What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Someone's disgusting sink

Goodness, another weekend is upon us already. It’s as if we rush through the intervening five days as quickly as we possibly can, isn’t it?

I’ve got all manner of games lined up this weekend. The Kitchen’s An Absolute State, that’s a fun game. The longer you go between playing it, the longer each session feels! Really innovative design there. Speaking of innovation, the recent mystery game My Girlfriend’s Lungs Don’t Sound Right is a doozy. I’m not sure I’ll ever get to the bottom of that. The same is true of Whose Turn Is It To Take The Glass Recycling Out?, but to be fair no one wants to get to the bottom of that.

In terms of actual games, I’ve got a session of Mario Kart 8 and beer lined up with some friends. This should be fun, involving as it does both alcohol and fellow hominids, not to mention what I’m told is a really rather good home cinema setup. The inclusion of the first Mario Kart game to get me excited since the 16-bit era is the icing on the cake. But hush hush Shaun that is not PC games is it.

I’m also hoping to cheer my poor poorly girlfriend up by continuing our playthrough of Grim Fandango Remastered. We’d just gotten through the Petrified Forest when last we directed Manny about with a mouse (the pleasure of which cannot be understated). Where next? I have no idea. I only played the demo back in 1998, so this is all new territory for me.

In honour of Grim Fandango, here’s my favourite Misfits song. Listen, watch and enjoy, then tell me what you’ll be playing.


  1. melnificent says:

    Carmageddeon Reincarnation mainly. Now there is proper multiplayer my brother and I can play like it’s 18 years ago and we’re not the grown ups with responsibilities that we have become.
    Load times are attrocious and the framerate can be….variable. But it’s got the carma feel, and bugs :D

    • Jakkar says:

      How good at the destruction physics on the cars? How good is the dismemberment?

      • melnificent says:

        The handling could use a little more grip. The physics are fine, destruction seems to happen a bit more easily than is comfortable.
        Dismemberment is still as satisfying as ever. I’ve spent ages ignoring everything and just mowing down peds, watching as a gentle brush makes them fall, a harder tap makes them lose a limb and a full force smack makes them into a red pile of goo.

        • phelix says:

          Even with the proper context and as an avid ‘violent’ gamer I find this comment slightly unsettling

  2. GenFailure says:

    Well, in a midst of brother-in-law house moving, mother anniversary and a hard-liquor fueled programming session to try and make up for lost time till next week work deadline, I sure as hell going to be pummeling it out on Ultra SF4 and probably demon bashing on Dark Souls 2.

  3. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    Total War: Attila. Yes, I was silly enough to buy it, (something something never learning one’s lesson something,) but it has rather grabbed me so far.

    • daztec says:

      I didn’t buy them after Empire, the initial release version of which was stupid, but I did get this one, it works fine. I am enjoying the hard slog of weighing every decision as the grim taskmaster of the western empire. Barbarian Invasions was one of my all time favs, this will be too I think …

      • Jakkar says:

        You might find Shogun 2 worthwhile. I personally enjoyed the awkward, grandiose mess of Empire, but Shogun is a return to form – refined, artful and intense.

        As ever, too bloody big and slow for its own good if you don’t have a stunningly stable attention-span… but in this regard no worse than any other Total War.

        • ArcusC says:

          Glad to see someone else actually enjoying Empire! I’m also a big fan of Shogun 2 (which cultural aspects were fascinating enough for me to buy Paradox’s Sendoku; not the best decision I ever made :\ ).

    • James says:

      I am also playing Atilla. I am glued to the screen. It has so much depth to t and the factions play so differently that the game has enough content to keep me playing. It also has a ‘just… one… more… turn’ feel to it that keeps me playing. And the historical narrative missing since Medievel 2 is finally back. I expect I will spend hundreds of hours in Atilla before I am bored.

  4. Dorga says:

    Catacomb Kids!! Finally!

    • PhilKenSebben says:

      It’s damn fun.

      • ersetzen says:

        Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. I am figuring out more and more things that interact with each other. Last thing I found out that crusher traps can be cut off and thrown around with a certain boon.

