Keep On Trucking: Spintires Development Back On Track

Almost free!

Ooh you could hardly hear yourself think in the RPS treehouse around when Spintires [official site] came out last year, what with Adam thundering around pretending to be a honking great lorry stuck in mud. But development slowed then by the end of the year, a nasty rift had formed between publishers Oovee and maker Pavel Zagrebelny, as The Flare Path reported. It sounded like Pavel might give up, and Oovee clamming up didn’t help players’ concerns either.

Thankfully, it seems they’re now on better terms, talking of public “experimental” builds and plans to bring mod support with a large update in early April.

Oovee said in a statement today:

“We openly admit that communications between Oovee and our customers have been weak over the last few months. Our customer base grew far beyond what we initially expected and we needed to cater for that quickly – the development plans became sketchy and before we knew it we had a runaway train. Please accept our apologies …

“In the past there has been speculation regarding the relationship between Oovee and our programming god, Pavel. Yes – no relationship goes without its problems, however, we have settled the communication issues that we have had in the past.”

They also laid out plans for how development will continue. Each month is to bring an update – mod support in early April, a cockpit camera view in early May – plus bug fixes in-between. They’re planning DLC for summer too, and, curiously, muttering about intentions for a new Spintires game.

“How can we possibly talk about the next iteration of Spintires when we still haven’t finished improving the current version of Spintires? Well to be fair, software is never finished and we understand that. But with the huge success of the Spintires release, it’s kind of a no-brainer but to continue the franchise and create an even better game with a larger team and a larger budget.”

That might make sense, but it seems a bit of a blunder to start talking about a sequel in the same breath as assuring fans the game isn’t dead. But! Mud! Mud will continue! Glorious mud!


  1. Chiron says:

    I never realised how much I wanted to see mud in games until I saw the videos of this, now I can’t help but notice the lack of weight to things in other games and it just bugs me.


  2. Continuity says:

    Its a good game, who’d of thought something as simple as mud could make a game like this, pleased to see its getting more support.

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      Yeah, things can only become better. They already had mud support and now it’ll get mod support.

    • inf says:

      In my opinion it’s not really a good game YET. It’s a great tech demo, in it’s current stat it shows what a great engine they have in simulating off terrain behavior. But until they start developing some more in-depth gameplay features and content, this is a long way off from a good game.

      Oh well, at least opening up to modding might speed things up a bit.

      • Continuity says:

        Well I think that depends on what your expectations are from a game, frankly I’ve had more gameplay and enjoyment from spintires than many other games in my library with much more content. Personally with indie games like this if its interesting and I enjoy it for 10 hours then I call it a win. Spintires has 28 hours on the clock for me so far and I’ll definitely be going back to it.

  3. TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

    The last bit doesn’t really help alleviate the fishy smell about the whole thing, it actually reinforces it if i’m honest. Good thing the game at least is cheap.

  4. Monggerel says:

    Solution there, it seems to me, is to ensure STRONG COMMUNICATIONS

  5. melnificent says:

    It’s good to see they’ve gained some traction in their working relationship.

  6. Dogsbody says:

    this game is truly useless without mod support. which they had in the tech demo… feeling pretty screwed over by buying this a year ago.

    • rcguitarist says:

      You guys do realize that there are a decent number of mods for this game, right? link to

      • April March says:

        Yeah, but it would be good to have actual support by the devs, so that (for instance) modded vehicles didn’t have to replace the regular ones.

  7. Paj says:

    I bounced off this game pretty hard when I picked it up in the last Steam gaming blunderbuss. The mud is superlative, but getting stuck every 5cm isn’t. It probably speaks to my lack of technique more than anything else, but a tutorial wouldn’t go astray, and help new players into the game too.

    • Alfius says:

      360 controller or something with an analogue throttle is pretty much mandatory.

      • slerbal says:

        I’m with paj on this, though I do have an analogue controller. However, I am totally happy to give it another go and I’m glad to hear that Spintires is getting some more development. The mud is lovely and while it is a tech demo that is mostly fine with me.

  8. Mud says:

    [quote] But! Mud! Mud will continue! Glorious mud![/quote]

    thank you

  9. Cinek says:

    cockpit camera view ? On a jeep? Seriously? o_O

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      It’s still called a cockpit, even if there’s nothing above you, or to either side.
      Mind you, as far as I know they only have Russian vehicles in Spintires, so no Jeeps, I think there’s a UAZ though.

  10. OrangyTang says:

    All I want adding to Spintires is the ability to save progress in a multiplayer map.

    Slowly exploring, discovering vehicles and towing them back to base and all the inevitable disasters along the way is fun, but doing it co-op in multiplayer is so much better. But without the ability to save it’s basically pointless for me – I don’t have 4+ uninterupted hours to sit down with friends and work our way though a map. We want to do it in 30 minute portions over a week or so.

    When you’ve got such a fun basic concept (and working multiplayer!), hobbling the whole thing just because it can’t remember a few positions and your fog of war seems the height of sillyness.

    • Mctittles says:

      That is my number one needed feature too. Especially if you play with someone on a bad internet connection (or Steam goes down!), then you have to start the entire game all over.

  11. carlos ribeiro says:

    still waiting for the view inside the vehicle.
    still waiting

  12. SlimShanks says:

    Looks like all those sacrifices for the mud god are finally paying off!

  13. byjimini says:

    Was it ever confirmed for Mac?