The Sound Of Space: Sputnik Dog Simulator

This one sounds great.

Space, the final frontier. We boldly go, desperate to escape this rock we’ve despoiled, after boldly blasting up a few animals to see if they get turned-inside out or become psychic or develop space-cancer that seems miles of flesh burst and stream and reach out of a little monkey. I’d be a lot bolder knowing none of those would happen to me.

We have plenty of games about spacepeople, but what about spacedogs? Here, have a go at Sputnik Dog Simulator [official site], a free audio-driven game about drifting through the void. Pop your headphones on.

It’s a big soundscape to move through, layers of mysterious ethereal roars, radio signals, and who even knows what else? It’s interesting and eerie and exciting and unsettling to explore. Take your time!

It’s controlled primarily with the mousewheel, zooming in and out, and holding mouse buttons makes the zoom faster or slower. You can just whizz through it all, but why would you?

You can play in your browser for free. Made by Reed Erlandson, it’s obviously inspired by Laika, the first living creature humanity put into space, aboard Sputnik 2. Here’s a fun space fact: we were taught at school that Laika died when oxygen ran out after several days but no, in 2002 Russia revealed she had overheated within hours. Sputnik 2 orbited the Earth for 162 days before burning up on re-entry.


  1. LionsPhil says:

    If we do really well, do we win the game by living long enough to eat the poisoned serving of food?

    The more time passes, the more I’m sorry about it. We shouldn’t have done it…we did not learn enough from this mission to justify the death of the dog.

    —Oleg Gazenko, scientist who trained Laika

    • Monggerel says:

      -The Fury, Metal Gear Starman 3

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      Layka was a wonderful dog…Quiet and very placid. Before the flight to the cosmodrome I once brought her home and showed her to the children. They played with her. I wanted to do something nice for the dog. She had only a very short time to live, you see.

      Air Force doctor Vladimir I. Yazdovskiy

    • cpt_freakout says:

      By coincidence I’m reading this little amazing book about the Soviet space program and its dogs, which, if you’re interested in the subject, might be well worth the price: link to

  2. YoYo says:

    Unity Web Player, so no joy on linux again ;(.

    Don’t get me wrong, having a native linux export makes unity really great and a lot of new games easily run on linux because of that. But all the recent “browser” games unfortunately just don’t work (and it doesn’t look like there’ll be a linux version of the web player anytime soon, if at all).

    • Bugamn says:

      I have heard you can use the Windows plugin through Pipelight, but I never tried.