  5. Dr I am a Doctor says:

    I’m playing “read the Nicomachean Ethics and the Enneads unless you want to fail this semester” this weekend

    and let me tell you, the story is SHIT

  6. DarkLiberator says:

    Been playing a lot of SimCity 4 lately with the Network Addon Mod (NAM) and its boatloads of fun just directing traffic with so many road tools now.

    Also been trying out some WarThunder tank mode and its decent fun. I’ve been liking the German tanks a lot, especially the Stug 3 A.

    • Gibster says:

      The 3 A is a really good and fun little machine. Above average frontal armor for its tier so its easily usable as an asault gun, and you’ll need to, at least until you unlock the HEAT rounds which give you the penetration need, since that stuby gun doesn’t have a very high velocity.

  7. caff says:

    I’m playing Hot Tin Roof (a kickstarter title that RPS led me to), a biit of World of Warcraft, and maybe a bit of H1Z1 which is a bit of a curiosity at the moment.

  8. Jakkar says:

    Dying Light.

    I’m impressed. A maturation of Dead Island into something considerably more subtle and interesting, capitalising upon the richer and more complex middle of the original game – the City of Moresby. That, taken big-time, with a strong whiff of STALKER about it.

    Lightly modded to get that unnecessary HUD and minimap off my screen, which sadly disables the night-time player invasions, which are surprisingly elegantly implemented, even if the multiplayer gameplay is a little too… Left 4 Dead/Evolve, bound by game rules, objectives and XP bars. A great reason to keep your character well equipped though – find yourself carrying one bandage, a single molotov and no firecrackers, drugs or devious devices as night falls and prepare to face a real player, with only ten respawns to your name and no means to recover from the injuries you receive.

    The plot is one of those intolerable Far Cry/Bioshock-esque affairs in which you’re continually forced to follow a single linear path that involves ‘being an insufferably stupid arsehole because the voice told you to’, but on the plus-side, you don’t have to strangle leopard kittens by the hundred to make a new wallet. I’m glad it managed not to copy that particular detail from the zeitgeist.

    It was expensive, but I think it may have been worth it. STALKER with zombies and a day/night dynamic, with a fairly large and rather detailed urban world and a clever, intuitive climbing system that suffers only for not having a ‘climb back down’ feature.

    Join me? Jakkar on Steam, add me to watch a broadcast of the game, or to invade/be invaded!

    • fish99 says:

      Hmm…. don’t really see any similarities between Dying Light and Stalker, but I haven’t played far into Dying Light yet.

      I agree about the story though and how it’s taken the worst from Far Cry 3. Obnoxious characters, a protagonist you constantly question the actions of, and an insufferably story you have to sit through. It’s a real failing of games as an interactive medium that all the significant moments happen in cut scenes and give you no input or choices.

      • Jakkar says:

        I play with the HUD disabled, slow, sneaky, walking around the ruined slums in the morning light looting abandoned buildings and corpses, carefully avoiding conflict with groups of hostile life(ish)forms.

        … That’s pretty damn STALKER ;)

  9. 9squirrels says:

    Elite: Dangerous. I actually made a profit on a couple of runs. My path to galactic domination has started!

    • inf says:

      I went full retard and lost a brand new asp yesterday, which i shouldn’t have bought yet because i couldn’t insure it.

      Yeah… might be a while till i touch Elite again. I’m blaming myself though, not the game :(.

    • James says:

      I’m soon going to get my hands on an Asp. I could afford it now but I want insurance and shiny shiny weapons.

    • Chaz says:

      Just spent 14.5 million on one last night. Got a spare 5 million still in the bank to cover any accidents. Not that I hope that’ll happen given the huge insurance costs. Many many hours of rares trading to get the near 20 million to fund that.

      But it’s well kitted out with some pricey modules. Got the Advanced Discovery Scanner and Surface Scanner and other requisite bits to go off and do a bit of exploring. Got a fair bit of fire power up front too, but more for defense than for actively seeking out combat.

      Stashed the T6 in the garage, so time to finally go out and see a bit of the galaxy.

    • Rolento says:

      I’m saving for the Fer de Lance. Next month should be fun.

    • Blackcompany says:

      Almost there on my Asp. Which is good, cause this rare trading thing is getting old. Really old. I cannot wait to fly the Asp, though. Really looking forward to the increased versatility. And not flying a Type 6.

