Smash-o! Medieval Engineers Launches Into Early Access


A touch over a month after announcing Medieval Engineers [official site], Keen Software have now launched the low-tech counterpart to Space Engineers. Well, they’ve launched it into Early Access. I can’t imagine a sandbox crafty build ’em up doing it any other way, though. Actually. How would Minecraftbuts turn out if they did launch without that lengthy phase of large-scale testing and feedback? Perhaps closer to a LEGO set, made with a specific purpose in mind, than a jumbled box of bricks? Or over-ambitious and under-delivering? Anyway, I don’t have time to ramble on about that now.

Medieval Engineers, then, is your usual crafty buildy antics but with physics-driven interactions. You can make chunky big medieval machinery, and the physics applies to destruction too. Dream of siege weaponry smashing castle walls.

It’s early days, though. As ever, a sensible idea for Early Access games is to not buy them unless you think you’d be happy with them in their current state, and still wouldn’t mind too much if it never changed, or wouldn’t mind if it changed a lot. Pay for the reality, not the dream, I’m saying.

Keen say this won’t harm development on Space Engineers, and they plan to shuttle features and tech back and forth between the two.

Medieval Engineers run you £14.99 on Steam Early Access. But how does it all work? See in this here tutorial trailer:


  1. Bastimoo says:

    Another soon-to-be Early Access game with siege mechanics and structural integrity that’s worth checking out is “Reign of Kings”, which has to offer more survival/MMO-flair as well.
    PC-Gamer has published an article on it yesterday (not sure if cross linking is allowed here).
    It certainly does look interesting!

    • SuicideKing says:

      I don’t think RPS has an issue with cross linking unless you’re all like “RPS IS A SUCKS, XYZ IS BETTERZ”.

      Just don’t post more than 2 or three links, you’ll be marked for moderation.

    • Artist says:

      Reign of Kings? Meh! Yet another griefers survival game attempted to be made by yet another inexperienced team…! Couldnt care less…

    • Behrditz says:

      Its also being made by CodeHatch, who made the steaming pile that is StarForge.

    • Jakkar says:

      If that’s the Star Forge crew, avoid it at all costs. They exemplify the problem with early access; a bundle of half-finished features pedalled as a finished product because they had no incentive to complete their project.

      They got bored, simply put.

      It’s like a Stephen King novel; promising beginning, incoherent pieces of his dreams mashed together for the middle twist, then an ending that is clearly just a way to escape as efficiently and effortlessly as possible to get on with the next book.

  2. SuicideKing says:

    I really, really like the look of the environments.

  3. Bishop149 says:

    So this comes out about a day after I became aware of this: link to
    Which is similar and, to me a least, looks like more fun.
    Both early access though so obviously won’t be touching either with a barge pole.

    • spamenigma says:

      Medieval Engineers will hopefully become Multiplayer at some point which will help. A shame Besiege isn’t likely to get MP.

      • socrate says:

        why do people think pvp make all game better?…you look at all the damn kickstarter that are pvp based and they are all deserted…why would i play a really dull pvp game when their is tons of game that just do this in a better way…CoD,Moba,BF4,etc….space engineer server are very low pop all the time and aren’t that entertaining other then for the griefer who just like to be mean to people online…just look at rust its the perfect griefing game and its a damn dead zone at this point.

        im so sick of these horrible multiplayer attempt that make the game last 3 month on release and then you can pretty much throw it in the bin,from what i saw pvper are a big minority and are just loud about it…

        Personally i find Besieged magnificent and hope they focus on single player all the way,i couldn’t care less about pvp or scoresboard that make your epeen longer,im not 12 ffs and thats never been why i played game

        • HyenaGrin says:

          I don’t play Minecraft or Starbound or Terraria unless I am playing with friends. I can’t speak for an entire market, but I did get Medieval Engineers, and I am very much looking forward to being able to play it multiplayer. Maybe with PvP, maybe without, it doesn’t really matter.

          Why all the multiplayer hate, is what I am saying.

