Minecraft: Bug Fixes I Have Enjoyed

Minecraft things.

I think I’ve mentioned before my fondness for people using simple language to describe ridiculous things in videogames. It’s for that reason that I particularly enjoy lists of bug fixes. The Minecraft [official site] bug fixes tend to be delightful.

This from yesterday’s listing caught my eye: “Baby Cows are Milkable” so I’ve gone through a bunch of recent updates to list out my favourite fixes.

  • [Bug MC-63370] – Baby Cows are Milkable
  • [Bug MC-77432] – Enchanted fishing rods make enchanted carrot on a sticks
  • [Bug MC-37782] – Items held by witches are too small and held wrongly
  • [Bug MC-53718] – Chicken Jockey riding inside chicken
  • [Bug MC-58307] – Air bubbles appear after drowning and still dead
  • [Bug MC-61946] – Rabbits sometimes have the name “entity.KillerBunny.name”
  • [Bug MC-66347] – Beds make incorrect sounds
  • [Bug MC-3664] – Golden Carrot Creative Misplacement
  • [Bug MC-59845] – Rabbits do not take damage from falling
  • [Bug MC-49041] – Teleporting with rotation might twist your head
  • [Bug MC-61059] – Growing crops give error about unknown property on Farmland
  • [Bug MC-8858] – Rain goes through upside-down stairs
  • [Bug MC-26987] – Horse tries to breed with another horse that is not yet in Love mode
  • [Bug MC-56877] – Snow Golem has a broken head
  • [Bug MC-45346] – Cake’s Hitbox is Off
  • [Bug MC-50373] – Cactus Rendered Too Bright
  • [Bug MC-45375] – Improper Cake Texture
  • [Bug MC-46550] – The head of the sheep is bugged
  • [Bug MC-29361] – Oceans are too big

    1. vorador says:

      Herobrine removed. In every version change.

    2. Cash at Folsom says:

      I look forward to old age, when I will be able to yell phrases like these at the top of my lungs and nobody will bat an eye.

      The oceans ARE too big, dammit!

      • yogibbear says:

        Are the bug notes trolling IGNs Pokemon review?

        • PlaneShift says:

          Nope. That was an actual problem. You could sail for hours without finding land except for small islands. And the fix came before IGN Pokémon review.

      • DXN says:

        The oceans ARE too big, dammit!

        You have my vote, sir.

      • Railway Rifle says:

        I now have a vision of Toady of Dwarf Fortress, grown elderly and muttering to strangers about rebalancing the dwarfen sock economy and preventing necromancers from hiring their own foot to assassinate them.

    3. lowprices says:

      I still say the Citizen Kane of patch notes is this one for Boiling Point.

      link to gamershell.com

      It contains such gold as:


      The flowers in Granny’s hands”


      “Grenades now explode before NPC’s die.”

      • GameCat says:

        Too big moon has been readjusted
        Looks like not only oceans are too big.

      • Premium User Badge

        Oakreef says:

        Yet another reason to actually install this game (I’ve had it lying around for a while).

      • Premium User Badge

        Qazinsky says:

        “-Car’s disappearance”

        Gaah, this, right here, is the whole reason I started to keep my games patched rather than just play them as out of the box!

        • soopytwist says:

          LOL “Police station cannot be destroyed by a crossbow anymore.” But my favourite has to be “Shadows of Dogs”. You could call anything Shadows of Dogs and it would be awesome.

    4. Shardz says:

      I stopped updating when Misa’s texture pack started to be too difficult to install and implement.

    5. RARARA says:

      “Horse tries to breed with another horse that is not yet in Love mode”

      You can almost imagine a News Corp headline: “Children’s Video Game Simulates Attempted Sexual Assault.”

      • Dances to Podcasts says:

        This article should come with a trigger warning.

    6. Geebs says:

      This week, I made the water flow downhill instead of uphill, and figured up out that reason why the shadows looked wrong was that the sun was too far away from the ground. I am rather disproportionately proud of this.

      • Railway Rifle says:

        I have no idea how this works, but it is a fantastic sentence.

    7. kav2k says:

      Look. If you’re digging for changelog gold, Dwarf Fortress is your final destination.

      My personal favorite:

      I forgot to set the boiling point of the gas inside the body of a floating creature, so the poor thing died with the message ” has condensed.” The former gas was in a puddle. You’ll still be able to get this to happen if you lure them out of the caves onto a glacier.

      • April March says:

        DF does appear to be one of the most common… displays on the Strange Log twitter. Other common sights are Clockwork Empires and, (un?) surprisingly, The Sims.

        • Railway Rifle says:

          Unsurprisingly for sure. If you’re going to try and simulate people being people in their homes, the bugs are going to produce recognisable but utterly ridiculous behaviour.

        • Rufust Firefly says:

          I think Strange Log must also grab notes from the Rimworld changelog, which includes such delights as:
          Added psychic foil helmet
          Items and people will now burst into flame if in an extremely hot room
          Added hangovers

      • Nixitur says:

        “Today’s success was to have a crying mother spit on me and call me a murderer, so that’s where we’re at. Of course, people familiar with modding or magma crabs might guess that the first time she spit at me, the glob came out frozen and my murderous character, being handy with a sword, batted the saliva ice cube out of the park.”

    8. Urthman says:

      I recently re-installed Minecraft (using the new client that doesn’t require a separate Java install on your system) and the performance has drastically improved. Somebody’s really given the game a tune-up under the hood.

      I used to wait on a new version until there was a corresponding version of Optifine available to get the game running better. Now I don’t think I’m even going to bother with Optifine anymore.

      • tehfish says:

        I am looking forwards to this, alas the big modpacks i use are still mostly stuck in the 1.6.4 patch level :/

        • Duncan Geere says:

          Most of the good stuff is now at 1.7.10. I suspect they might stay there until the mod API arrives.

        • wu wei says:

          I recently took the plunge and moved to 1.7.10, as there’s enough mods now to make it interesting. It was a good chance to ditch old regulars like IC2 and Buildcraft in exchange for newer ones with differing play styles. Cogs of the Machine is a nice attempt at mechanical-powered machines, and Flaxbeard’s Steam Power is fun, although they both lack the higher end stuff from IC2 et al.

    9. JamesTheNumberless says:

      Have you creatively misplaced your golden carrot or are you just pleased to see me?

    10. Biscuitry says:

      The Stonehearth patch notes are good for this, providing such wonderful examples as, “Goblins no longer sleep in your beds,” and, “Birdbaths are no longer chairs.”

    11. Jeroen D Stout says:

      “Horse tries to breed with another horse that is not yet in Love mode.”

      That is not a bug, that is just a way for the horse to get two hooves imprinted in him at high velocity.

      I mean, I trust Minecraft simulates horses to a paramount degree.