      • inf says:

        You could switch it up and do some regular trading, isn’t that hard to find a good route with the right tools, it’s perfectly viable in a type 6 (if kitted out for max cargo).

        I didn’t find the trade grind from type 6 to asp THAT tedious. Now… starting over form scratch when you have been up to an asp, THAT’S tedious.

  10. Premium User Badge

    Lexx87 says:

    Binding of Isaac: Rebirth mainly, proper got its hooks in me after a few weeks break.

    Finished 17/20 challenges, now working through the characters on Hard. Had some ridiculously lucky runs with the pickups i’ve been getting. I find the more you play and succeed, the better the pickups you unlock, and overall the easier the game becomes allowing you to get further and further. It’s really quite addictive.

    • kumasimc says:

      A lot of Binding of Isaac, myself, although dwarfed considerably by the likes of Rogue Legacy and the “keeps me up at night it’s so good” Sunless Sea. Don’t know what sent me on this crazy rogue-ish mix of games but it’ll all be over Tuesday when I get yet another Resident Evil to love for all the wrong reasons.

  11. mathead says:

    Funny ’cause I have that very Misfits record lying om the record player right now with its highly artistic sleeve facing me. Anyway, I’ll be playing some Borderlands 2, because texting Evolve made me want to dig that up. Probably some Overlord, because it’s on sale and some DS-10 on my DSi.

  12. welverin says:

    I’m going to try and finally finish Dragon Age: Inquisition, anything else I play will be up to random whim.

    • welverin says:

      Well, that didn’t take very long. Now I need to find something else to do.

  13. DanMan says:

    You should try The Sweet Smell Of Days Gone By. My favourite at the moment.

  14. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Speaking of unrealistic racing games, I just picked up the Canyon-Stadium-Valley pack of Trackmania² and had a ton of fun playing it last night. I saw it has Oculus Rift DK2 support, and I enjoyed the Trackmania Nations demo/f2p thing years ago, so I decided to give it a shot. The VR support still needs a lot of work in the menus and replays, but actually playing is fairly comfortable with the in-car camera, and the tracks are pretty wild. :) I also think I saw a menu item for local multiplayer, but I didn’t want to get too adventurous with a screen strapped to my face.

    Today will feature Dude Start Your Taxes. It’s the worst kind of f2p game (unless you tell it to extract more money from your futurewallet) and one of the oldest, but I somehow keep coming back to it every year.

    • pepperfez says:

      The region-locking on that one is absolutely brutal. I hear basically every territory got a superior release to ours, and the proposed balance patches don’t really look like they’ll help anything.

      • Premium User Badge

        particlese says:

        There’s also a pretty massive bug where your microtransactions get charged in two regions if you created your char on Land of the Free and moved it to another server. For the life of your account. The support line’s useless, too, so I just have to hope the devs bung in a workaround some time this year.


  15. Commander Gun says:

    Hearthstone, as always :)

  16. ArcusC says:

    Planning on starting an Arcanist in Grim Dawn this weekend, mainly because I’ve picked up some interesting gear with my four other, non-magic chars. I’m also looking into creating a Crusader/Tank-type char in Skyrim–it’s been too long since I picked up that game and after defaulting to mage/tech/healer/necromancer classes in RPGs for decades I’ve recently realised the joy of playing someone who can take a lot of damage as well as dealing it and am eager to find out if that’s possible in Skyrim.

    • derbefrier says:

      Hows Grim Dawn comming along? Seems like its been in early access forever. Any sign of a full release anytime soon?

  17. Scumbag says:

    Since getting a couple of bundles for the first time in years, Thief and Betrayer.
    Thus far Thief has been :(
    Thus far Betrayer has been oO

    • kumasimc says:

      I actually quite enjoyed Betrayer!
      Although come to think of it I actually enjoyed Thief, so what do I know…

      • welverin says:

        You are not the only one to enjoy Thief.

        It certainly has problems, but it satisfied my desires to sneak around and steal things. I hope it did well enough that the team has the opportunity to make a sequel and learned from their mistakes and improve upon it (Assassin’s Creed 2 style).

      • Scumbag says:

        I’m enjoying Betrayer, it just makes me raise an eyebrow a few times. I know some don’t like the really stark visuals, but I love them.

