Pleased Tzimisce You: Bloodlines Antitribu Mod Out

Checking out my Tzimisce dream home.

I’ve been conservative with Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. The only modding I do is boshing on ye olde unofficial patch, without even enabling the optional new bits, and maybe replacing my character model with a nicer NPC model. I might be bolder next playthrough, as apparently we’re spoilt for choice with Bloodlines mods at the moment.

Mega-expand-o-overhaul Bloodlines Antitribu [official site] came out last week, with oodles of new clans, models, levels, weapons, skills, quests, characters, and so on. A new version of big overhaul mod The Final Nights [official forum] arrived too.

Antitribu sounds pretty massive, just check out the feature list. I am pretty keen to play as Tzimisce – y’know, like the chap who made that wonderful meathouse. They can turn into horrible meat monsters and collect meat to turn into meat puppets too (though they appear to be Aliens aliens). Look at this:

You can download Antitribu over here. A later version will introduce a Sabbat main quest line too.

The Final Nights is also a big add-o-overhaul mod, based on the Camarilla Edition mod. It adds new clans, quests, voiced NPCs, game systems, and oodles more. Version 1.3 came out last week, and you can download it from this list o’ mirrors. Do grab the 1.31 hotfix too.

Bloodlines is one of those games I seem to end up replaying when someone mentions it, and apparently I’m doing the mentioning this time. Tell me, gang, have you dabbled in modding Bloodlines much? Anything else you’d recommend I have a gander at?


  1. YeGoblynQueenne says:

    Pleased Tzimisce you.

    I hope that was just the autocomplete having a sneezing fit.

    • TaylanK says:

      That’s easily my favourite headline pun ever.

      • Darth Gangrel says:

        I get the pun, but as someone who adores Bloodlines and have checked how to pronounce Tzimisce, it comes across as terrible, like a fleshcrafted abomination (Pleased tzuh-mee’-see or Pleased zhi-mee’-shee). Still, some fleshcrafted things are quite fascinating and puts the awe in awesome, so I kind of like it despite myself.

      • plugav says:

        Same here. A glorious linguistic abomination worthy of the article’s twisted subject matter.

  2. Fontan says:

    Great, Alice, now I have to go replay Bloodlines.

  3. wyrm4701 says:

    Despite knowing what Antitribu, Sabbat, and Tzmisce (Chiropteran Form FTW) are, I have never played Bloodlines. Looks like that’s going to change!

  4. StarkeRealm says:

    Ironically, that Vicissitude list is leaving me kinda cold. There’s so many interesting things you can do with that discipline… and that’s, almost none of them. There’s already more interesting fleshcraft in the game, which is probably the most disappointing part.

    • DoktorV says:

      A certain degree of forgiveness is probably reasonable on that regard – there may be immense possibilities with Vicissitude in the RPG, but programming them into a computer game will inevitably cut down on the complexity unless you devote a colossal budget towards it.

      What really bothers me about all this is how they misspelled “knead” in the description at the front.

      • StarkeRealm says:

        Well, Vicissitude is one of the disciplines with a ridiculous number of alternate discipline paths. It’s almost as bad as Thaumaturgy as I recall.

        It also doesn’t bother me that the Chiroptian marauder isn’t available, since that’s a six dot ability.

        But… I don’t know. That xenomorph asset just looks cheap to me. And that was kind of the final straw for me. I was honestly hoping we’d see the bone weapon ability. And it would function as a bridge between Thaumaturgy and Protean. And, given the discipline’s powers are basically a slightly more aggressive form of Protean in pen and paper, that makes sense.

        Don’t get me wrong, I really like the Changling, ability there, and given it’s a fan project, I’m not about to give them flack for just using the Toreador models. I just wish the rest of the discipline felt like it had a similar level of creativity. Instead of just, “oh, and now we can explode your opponents into meat chunks.” Especially since… that’s bonecraft? Really guys?

  5. Jonfon says:

    So what’s the story with combining these mods with the unofficial patch? Or do they already have it baked in?

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      All major mods are based on the unofficial patches, but since the mods take longer time to finish than each new patch, they’re often based on an older version and installing the newest version of the patch is asking for trouble.

      Alice, have you checked out the Clan Quest Mod (CQM)? It adds new clan specific quests and other new content and allows you to combine other minor mods with it, something that is otherwise not recommended. I’m playing CQM 3.0 together with the Arsenal mod, which adds more guns and melee weapons. The Arsenal mod makes all the difference, since it makes the combat much more fun and varied with the new weapons. I might even play the game with just the Arsenal mod, so that I can experience the changes in the newest version of the unofficial patch. CQM 3.0 is quite old and based on version 7.9 of the unofficial patch and the newest one is version 9.2.

  6. Trilby Norton says:

    What I really want from a Bloodlines mod (and maybe one of these has it; I haven’t looked through the features lists thoroughly yet) is more options in the main quests. I played as a sneaky Nosferatu, and I really had trouble whenever I had to fight something. Which was all the bloody time later on. I wanted Bloodlines to be Deus Ex with vampires, and I was a bit disappointed.

  7. heretic says:

    I played the companion mod a while back and it was really good!

    You could switch between the characters in your party which was great to experience how different clans had different dialogue options (malkavian!). Though since it was integrated with the storyline you still had to face the ocean hotel alone…

  8. Paul says:

    Bloodlines has such insanely good atmosphere/gameplay…I really wish Obsidian would just get the license from CCP, hired Double Bear and made proper sucessor :(

  9. Herbal Space Program says:

    I once roleplayed with the live action community of The Masquerade, it was impressive. each major city had some players organized in families with older princes(ses) ruling countries (it’s kinda like a nicer Eyes Wide Shut). Crazy passionate peoples.
    No wonder this game still drives fan made content.

  10. apa says:

    I like the goth rocker trousers on the male PC model, I have almost similar ones! But would an ageless superhuman monster really wear a techno-gothy-band-t-shirt? Besides, Biohazard already used that symbol as a logo!

  11. casedeck says:

    Tzimisce are my favourite clan to play (in both Masquerade and Dark Ages), and I’m always amused when I see them characterized by Vicissitude. To me (and many other players), their real clan discipline is Koldunic Sorcery. I mean, Vicissitude is fun of the all-the-interesting-ways-to-play-with-it kind. And you can be “monstrous” in the inhuman sort of way that’s shown in the base Bloodlines game. But a koldun is… truly f*cking scary, with power to really allow the absolute-honor-with-absolute-evil kind of characters which are prototypical Tzimisce to me.