Splat-o! Carmageddon: Reincarnation Adds Multiplayer

As Carmageddon: Reincarnation [official site] continues to smash, bash, dash, crash, and splash its way through Early Access, it’s now reached a point where I’m starting to think about picking it up. Developers Stainless Games today launched the death racer’s first beta version, meaning it’s now the whole game with all its modes, cars, and levels, just a little unpolished. Yes, this does include multiplayer. Murdering your pals seems a fair enough way to spend Valentine’s Day.

Stainless explain that the shift to beta means Reincarnation has career mode, freeplay, and multiplayer, all its wacky modes, and “a full complement” of cars, levels, and arenas. It’s still in Early Access, but this is a big step closer to launch. Still expect more patches, more tweaks, and maybe more progress wipes.

Though seeing Reincarnation now has multiplayer makes me think of it as a racing game worth my time, casting my mind back, I don’t think I ever played the original Carmageddon in multiplayer. I was always happy enough pootling around levels, exploring and murdering hundreds of innocent people. Having people actually compete and try to win the race would’ve ruined it all. Though having friends to lark about with would’ve been grand.

If you’re up for it, Carmageddon Reincarnation is £19.99 on Steam, and comes with the original three Carmageddon games thrown in too. Or, you know, you can wait until the game’s actually finished, which doesn’t seem too far off now.


  1. Engel says:

    I know this franchise is heavy on puns, but the “pubic beta” part grinds my gears.

    • LionsPhil says:

      If they can clutch on to what made the original fun, they’re bound to shift a bunch of copies on release.

      • CameO73 says:

        I don’t know, it looks kinda pedestrian to me…

      • Engel says:

        As long as they’re carfull with what made it spin, they shouldn’t lose any tracktion.

        • BooleanBob says:

          You can’t just expect them to make it a car-bon copy, they should have some license to innovate.

    • drinniol says:

      I had to retread the story to see the pun that you tyre of.

  2. Papageno says:

    Well, I was a Kickstarter backer so I finally downloaded and installed it. Played the first single player level, then the game crashed as I was playing the 2nd level. Also, where are the cops?? That was one of my favorite parts of Carma 1. Nothing more satisfying that pushing a cop car off the roof of the parking garage. :-D

    • Premium User Badge

      Rublore says:

      Cops are in there – have been since the first pre-alpha release. At the beginning of the game, they tend to be a little distance from the track, so you have to do a little exploring to find them. But they’re definitely there.

  3. amateurviking says:

    Any chance this is going to get a ‘bring back the zombies’ mod? I played so much of Carma the first, but the censored UK version with zombies instead of people (slightly altered colour palette and green blood basically) that it seems odd having ‘real’ people to mow down.

    Also I am a wus and prefer the idea that my digital avatar is pretend-killing virtual mindless husks* in a made-up post apocalyptic nightmare instead of pretend-killing virtual people* in a made-up post-apocalyptic nightmare.

    *Insert Romeroesque social commentary here.

    • Axyl says:

      You can change the blood colour in the Gameplay section of the Options Menu. Green is one of the options. :)

  4. faelnor says:

    A few hopefully informative bullet points, as I can’t be arsed to structure it all:
    – There is a lot more content than in the alpha. As Alice says, this is pretty much the whole package;
    – It is very much Carmageddon, with large sprawling maps, loads of dumb pedestrians, slick driving, fun physics and a nice collision model with deformation;
    – There is a good variety of old and new in the levels, they don’t feel like a retread especially with the amount of detail lovingly put in there;
    – The controls are immediately accessible and well suited to a gamepad;
    – The new game modes and career structure are well thought-out and will probably manage to keep the game interesting throughout;
    – Even after the latest optimisations, the engine is a huge load on all machines, is highly CPU-dependent and often turns into a slideshow on my old Core2Duo even though my graphics card is recent;
    – The loading times are especially atrocious on older machines;
    – Power-ups are very varied but I find them often confusing and their effects don’t always look quite as visceral as before;
    – The music is fun and upbeat if you like dumb metal riffs, pumping dumb and bass, and dumbstep. It would be in fact very good if it wasn’t so heavily compressed so that it stays in the background, at the moment it somewhat lacks punch;
    – I haven’t tried MP yet and probably won’t until I update my PC;
    – It’s also very much Carmageddon in the whole childishness of the presentation and ‘writing’. That’s exactly what I was expecting so I’m certainly not going to complain, but people wanting video games to be mature might want to ignore the game altogether for their own sake;
    – I find it much easier to wreck and be wrecked than in the earlier games. I suppose the more realistic damage model inherently makes all cars more fragile, although I don’t think it’s a problem.

    After spending a few hours on it, I’ve decided I’m going to wait until I fully upgrade my computer. The low framerate and insane loading times are putting me off an otherwise seemingly great Carmageddon sequel.

    • Lachlan1 says:

      All good comments, to which I will add: the controller button mapping is an issue for steering wheels. There are 3 preset options from which to choose. My thrustmaster steering wheel worked, so long as I was happy accelerating with a gear change paddle.

    • skyturnedred says:

      I think I would just mute the in-game music so I can listen to Iron Maiden while mowing down peasants. I mean pedestrians.

  5. Thirdrail says:

    As one of the old Car Wars people, I’m always thrilled to see more autodueling. The problem is that any multiplayer dependent game that doesn’t have a huge AAA following never seems to work. Even Titanfall fell apart almost immediately from lack of players, and that was a huge release by a major company with their own proprietary network hub to pimp the game 24/7. That is the exact state that the wildly under appreciated Gas Guzzlers Extreme is in right now, in fact.

    • Axyl says:

      Carmageddon: Reincarnation isn’t Multiplayer dependant.

      It simply has a Multiplayer mode from the main menu, right next to Career mode and Freeplay.


  6. GHudston says:

    I was disappointed at the end of the trailer to find out that “Pubic Beta” was intentional and not just a beautiful mistake.

  7. Jenuall says:

    Nothing about the developers being pathological liars and how they should have given everyone their money back after missing their deadlines? Is that treatment just reserved for Peter?

  8. Bobtree says:

    Disappointingly this “public” beta is not open, it’s still “pay to test”, no different from any other Early Access release. I don’t care all that much, but this sort of marketing-speak is a big turn-off.

    Carmageddon 1 and 2 both had demos that were extremely compulsively enjoyable, and they sold me on both.

    I played SO MUCH Carmageddon in my youth, but I really have no idea if I want this, and frankly it looks pretty rough. The originals were incredible and novel toys, but I always wanted more actual “game” out of them.

    • frymaster says:

      While some people use it to mean “free and unrestricted”, public and open, in the context of betas, has an alternate meaning of “not under NDA”. This use is going out of fashion, but can still be found

    • TrentTech says:

      Of course it’s no different from any other Early Access release. It IS an Early Access release. “Public” does not mean “Free” no matter what some people are mistaken to believe, it just means that it’s available to the public. They never said it was an “open” beta and never said it was free.

  9. neckro23 says:

    Has Carmageddon 1 been “remastered” for PC yet? I have the iOS version and it’s very well-done — higher resolution rendering and touch controls but everything else left lovingly preserved. It looks like the one on Steam, at least, is still gross pixely VGA.

    • TrentTech says:

      It’s not been officially remastered, but I’m porting all the levels and cars over to Reincarnation as mods. I released most cars and all the levels in a crude form for the pre-alpha but I’m in the process of redoing them all for the Beta as so much has changed that pre-alpha mods are incompatible with the Beta.

  10. Neutrino says:

    I still have my bike keys on the Carmageddon keyring that came with the original boxed game. I am hugely looking forward to this.