  18. emptee says:

    Dungeon of the Endless… need to beat it!
    Got as high as floor 11. I think I can tackle it the next time.

  19. CandyAcid says:

    Tales of Maj’Eyal (ToME) still, absolutely amazing dungeon-crawler with perma-death elements that came that still has continuous upgrades and is free albeit some dlcs (which are reasonably priced for the content). It came out a fair few years ago now but it’s still takes up most of my free time.

    • Darkheart says:

      Will have to play that again soon, too. Steam shows 100+ hours already, but I haven’t booted it up since I bought the Demon expansion. This is probably my fav rogue-like.

      This weekend though, it will be Tomb Raider, which sat in my library for half a year before I finally decided to install it (a day before the Humble Bundle, lol). It is much more fun than I ever could have expected being not a big fan of the old iterations.

      Also I’m pretty much hooked at Hero Siege. Incredibly fun! Kinda like medieval Binding of Isaac. Unforgivingly hard even on normal, but suuuuuuch fun.

  20. Andy_Panthro says:

    Xenonauts, which is rather good. I’m starting to get myself into money issues though, and struggling to get enough new equipment built for my troops.

    The changes they’ve made compared to the original UFO are generally quite good too (although I still can’t manage the air combat).

    • Notelpats says:

      I’m also on a Xenonauts play-through (Veteran Ironman). Well, actually my second attempt at a play-through. I cut the first one short at the end of November (in-game) after the aliens invaded one of my bases (which I won, but was still crippling) and getting my transport shot down with all of my most experienced soldiers inside. Money had also become an issue.

      The second play-through has been going a bit better. I managed to get near-global coverage early-on to avoid losing money in important regions, and thus far most regions are reasonably happy.

      The only downside for me is the lack of a memorial of some kind that keeps track of my dead guys (which there are a lot of).

      • Andy_Panthro says:

        Yes, it would be nice to have a memorial for the dead. I lost quite a few at the very start (I went kinda gung-ho for a while), but now I’m more attached to the soldiers I have left. Especially my snipers.

        The coverage thing has caused my money issues I think. I didn’t bother adding extra radar to my bases until very recently and have only just started building a third base. I think I haven’t planned things out well enough, and I should have spread out a bit more a bit earlier.

  21. Csirke says:

    I’m in Act 2 of Dragon Age 2, just did the Legacy DLC. Getting ever closer to playing Inquisition!

    So far I think Dragon Age 2 is great! The combat waves are stupid, but I’m playing on casual difficulty (because of what everyone was saying), so it doesn’t bother me. I like the main story, and I love almost all the companions. Except Fenris, he’s boring.

    Often with these big RPGs, I also have an alternate game I switch to when I want something more action-y, like Far Cry. But with this run through the Dragon Ages, this is basically the only gaming I’m doing now. It might just be because I want to get to Inquisition, we’ll see if my enthusiasm lasts :)

    • Jimbo says:

      Act 2 of DA2 is the best bit. Possibly the best bit in any of the Dragon Age games. Maybe try really hard to convince yourself the game ends at the end of Act 2?

    • malkav11 says:

      Yeah, the sucky bits of Dragon Age II are 1) the incessant boring combat and 2) Act 3. If you can power through the combat, the first two acts are still a pretty good time. But man, there’s a lot of combat and it really isn’t good. :(

    • ansionnach says:

      I enjoyed the combat system. Thought the skill trees were more interesting than the linear progression from the first game and the skills themselves were much more interesting and tightly designed, working well in combination with each other. Would have been better with a camera that floated a lot freer and party members that could bear being more than twenty feet apart. The waves are stupid, I agree. Played it on Nightmare and it was completely unbalanced, varying from way too easy to sadistically hard (but where it was the game’s disobedient AI and inadequate controls that killed you). As if they released the game way before it was done. Possibly explains the rushed third act. A bit like ME3, it’s like some kid helps you build a sand castle or snow man, then turns mean and smashes it!

