I Bring You Fire: Lucius 2 Released

haha look at that satanerd with his cross the wrong way up!!

If you, like me, are a bit oblivious, you probably didn’t notice that Friday and Saturday were very important days. You may also, like me, now be trying to quickly squeeze both Friday the 13th and Valentine’s Day into one single celebration of love and fear. I’ve been snogging my own hand underneath a ladder, making quite clear that I’m only doing it because I feel obliged to, and have been feeding expensive chocolates to neighbourhood black cats.

I suppose you could also catch up on Ole Spooky Friday by playing minisatan simulator Lucius II [official site], as it launched on that dire day.

The sequel sees the son of Satan running about doing more murders, but this time it seems a lot more freeform. While the first Lucius was really an adventure game where the puzzles were murders, as Adam recently explained, the sequel is more sandbox-y. Little Luci can scamper about open levels murdering folks at will with his satanic powers, racking up a far higher bodycount. I don’t know, the satanic youth of today!

It’s £12.74 on Steam at the moment, going up to £14.99 in a few days. User reviews look pretty mixed, and plenty of folks are complaining about nasty bugs. Might want to wait a bit on this one. Anywho, here’s the launch trailer:

And here are The Crazy World of Arthur Brown:


  1. MrFinnishDude says:

    Is it any better than the last one? Might be too early to ask but I’ll just leave this comment here for checking out later.

  2. KDR_11k says:

    and have been feeding expensive chocolates to neighbourhood black cats.

    Trying to curb overpopulation issues or what? Chocolate kills cats.

    • Jakob91 says:

      I think she knows.. it’s these little wicked parts that makes her unique to read.

    • aepervius says:

      It mostly kill dogs. Cat don’t taste sweetness and thus a far less prone to eat chocolate.

      The poison , theobromyne is also toxic to human, but the LD50 is much higher for us.

    • LionsPhil says:

      No it doesn’t. It’s only as toxic to cats as it is to humans, just scaled for body mass, and cats are generally not stupid enough to eat beyond the point where they feel ill, same as for humans.

      (They also generally just don’t like dark since it has no creaminess.)

      Best intro paragraph in a while.

      • FCA says:

        Well, that’s not true.
        Our cat ate a sliver of chocolate the other day (less than a gram), and it was puking all day.
        1. Cats do eat chocolate (even extra dark one), and
        2. It’s definitely not good for them.
        3. The effects take around an hour to exhibit themselves, so the cat can have consumed way too much already by then.

        Anyway, this discussion is probably more interesting than the game will ever be, I presume…

        • LionsPhil says:

          Our OAP cat has been eating chocolate in moderation all her life with no ill effect, and she loves the stuff. I’m sorry your cat is apparently more sensitive to it.

          • ChatterLumps says:

            LionsPhil, your cat is an exception. Cats cannot generally eat chocolate and it is pretty dangerous of you to suggest otherwise.

        • Kerr Avon says:

          Actually, it depends on the chocolate. I mean, you may as well say “food” kills cats (and humans) if it contains cancer-causing GMO’s or additives from the likes of MonSATAN corporation. So long as the “expensive” chocolate in question is organically certified and contains only natural ingredients, there’s far less risk of a problem. PS: Felix Felicis belated Lupercalia, Des/Tom/Sarah/John/Ms Cooper! (Alice). You naughty, naughty gorgeous little devil, you ^_^

  3. Zallgrin says:

    I really love the trailer, although I doubt I will ever buy the game itself. Though it is cute in a way. Reminds me of FEAR somehow.

    • Zallgrin says:

      Also may I comment what a streak of genius it was to use this song. Do you know the name of the band that produced this trailer song?

      It’s Lucius. A streak of genius, I tell you.

  4. sektor666 says:

    The game is a bug-ridden mess, unfortunately. I love what they tried to do with it, but I hate what they actually delivered. It’s still not sandboxy enough, gameplay is divided into relatively small levels. The engine for combining and modifying items and the environment seems nice and sophisticated at first, but then comes the realization that there’s only 10 or so items to manipulate. And don’t get me started on the bugs, because they’re literally everywhere – the AI behavior, the physics, the sounds – everything has issues.

  5. Turkey says:

    Shiver games?!? I hardly know her!!!

    *Badum Tish*

  6. Shardz says:

    Very disturbing….I mean about the bugs, that is.

  7. Stromko says:

    Does RockPaperShotgun really need to give coverage to every terrible game that comes out? I’d rather see a retrospective for yet another old game than more coverage for turds.

    • quietone says:

      Many thanks for your constructive criticism.

      A representative will contact you so as soon as possible os you can make a list of which games should be reviewed and which ones shouldn’t, avoiding any terrible game (“terrible” being defined here as “something Stromko arbitrarily decided doesn’t want to read about, yet he/she does”) as you clearly seem like a person who knows how to have fun.

      Remember, you are very important to us!

  8. Jalan says:

    At least it’s only bringing fire. If it were bringing love we’d have to kill it.