elevators: you name it, they’ve recreated it with their mouth. What could be more Doom-y than an offering of flesh and spittle?

All the bangs, spits, clicks, chhks, chik-chuks, pows, booms, whooshes, whines, zips, and whips of Doom (and Doom II) can be yours in the mod humbly named “Greatest sound .wad ever” if you head on over to Doomworld’s list o’ mirrors. Yes, creator ‘Mallo’ remembers John Romero’s little cameo at the end of Doom II too.

The mouth sounds mod is a charmingly simple idea. Haven’t we all enjoyed making obnoxious noises? Folks have released similar mods for Quake, Minecraft, and goodness knows what else too. I imagine this isn’t the first for Doom either, but it is the one I found and played last night. Yes, it’s a load of silliness, but I played a good few levels of Doom II before the novelty wore off. I especially like some of the unintentionally(?) cute growls.

Here, open your lugholes and listen to the start of Doom II with this mod. Then I started larking about with cheats to test the bigger guns. I am both surprised I can remember every secret in Map01 and appalled I’ve forgotten the lot in 02. For shame.

Or if you want more serious new sounds, someone has just released a mod with high-quality versions of the PlayStation Doom’s sounds (which sound like this). Or you can have a mod recreating that bleepy-bloopy PC speaker style. That’s just the tip of the soundberg, of course.

If you’ve got Doom on Steam, by the way, do look into using a community-updated engine rather than that clunky DOSbox setup. ZDoom is a solid choice with support for high resolutions and whatnot (or get a nightly build, as it hasn’t had an official release in yonks), and Chocolate Doom is a very conservative updating for purists, while Doomsday is the shiny-shiny opposite.


  1. RARARA says:

    I couldn’t stop smiling, till my ears started to hurt.

    I wish he replaced the music too. Just for the sake of it.

  2. Turin Turambar says:

    A true classic

  3. Spacewalk says:

    Cute but no fu.wad. Or jerky2.wad, that one was a side splitter.

  4. Turkey says:

    Hmm. I dunno. I’ve been playing with the King of the Hill soundpack for the past 17 years now.

  5. Rolento says:

    The Playstations superior soundtrack is worth playing again and again. I still have the rip from the CD in my music library.

    A little sample:

    • Niko says:

      Hmm, way too ambient-y.

    • Laco says:

      I never played PSX Doom and haven’t heard this soundtrack before, but I just discovered the composer has put it up on Bandcamp along with a whole bunch of his other releases. Nice way to get a decent quality version with money going to those who deserve it.

      link to

  6. shitflap says:

    Not as good as Timesplitters human gun sounds cheat.
    Guess I’m playing that when I get home.

  7. Reapy says:

    Well, I have no clue the name of it, but I do remember something like this existing that did a much smoother job replacing the sound effects with their voice around the time of doom2’s release window.

  8. Tendentieus says:

    Alice never stops to amaze us with her knowledge of the communities most dirty secrets. You go girl!

  9. dethtoll says:

    This is proof that Doomworld isn’t just a Doom-flavoured RPG Codex.

    I mean technically it still IS a Doom-flavoured RPG Codex, but there’s some worthwhile people and ideas there.

  10. frenz0rz says:

    I love it when RPS writes stuff about Doom. Please keep doing this occasionally :)

  11. cloudnein says:

    Friends and I used to play with WADs all the time, there was one sound mod that was hilarious and similar to the article’s mention…It had one characteristic audio clip that was a voice saying, “Where are my pants?” I can’t remember what the sound was used for…)

    • yensid says:

      cloudnein, I had that, too! That was the pinky demon’s lurking sound.