      • malkav11 says:

        I thought there was a much greater variety of skills and a much better feeling of progression in the first game than in either subsequent Dragon Age. Granted, I did play a mage, and they had probably the best skill assortment in the first game and go down to like, a quarter of that in subsequent games. Dragon Age II further compounded my issue with the progression by having most if not all of my skills feel anemic and impotent until fully upgraded, and saddling them with significant cooldowns. Inquisition’s generally better on that front. And yeah, there’s a couple of prebaked combos, specifically cross-class, but it’s never necessary to use them and organically discovering the ways skills could play into other skills in Origins felt so much sweeter.

        Plus that first game had a few dozen meaningfully distinct enemy types and all of the encounters required thought, positioning, and careful skill use until fairly late in the game (when I at least broke the power curve and things got fairly trivial). I’m not sure there was any real distinction between enemy types in II. Certainly positioning was impossible because of the spawning (and so it was just as well that friendly fire exited the picture), and I never had any problems just spamming any skill that was off cooldown on normal. (Certainly not on casual, once I dropped the difficulty halfway through because I was so tired of the combat and just wanted it to end quicker.) Again, Inquisition improves things somewhat – there’s some variety between the enemies, and they don’t spawn (except in rift encounters) so if the tactical view worked you could play some with positioning. But I’m playing on hard and it usually isn’t necessary for me to control any of my NPCs or treat most enemies differently from one another. There’s a few sorts of things that are priorities for focus fire (terrors, for example, because of their tendency to teleport to and knock down party members), but only a few. And none of them register as a threat of the caliber of say, a revenant in Origins. (Even though Inquisition does feature revenants, they seem to have been declawed.)

        • ansionnach says:

          Perhaps the array of skills for all the other classes detracts a lot from the wizards in the second game? I mean, what’s-her-name, the fighter who’s captain of the guards is pretty much indestructible when she uses a certain skill. Not sure fighters are supposed to have some of the more interesting skills… what is this, Mass Effect 2?!? I would say that I more saw a lot of improvements and potential in the combat, but that was marred by the game being completely unfinished and stuffed full of identical, cheap, respawning enemies. The bosses were all utterly terrible, especially the one from Legacy. Control over your party just wasn’t good enough to take four party members around and around that maze of death on Nightmare, especially considering that they kept running back together if more than twenty feet apart. Whoever designed that boss should be taken out and shot.

          Can’t comment on inquisition, even though my DA2 playthrough was to put me in a position to start it whenever it came out. I simply don’t care any more. I’m sure it’s good and all… and it looks like they’ve tried to make amends for DA2… but they simply don’t want to make the kind of game I want to play (and this was obvious before the game was released). I like a lot of console games… but there are just too bloody many of them these days. Or, more fairly, most console and PC games are not being made for dedicated players who appreciate challenge. Probably sounds funny from someone who probably enjoyed DA2 a lot more than most. Act three soured the experience… and I’m tired of Bioware trying to shove fantasy ME2 down my throat. I mean, in DA2 you’re captain of the starship superfriend and whether you like it or not you are mates ’98 with Fenris (who I’d much rather have taken out). Unless Bioware’s next game is some sort of unofficial D&D adaptation I probably won’t be interested.

          Origins on Nightmare was great… and yes, the level of challenge is sustained a lot of the way through the game. Think I got myself some breathing space by doing the werewolf part as soon as possible (it was one of the harder starting areas?). Only really remember being disappointed with Origins’ difficulty when I moved onto Awakening, which had a very promising set-up but then fell flat (way too easy and the stronghold options didn’t scratch the surface because of the tiny campaign length). Would compare Origins’ Nightmare to Icewind Dale’s Heart of Fury – it’s a real challenge and has obviously been designed for players who are willing to learn how to play the game properly and don’t expect to win by using normal attacks all the time. Was Icewind Dale the last game by those now in Obsidian that was properly balanced for difficulty? Hope Pillars delivers on that front…

  22. elderman says:

    I can’t be the only one taking advantage of the free week of Crusader Kings. It’s been a while since I’ve had dedicated playing time. I hope to have a couple of hours today. My first dip in first taste last night whet my appetite. So far, looks about as good as I’ve heard it is.

    • elderman says:

      I really miss the edit function. :-/

      • Shadowcat says:

        Me too! RPS: Please let us fix our posts again!

