Freeware Garden: Ever Yours, Vincent

Based on the life of impressionist painter (and not dentist though that’d be a really interesting thing to see) Vincent Van Gogh, Ever Yours, Vincent explores the great artist’s life and work via the hallowed medium of point-and-click adventure gaming.

This is not your average adventure game though, having been created by artist Federica Orlati for her Master thesis. It’s a completely handcrafted game that’s both beautiful and successful in referencing Van Ghogh’s work using modeling clay, ink sketches, doll clothes and painted backgrounds.

It’s also got an analog quality to it, where the stop-motion animated Vincent Van Gogh feels like a self-portrait that has somehow come to life. Even more impressively, the paintings you’ll enter do not only look the part, but can be manipulated to show off some amazing effects and, maybe, provide an idea of the artist’s thoughts about them. And an idea of what the artist’s perspective on his own work might be.

Ever Yours, Vincent isn’t a game only about art. It’s about life and psychosis and art. It’s based on the letters Van Gogh sent his brother Theo after being released from the asylum; letters that let us take a peek inside Van Gogh’s mind, thoughts and feelings.


  1. Eight Rooks says:

    Now, see, that one screenshot up there already looks much more aesthetically impressive to me than the entire first episode of The Dream Machine (and anything else I’ve seen of that game). Beautiful.

    • lastellablu says:

      Thank you! I loved The Dream Machine, so this is really an amazing compliment! :)

  2. aergistal says:

    Do you get to cut off your ear in a quick time event?

  3. All is Well says:

    It’s not meant to be finished, right? Because there doesn’t seem to be any way to “progress” after lighting the lamp at the Café Terrace. Either way it’s very lovely.

    • lastellablu says:

      Yes, this is only a demo. Atm I’m trying to get fundings to continue developing it and make it better and complete. :)

      • All is Well says:

        I’m glad to hear it wasn’t just a case of me being too stupid to find the solution :)
        Best of luck in getting it funded! It’s a very promising demo and I for one would love to see a finished version.

  4. Premium User Badge

    Serrit says:

    This looks good (I like the “for educational use only” marker on it), but I found the “handwriting” font used for the text a pain to parse, so gave up quite early. I wonder if it was a deliberate point by the creator to get the user to put some effort into reading it, or if years of easy-to-read (i.e. “useable” :-P ) fonts have made me awful at reading handwritten stuff…

    • lastellablu says:

      I used a font that imitates Van Gogh’s handwriting. But thank you for your feedback, I will take it into account in case of further development.