  4. Blackcompany says:

    These two games vaguely interested me. Then I realized Space Engineers has been in alpha since October of 2013. I think I will wait.

    • spamenigma says:

      They are not expensive to be fair, and Space Engineers has some good playability in it, and improving weekly. One of the few Alphas that I’d say are actually worth playing. Hopefully the same will apply with Medieval Engineers soon with a few updates under its belt incl MP…

    • badmothergamer says:

      Space Engineers is also free to play right now so you can try it out. It’s a game I’ve almost purchased a few times when it’s been on sale for $15 but I tried it for a few hours last night and it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

    • dvorhagen says:

      Whatever version number they give it, Space Engineers is a well-developed, frequently updated game, and I’m consistently impressed by what it can do. These guys really know what they’re doing.

      • socrate says:

        they did do 2 big scam game…but then again people buy anything these days until they get burned themself…but anyway,i find that im interested in these game but the lack of pve and enemy ai make the game extremely dull and irrelevant…sooo many game try that dumb minecraft cloning these days with pvp server in their mind its getting old fast…until they add in good pve element that is interesting i will pass but looking at how the development as been going so far i doubt it will be coming in the next few week…it would be really sad if they relied on the modding community again to do that they already did that for the space exploration thing…

        These minecraft clone all rely on that youtuber hype and multiplayer to sell,it seems so many of them are in early access or alpha right now its a bit silly and i see a similar pattern with the survival game thing like dayz and etc….their seem to be a need for these games but none that have the experience and talent and vision to actually make a good one.

  5. sapien82 says:

    I bought this last night for £11.34 as I had previously purchased space engineers in Alpha ,
    played it for 6 hours straight , and managed to make a rather large castle base, I created a largemound and carved a deep moat around it , made a bridge and started work on the keep

    link to

    • Hex says:

      As much as I’m predisposed towards viewing these games with distaste (due to the company’s previous shady dealings with it’s Miner Wars game)…that’s pretty neat.

      Too bad the Stronghold people never figured out how to make a game that let people build a castle….

      • ConradLarson says:

        “Shady business.” What shady business are you referring to?

  6. Perjoss says:

    What’s in the current build as far as gameplay goes, does it have any kind of a survival mode with the usual food/water meter and maybe stuff to hunt or forage etc, or is it just a building sandbox for now?

    • ConradLarson says:

      Building sandbox at present much like how SE first was, but expect survival and MP to come a lot faster than it did to SE.

  7. ZIGS says:

    Hey, any news on that MMO this company was working on, accepted pre-orders for it and then just kinda swept it under the rug?

    • ConradLarson says:

      Yes, they have postponed it indefinitely and offered refunds/trades with SE if I recall.

  8. P.Funk says:

    This strikes me as being more intuitive than Space Engineers, far more dependent on classic physics versus the speculative and not particularly practical physics of science fiction.

  9. carsonoid says:

    These devs are some of the best Early Access devs I’ve ever encountered. Weekly updates and direct work with the community means that you always feel like work is being done and I can honestly say that I’ve got more out of Space Engineers than most “completed” games.

    • wu wei says:

      While they’ve improved a lot with Space Engineers, Miner Wars didn’t deliver on the majority of its advertised features, and went with the really dodgy tactic of removing all references to those features from their web-site and denying they’d ever mentioned them.

      Whenever Keen Software announce a new title while an earlier one is still simmering, I’m always worried that means they’re done with the latter.

      • socrate says:

        While this one seems to have more structure behind it the constant focus on no pve and only creation content is really worrying…calling them the best Early Access devs also is quite frankly insane imo…tons of early access do that weekly update by one way or the other…and i know tons of people who still see it as empty in terms of content with single player play…actually the only people ive seen that enjoyed it played it multiplayer and all of them played it a maximum of 3 day.

        • ConradLarson says:

          I’ve been playing it since week 1 of launch on Early Access. Still going strong. Most of the people on the forums who help with development have racked up several hundred hours on the game.