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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Valentine's Dough

Bargo Bucko

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Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone celebrating it, and to those who are not otherwise entranced by this commercialism of affection, enjoy it as International Book Giving Day! (This is your cue to leave your Amazon wishlists in the comments so others can think about randomly giving you a shiny. I might randomly give you a shiny. Who knows?) Either way, enjoy this week’s bucket, each other, and the fact you are alive and well. Today’s adorable repost plushie is brought to you by Angel Tear and the number 12.

The Marvellous Miss Take
The Marvellous Miss Take is rather marvellous. I mean, look at that title. I approve, as did a fair number of people around the Internet, if scores are any indication of things. Many people relished this pretty stealth game, which rather reminds me of the gorgeous but long-escaped Carmen Sandiego. When was the last time we enjoyed such innocent nefariousness? Either way, here’s an excellent occasion to see if the Marvellous Miss Take will be a marvellous purchase or a reasonably cheap mistake.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – The Complete Edition
We haven’t spoken about XCOM for a little while now, have we? If, for some reason, you’ve missed every mention of the game in recent history, it’s this elegant turn-based strategy title that asks an interesting question: what happens if aliens came to Earth? Bad things, to put it mildly. I don’t recall the last time that little grey men have been made quite as terrifying. There’s a fantastic amount to love about the game, from its ruthlessness to the way it turns the fight for earth into this balletic struggle. It’s almost poetry how it stacks the odds, turning each day bleaker and bleaker. Most importantly, this package includes Enemy Within because mechas. Mechas who punch aliens in the face.

Wasteland 2
Sweet baby Jesus in post-apocalyptic gear! This is an absurdly excellent price for an excellent CRPG. Although there’s something to be said about the endless browns and the nature of its textures, Wasteland 2 nonetheless delivers a solid role-playing experience. You’ll enjoy the myriad of ways to address challenges, the fearsome combat, the sprawling narrative, and the frequent absence of ammo. Well, maybe not the last thing. But the rest of it is splendid and you should really pick it up, darnit.

Batman: Arkham Origins
We thought Origins wasn’t quite as awesome as its predecessors, which is a shame because it would have been nice to see lightning strike twice. But Adam thought it was, at the very least, capable of satisfying the itch for more Batman. More importantly, perhaps, you’ll be able to entertain that desire for lower-than-normal prices thanks to the almighty Nuuvem, who are honestly putting all the other digital stores to shame.

Also of note:

Apocalypse Bundle – $4.99/£3.89/€5.30
A curiosity, if there ever was one. The Apocalypse Bundle strains the definition of the term “apocalyptic.” Certainly, there are more than a few that make you think of a world at its end. But the others? Not so much. Sideway New York is delightfully cheery, and Evoland is just too cute to feel sad over.

Serious Sam 3 Standard – 4 Pack – $11.99/£8.99/€11.99
Serious Sam is a franchise that any first-person shooter-loving child of the early ’80s will know well. There’s nothing delicate about its narrative, no profound idea, no ideological message cradled in its heart. It’s about gibbing. And the dead-ening of creatures large and small. I have my doubts about being able to apply the voucher to this package, but well. Try that too. Much awesomeness (and viscera) await. KPMN32-6VRM69-6INRND

Kill Screen Bundle – $15.00/£9.74/€13.17
Is it strange to recommend magazines created by what is technically a competing outlet? I mean, we have the Sunday Papers. But is this the same thing? Or is this scandalously unorthodox? I don’t know. You tell me. Either way, Kill Screen’s got an excellent portfolio of articles. You can, in theory, simply just rummage through the Internet for the content in this bundle, but why would you when you help keep a thoughtful magazine afloat? (Plus, they also chuck you games if you meet the bonus price.)

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