Spinny Blue Things Platforming: A Gander At Mekazoo

Zoom zoom.

If you like games where small blue animals curl up into balls, charge up spins, then rocket around loop-the-loops, you might want to keep an eye on Mekazoo [official site]. It’s a side-scrolling platformer looking jolly ’90s in general, not simply Sonic-y mind, with mechanical animals whizzing around colourful worlds and bashing enemies and collecting shiny things. Here, come see in the new gameplay trailer all these words were written to introduce:

Ayup, what you’re seeing there is a wall-jumping kangaroo, a frog with a grappling hook tongue, and a spinny armadillo, and the game’s got a burly panda and a flying pelican too. You’ll start out as the armadillo, see, then earn new forms and powers by smashing robobosses. And it has a bouncy, groovy soundtrack.

“Mekazoo is inspired by the platformer classics we spent every second with after school, like Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country,” creative director Jarrett Slavin said in an accompanying announcement. “We are combining all the lessons learned from those masterpieces and the innovative ideas we’ve spent decades brainstorming to deliver the game we wish existed since we were kids.”

Developers The Good Mood Creators plan to release Mekazoo some time from October to the end of 2015.


  1. Xzi says:

    So this is basically ‘Splosion Man + Trine combined into a 90s style platformer? Yep, count me in. That all sounds wonderful.

  2. Villephox says:

    Blue thing transforms into other blue things in order to collect blue things. Honestly, though, looks like a blast.

  3. noodlecake says:

    This is one of the deals where the developer refuses to reference the game that influenced it. It’s blatantly Mega Drive era Sonic the Hedgehog with added wall jumping and less of the charm. I’ve noticed the same with Terraria clones. They tend to say their games were influenced by Minecraft and Metroidvanias rather than ever mentioning Terraria.

    • pepperfez says:

      I think DKC is at least as much an inspiration as Sonic. And they only mentioned SNES games, so maybe they were Nintendo kids?

    • Xzi says:

      If a 3D Sonic game had ever managed to flow half as nicely as this seems to, maybe Sega wouldn’t be dead now.

  4. The First Door says:

    While I utterly love the idea of this, I did have massive problems with working out what was terrain and what was background in parts of that trailer. I hope they give it a little more contrast on some of the darker levels!

  5. shadowmarth says:

    Played it at PAX Prime for quite a while. It was fantastic! Love DKC, and it’s a lot like those games combined with Sonic and/or Rayman. The character switching makes it kind of all of the above, and it’s incredibly smooth. Glad they’re moving forward with it, seems like it was a student project, because after PAX that’s all I could find on it.