      • Premium User Badge

        particlese says:

        Aha! I thought it was somehow just me… The old edit funtion was kinda wonky on Android Firefox, but it worked and was great in the event of an OCD proofreading failure.

        I wonder if it was being abused by bots for link spamming, or if it was simply incompatible with other website updates.

        • Phasma Felis says:

          Incompatible. They’re working on fixing/updating it.

      • Premium User Badge

        john_silence says:

        The eddit fungtion shuld be MOURNED

    • elderman says:

      Hmmm. Maybe I am the only only taking advantage of the Crusader Kings II free week.

      So far so interesting. A lot of buttons and levers, though.

  23. Arona Daal says:

    Playing the newest Version of Rimworld,which just keeps getting better.
    Then probably some fearful skulking around in MISERY.
    And while surfing youtube i stumbled upon a SS13 Letsplay,so thats planned for Sunday Evening

    • ArcusC says:

      How the Inebriation/Drunkenness feature working out?

    • caff says:

      Thanks for reminding me there was a Rimworld update :)

      Off to play now… (there goes another 5 hours of my life)

  24. Shadowcat says:

    Continuing my Ultima Underworld replay, out of excitement over link to kickstarter.com

    • ansionnach says:

      Good stuff, it’s a great game and it’ll be hard for any follow-up to match it. I’m stalled on the second one. Didn’t get into it in the same way and the music is really awful (done by someone else).

  25. MOKKA says:

    I’m playing Catacomb Kids. It just got released on Early Access but it feels like Spelunky all over again.

  26. Vandelay says:

    I own Mario Kart 8; great game and you will no doubt have fun. Don’t tell anyone, but I prefer Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed.

    Speaking of games on Nintendo systems, I really should get back to playing Metroid Prime Trilogy. It was recently released on Wii U, but I have only gotten around to playing it for about a couple of hours.

    Far more likely though, I will be playing Divinity: Original Sin and possibly a bit of Company of Heroes the first, which I have been replaying the single player of and loving (completed the main campaign, the British campaign and now three missions into the German campaign.)

    I may also try and squeeze in the usual Dota with friends.

  27. PhilKenSebben says:

    Catacomb Kids: I love the feel of the characters, sensible controls. The quick reflexes required make me smile and be engaged. Combat has a good feel as well. Great game, even in its early state.

    Convoy: FTL meets Mad Max indeed. Hooked. I’m beyond hooked. I already feel Spelunky/FTL levels of addiction towards it. Great sense of humor mixed with bleakness in the game as well. I also enjoy the Sunless Sea-esque text choices sprinkled in.

    RE: Revelations 2: Will be streaming this on release for another site I frequent. Add me to watch: Philopian on Steam. My avatar is holding two dildo bats. Why? Because I’m me.

    • Vurogj says:

      Catacomb Kids and Convoy both look like the sort of thing I’d be interested in, bar the small problem of looking far far too difficult for me.

      • PhilKenSebben says:

        Convoy has difficulty settings, including an easy. I’ve been playing normal and it feels far more forgiving than FTL.

  28. dangermouse76 says:

    For me it’s a toss up between Machinarium on the tablet or reading Consider Phlebas. I’ve also managed to mirror Civ to my Android tablet so gonna see if that works. Finding it hard to find a streaming solution – as opposed to the mirrored one I’m using just now.

    Epically I am also being made Eggy brioche bread with bacon and maple syrup………. The Dan approves!

    • Dilapinated says:

      If you’re just looking to get into the Culture books, I’d suggest skipping Consider Phlebas. It’s.. The weakest of the series, in my opinion, and you don’t miss much by doing so/coming back to it later.

      • dangermouse76 says:

        I’m about 100 pages in. Finding it a good read. I’ve half read a few others. But decided to go back through them in order of release. He paints a universe and people who are very easy to imagine. I do wonder if a game will be made based on them. It screams RPG to me. But I think it would be a tough series to really land the core gameplay mechanic / mechanics.

      • Rise / Run says:

        That’s funny, because somebody told me just the opposite the other day after I had grumbled that I had bounced off of Use of Weapons (finished it, but haven’t been interested at all in going back to Mr. Banks after that).

