Freeware Garden: Don’t Escape 2

Games with zombies are righteously considered banal, whereas point-and-clickers that decide to invert the always intriguing but overused escape-the-room mechanics could be considered to be rather novel. So, what should we then make of Don’t Escape 2, a game about barricading yourself in a room and surviving a zombie raid?

Well, I for one would call it a smart adventure game with some lovely ideas, atmospheric graphics and a hint of strategy. I’d thus call it an impressive anti-escape-the-room offering.

It’s a game that has you trying to secure a safe house before the night falls and the zombies come. To achieve this you have to manage your time and try –quietly– to explore the house’s surroundings, find handy tools and items, recruit fellow survivors, and prepare your defenses. All before time runs out.

It’s a wonderful and wonderfully tenseĀ game that’s impressively open inĀ its approach to problem solving. You can, for example, use and consequently break your shovel while killing a trapped zombie in order to conserve ammo, and thus miss the opportunity to mix up much-needed cement later on. Building materials are more valuable than bullets in the economy of the apocalypse.


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    Oakreef says:

    Didn’t really like the first one that much. Seemed a bit too much pixel hunt + trial and error.

  2. Axyl says:

    Okay, this was actually really good fun. Took me 3 or 4 attempts, but survived! :D

  3. sammc says:

    that was fun!

  4. dethtoll says:

    That was fun! I do enjoy a bit of good anti-zombie fortification and this was clever with the exploration and the time limit.