Bloodsports.TV Looks Like Borderlands vs Smash TV

random spiky parts added in just the right places to keep Gearbox's lawyers at bay

Not every RPG has to be a roguelite now, y’know. Sometimes it’s nice to kill and kill and kill without having to overly worry about getting killed. The hyper-violent Bloodsports.TV is the toon-styled sequel to post-apocalyptic Diablolike Krater, whose setting made it catnip to Jim back in 2012, but he came away feeling let down. The unpleasantly-named (at least, if like me, you grew up in an area mostly populated by wealthy farmers who positively revelled in vulpine slaughter) Bloodsports.TV is an amped-up sequel/spin-off which appears to borrow liberally from Borderlands’ aesthetic. The manic tone too, it seems. Will this a more characterful ARPG make?

Well, let’s have a look:

Phew. OK, look I’m 36 tomorrow. It’s fair to say that I’m long over being entertained by people shouting at me in silly voices, unless it’s Rik Mayall. Softly-spoken passive aggression is much more my comfort zone these days. But a whole lot of people are big fans of hyperkinectic screechy humour, so it’s not unwise to mine that rather than try and make something straight-faced. God knows there are far too many straight-faced ARPGs which douse their own hacky-slashy fire with endless, tiresome lore, after all.

Bloodsports also seems to take a few gore-smeared pages from Smash TV’s timelessly exuberant book. Seems a bit more corridor-y than arena-y (plus there’s a skill tree, inventory and stuff in there), but it’s certainly going for that level of overkill.

I reckon I could have a giggle with this so long as I turned off a bunch of the dialogue and if I can round up some chums – it has a heavy co-op focus, after all (which is what can very often make Borderlands games sing even when at they’re at their more annoying). We’ll find out if its many noisy parts make a satisfying whole on April 8th. There’ll be some sort of beta ahead of that, which you register interest in here.


  1. Westmark says:

    Whats up with the bit from The Elder Scrolls theme at the beginning?

    • kimvidard says:

      I’m not sure that was the reference, I got, but i can see how you can make the connection, it sounded very close to old TV jingles from the 80s though, I think the rest is a coincidence.

      Also, I was affraid it was going to be a MOBA, but it looks more like a Diablo like, glad to see it, I loved Krater, it was deliciously weird.

      • Westmark says:

        Yeah, I’m also sure it wasn’t intentional, but now I’ve got a mix of The Elder Scrolls and Terminator: Judgment Day stuck in my head. Still not sure if it’s a bad thing.

  2. commentingaccount says:

    Given how buggy Krater was when it was first released, and how it’s gotten a ton of bug and balance fixes since then, maybe it’s worth a second look?

    I feel somebody needs to do second looks on games that get massive patch revisions…

    • trn says:

      Agreed – MMO Grinder does this and it is nice to get an update, especially if you miss a game first time round.

    • Alec Meer says:

      This is something we’d really like to do more of, but really need people to STOP RELEASING A THOUSAND NEW GAMES A SECOND in order to do it.

      • heretic says:

        Maybe you could release a list of games you won’t review / would like to do a second look of but don’t have the time, and let the community submit reviews? The good ones can be shown on RPS! The writer could even be compensated a bit maybe if the review proves popular :D

      • Hex says:

        Or have one of your guest columnists do a weekly “after the patch” column.

  3. Darkheart says:

    I played and finished Krater when I got it from the Humble Bundle. After a while you start to see where they ran out of money and had to cut content/mechanics. While the game was not very buggy when I played it, it was extremely boring and then it just ends. No conclusion to the story and no sequel in sight now that they announced this thing. I left very unsatisfied and it felt like a waste of time.

    Now we have the fighting of Krater with MMO. Not interested, sorry. A proper sequel to the first game with some polish would have been more my thing. Interesting tactical fights (turn-based or RTwP) could easily make for a good game imo. But no, it has to be another MMO, which will be forgotten in no time.