Long Live The Student Council President: Black Closet

Ah, good, this high school has a strange secret society. I'm sure that won't end in TRAGEDY.

Being a child ruler is pretty tough, I should’ve known, but the number of ways everything can go horribly wrong in Long Live the Queen was a surprise and a delight. Developers Hanako Games are now working on a game about being student council president and surely that can’t be nearly as difficu- oh, no, it can. Black Closet [official site] will have players solving randomly-generated mysteries at a school, from cheating on tests to cases a bit more bloody. Come see the first trailer.

So there are you, tasked with solving mysteries at Saint Claudine’s. You chat to people, deploy minions (schoolmates) to help investigations, level up your minions, try to avoid all the backstabbing that comes at a private school with secret societies, cover up bad things to defend the school’s reputation, and maybe, just maybe, find a little romance along the way.

High school mystery is a fine theme, though it’s a little more fancy and upper-class than Veronica Mars. Procedural cases is a nice touch too. Long Live the Queen relied quite heavily on trial and error to find plot paths and memorise stats needed to take them, but finding those out was fun in itself. Point is, I’m keen to see more.

Black Closet is still in beta, but you can buy into that for $15 if you fancy. If not, hey, hold on, it’s coming.


  1. Pazguato says:


  2. opasnimiki says:

    After playing long live the queen I kinda can’t wait to see what is this going to look like. Setting looks bit strange but hey who cares if it’s at least as good as LLTQ.

  3. AngoraFish says:

    Randomly-generated mysteries sounds grand, if correct.

    As Alice notes, Long Live the Queen had a ton of promise, but tragically turned out instead to be a game of reverse-engineering the dev’s arbitrary pre-set spreadsheet of numerical hurdles set at predetermined time points, via multiple increasingly tedious trial and error play throughs.

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      Harlander says:

      Hmm, did you like Princess Maker?

      (I occasionally toy with the idea of PM-alike set in a cyberpunk dystopia, until common sense reasserts itself)

      • Barnox says:

        Princess Maker 2 is probably the best stat sim that I have played. A nice mix of choosing paths, deciding on what you want and, if you go the Battle Princess route, some insane moments that you would not expect to find in a game where you have such a variety of frilly dresses to pick from.

        Has there been any such game since? Academagia is good, massive amounts of depth. Many options per scenario, unlike Long Live The Queen. Magic Diary has some of the same stuff. But neither has the Battle Princess option.

        • hanakogames says:

          LLTQ -does- have many options for every possible challenge (and you can be a pretty powerful magical battle princess), but it’s not a PM-clone and wasn’t intended to be. I did write some PM clones earlier (Cute Knight and sequels), but given that they’re earlier and I had no budget, the graphics are pretty awful, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them. Still, some people still enjoy them!

          I’d definitely recommend Academagia as probably the most ridiculously huge, open, and secret-riddled life sim out there.

          If you enjoy Academagia, you might also want to check out the demo for Scheherazade 1931 by the same authors. It’s not the same kind of game as Academagia, but it IS big and complex and has a lot of options, so it’s worth at least a look to see if it interests you.

          Another game that you might want to look at before buying: Shira Oka. It’s a dating sim in the style of the Tokimeki series, but once you master the stat-raising side of things, the actual character routes go off into extremely weird tangents with ghosts and monsters and dinosaurs and all sorts of things you would not expect from what looks like a high school dating game.

      • AngoraFish says:

        PM does sound up my alley, but can’t get it to run on Win 8. Probably the best I’ve played, and this is not saying much, is Kudos 2, but that was ultimately pretty shallow. Oh, for a genuine life-sim stat-builder with lots of complexity under the hood and the corresponding capacity for emergent outcomes.

    • fauxC says:

      That’s the exact response I had! Loved the premise and the setting but the execution let it down.

      Hopefully the addition of some randomness (if the dice in the trailer are anything to go by) can make this a bit more interesting.

      • hanakogames says:

        The thing about LLTQ is that it’s a character-driven political simulation – every character has a backstory and a part to play. Nothing is random because everything is a result of “what if” your actions caused things to change among the large, interlocking, backstabbing cast. The traitor was always a traitor, you just didn’t realise it the first five times you played and left yourself open.

        Black Closet, on the other hand, has a very small ‘fixed’ cast, but the participants in each mystery and the mysteries themselves are generated each time. That means all those students can’t be part of any deep storyline or have detailed backstories, they just come and go… but it also means it’s your stats that you use to solve the mysteries, not any previous knowledge.

        The fixed cast does have backstories, but they’re set up so that each one of them has a consistent reason why she might betray you, but you’ll have to use gameplay to figure out whether or not she is on this particular playthrough.

        If that makes sense. :)

  4. jimangi says:

    I’m just excited that Hanako are working on a Magical Diary sequel. I had a great time with that after it came up in a Humble Bundle and I saw RPS’s article on it.

  5. Monggerel says:

    Er… the uh… the first rule of Alchemy Club is to turn other clubs into Alchemy Club?
    (I stole that)

    • BooleanBob says:

      Through the arcane mysteries of alchemy, we have discovered how to turn demerits into merits! It turns out the secret catalyst was Tippex.

  6. King in Winter says:

    Hopefully longer than LLtQ, too. After I heard how short that game is, it is senseless to buy it at its full price. I’ll wait for 80% Steam discount, which should be appropriate.

  7. throwscats says:

    I thought this would be more like the anime take on high school drama, considering the art, the developer’s name, and how Long Live the Queen was–but it looks more like high school film noir with a mix of that. Cool idea. I like it.