        • Dilapinated says:

          I really liked Use of Weapons, though it took 2 attempts for me to finish it (without the ending joining the dots it’s a drag-y mil-SF book with heavy worldbuilding and an interesting social setup). The Player of Games is probably the easiest to get into to start with.. Though Excessions probably introduces the setting/major players best. Surface Detail is my favourite, but it’s very dark, even by the series’ standards, and goes pretty indepth with trauma/abuse stuff.

      • aoanla says:

        Consider Phlebas is, in a way, the Culture novel most dependant on the wider cultural context at the time it was written. (This was the late 80s, when a lot of Western media was promoting the extremist “freedom fighters” of the Middle East as our valiant allies – of course, elements of these groups then became our current bogeymen in ISIS and the Taliban – and SF similarly reflected this by having Valiant Religious Warriors as allies of the Western-style hero. Consider Phlebas is the counter to that, where we start with the Hero working for the Culture-universe’s local equivalent of the Taliban, and then realise that… maybe they’re not actually that brilliant people, morally. As a result, this also cements the Culture’s role as “kinda like idealised Western Democracy, post-scarcity and turned up to 11”, with the weaknesses and strengths that that reflects.)

        • dangermouse76 says:

          I would go along with that analysis. Also if I remember correctly this is the Cultures first war; a calculated mass war to further it’s own rather myopic view of what other less developed uncultured races should aspire to.

          Much like some peoples ( countries ) approach of intellectual, cultural superiority over it’s rivals today. Although in many cases we have the geographical motivation as well in the form of either oil or land advantage over a perceived enemy.

  29. Marblecake says:

    Skyrim. No idea why.

  30. Brigand says:

    Heroes of the Storm, because I can play three games in the time it takes to play one game of LoL or DOTA2 with virtually none of the hassle.

  31. Synesthesia says:

    I just discovered sleater kinney, so i’ll probably listen to their discography non-stop while assetto corsa-ing. Also i should finish valkyria chronichles.

  32. Dilapinated says:

    For me, it’s Spelunky. I finally got to the entrance of Hell yesterday! ..Only to get hitstunned by a Magma Man into the Magma before I could walk through the door. Welp, back to the drawing board.

    Aside from that I’ve been getting back into King of Fighters XIII. It’s fun playing with friends, and we’re looking forward to the rerelease of KoF 2002:UM on Steam in a few days. So I’m trying to remember how my favourite characters work, mostly.

    I should get back into Valkyria Chronicles. I loved what I played, but stopped when my RSI got bad. Now I can play stuff more regularly, it’s time to get back into it, I think.

  33. Gaytard Fondue says:

    This somehow reminds me of the time I played in a Danzig-era Misfits cover band.

  34. ExitDose says:

    Offworld Trading Company and Wasteland 2

  35. scannerbarkly says:

    ARMA 3 as always. Some Total War : Attila which i am very much enjoying. I opted for Victor Vran yesterday due to a weakness for ARPGs and just about anything isometric. It’s quite fun. I will no doubt give my adventurers further opportunity to die in Darkest Dungeon at some point.

  36. Vurogj says:

    More Sunless Sea, finishing stories, trying to decide on Legacy Items and so on…

  37. wwwhhattt says:

    I’ve finally got around to playing AI War! So far I’ve played enough to know that I should really look at a strategy guide for my next campaign.

  38. noodlecake says:

    A bit of Hand of Fate and probably some Medieval Engineers. Tempted to try and get into Space Engineers. They just brought out a patch that adds tiles that are big screens that you can play sequences of jpegs on. I’m tempted to try and make some kind of space station holiday resort with lots of animated beach scenes and ceilings with clouds passing by and things like that. I’ve found myself a nice niche where I can make weird objects in creative video games and use the screenshots for my Contemporary Crafts BA and use them to inform sculptural pieces and installations.

  39. derbefrier says:

    Will be continuing the DnD 5e campaign tonight and also some Star Citizen. Finally decided to start dipping my toes into the PvP side of it. Shields got a much needed buff which is making pvp a little more enticing. Getting my ass handed to me but having a good time nonetheless since I am not getting insta killed anymore. FPS module should be out in a few weeks to so its probably gonna take up the majority of my gaming time for a while.

  40. Premium User Badge

    john_silence says:

    Trying out the beta for Dirty Bomb (formerly known as Extraction – or was it Dirty Insertion?). Got a key a day or two ago.

