Stormy Story – Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition


Look, let’s be clear: I liked Three Fourths Home [official site] before it was cool. Okay? Before it was nominated for ‘Excellence in Narrative’ in this year’s Independent Games Festival awards, I was digging the interactive short story. Now you’ll all know about it and hey, that makes me glad! It’s a lengthy phone call between a directionless twenty-something and her family as she drives through a building storm, with so much to worry about in all their lives. Good stuff.

Now it’s getting an Extended Edition which adds a new prologue and expands the main story, developers [bracket]games have announced. It’s due on March 20th.

Three Fourths Home also pulled the clever trick of requiring you to hold a key to keep the car moving, else time stops and the dialogue options fade. It has us aping Kelly – one hand on the phone, one on the wheel – as a pleasant small touch.

Anyway, the Extended Edition will an epilogue with another phone call between Kelly and her mother, reflecting on what happened and why she had moved back home in the first place. It’ll also expand the main story, including having your choices reflected in the strange fantasy story your distant brother tells you.

I liked the original a lot, so I’m glad to see more’s coming. You should play it this time around. It’ll be $6.99 (about £4.50) on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  1. Melody says:

    Yay! I really liked TFH.


    Although I’m not sold on the idea of an epilogue. I mean, we’ll see how it’s done, obviously, but I thought the open ending was just right, and it resonated with the main themes of the story: uncertainty, lack of a future, a family on the brink of economic and psychological collapse, for which the tornado may be the last straw, one way or the other… Not knowing what happens next, if the tornado hits Kelly, or her family’s house, or both, or neither, I think that was just right, in my opinion. But we’ll see.

    (I may be overthinking it because I wrote a lengthy essay about the game, but still.)

  2. Dorga says:

    Mmmm, I like the original a lot; I don’t fully understand the need for a new version but I’ll keep an eye out.