  41. Hebrind says:

    Today, I’ll be having a pop at CoD: Advanced Warfare’s Multiplayer because it’s free and I haven’t played a CoD game properly since CoD 2 (the second WW2 one).

    I’ll also be playing Hearthstone and making the agonising decision on what to do with the 2200+ dust I’ve got saved up, whether to turn it into a legendary, or to fill out some decks that are lacking in killer cards and useful epics.

    In between, Company of Heroes 2 and a Shogun 2 campaign with a friend beckon, with the “expanded Japan” mod from Steam Workshop.

    Tomorrow, like Mr. derbefrier above me, I shall be playing DnD 5E with some friends, brand new campaign we’re starting.

    All in all, really full weekend, gaming-wise. :D

  42. Zenicetus says:

    Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director’s Cut. I was in the mood for some turn-based tactics, and decided to try it.

    I wasn’t sure it would be worth the money since I hadn’t bought the original game and it’s required to run this expansion. Also I wasn’t sure I could relate to the whole Tolkein + Neuromancer vibe. But so far, I’m enjoying it. The character writing is pretty good, and I like the pacing where I can jump in for an hour to run a mission, then quit and come back later.

    Also, working on a custom repaint of a plane model in X-Plane. Spending more time painting in Photoshop than flying, but I suppose this still counts as “working on a game?”

    • PhilKenSebben says:

      I could have sworn Dragonfall DC was completely standalone. Upon googling, yeah. It is: link to rockpapershotgun.com

      Sorry man.

    • inf says:

      It is indeed standalone, but you should play the original Dead Man Switch campaign as well. They carried over the things they improved in Dragonfall (like the ability to save whenever you want), and the writing is, in my opinion, just as good. It’s just a bit shorter and the encounters are a bit more boring. Nevertheless it’s a great package, and one of my favorite RPGs of 2014, and there were a lot of good RPGs.

  43. yan spaceman says:

    My favorite Misfits at the moment is Death Comes Ripping. This weekend I may play some Hitman Absolution or The Old City: Leviathan, picked up in a Humble Bundle and on sale at the Humble Store respectively.

  44. ansionnach says:

    Sitting down to Fate of Atlantis. It’s my favourite and possibly most played game but it’s been maybe fifteen years since I played it. It’s more a bit of a testing session of the CD version stripped of its voices (but retaining the digitised sounds) with a UK English script. Have just patched the CD’s executable to save to the present directory (rather than hard-coded “C:\FATE”) and I’m ready to go!

  45. moms says:

    I’m trying to play Text Twist 2 via our crappy work computer’s outa date browser.

  46. April March says:

    I’ve developed an obsession with Spintires this week the likes of which I haven’t had since I was a young lad, full of vim and vigour.

    But I already feel it fading, as if maybe I could no longer see the magic of my youth. Or if I just couldn’t stand how easily these bloody things flip over.

  47. Hex says:

    Finally getting a handle on Deadnaut. Completed my first successful campaign last night. I’m really wishing there were some sort of meta-progression. Still, a neat game for a certain type of experience.

    Maybe see if I can finally find some Chaos Reborn matches, as well. I also have just a few more things to wrap up in Door Kickers, which may lead to finally checking out Breach & Clear, and…I have been having a bit of a hankering to load up Banished again.

    So. Kind of all over the place.

  48. fish99 says:

    Playing some Attila Total War. Still in the tutorial campaign but it seems ok so far. Disappointed about the no army splitting / limited generals thing. I never played Rome 2 so didn’t know about that, but it’s a huge step backwards for the series versus Shogun 2 and everything prior to that.

  49. Eikenberry says:

    Picked up RCT3: Platinum for a 6-banger just now from GOG. Haven’t played it in years, looking forward to it. Wondering if there’s an active mod community that kept the game alive.

  50. fragmonkey90 says:

    I resubbed into Eve Online . Last time I quit in 2013, I thought it was for good. Well apparently it wasn’t. There is just something compelling about this game that I just can’t shake. Maybe its that I get to live my fantasy of being a space pirate plundering the stuff of other players, the very stuff they worked so hard and spent so much time on. It feels good to be the bad guy