Shambles: Resident Evil Revelations 2 Lacks Local Co-op

Alone in the dark

The Steam Store page for Resident Evil Revelations 2 [official site] has listed offline co-op as a feature since preorders began and continues to do so at the time of writing. But the game, now released, doesn’t support local co-op and, according to a statement Capcom have made to VgG24/7, it probably never will.

The PC version of Resident Evil Revelations 2 supports a variety of customisable visual settings and resolutions. The decision to prioritise a single local screen was made to ensure a stable user experience across a variety of different PC settings and devices.

PCs have too many graphics to support splitscreen.

A footnote has been added to the Steam page:

“2. The PC version does not support offline co-op play in the Campaign or Raid Mode.”

Considering that those are the only modes in the game (unless there’s another mode hiding from me), it seems odd to mention offline co-op on the page at all. And yet:

The second part of Capcom’s statement appears to put the kibosh on any possible future integration of offline co-op.

Raid mode will support online co-op shortly after launch when a free patch is available for players to download which adds this feature, but the main campaign on PC will only be available to play in single local screen.

Capcom are probably attempting to have the Store page updated (again) as soon as possible but anyone who preordered hoping to play with a chum is plumb out of luck. It’s a twist on the usual preorder bonuses, being a form of preorder penalty, and there’s no trace of an apology in Capcom’s statement. Granted, this may be a case of the left hand not communicating with the right hand, but when either hand is taking money from people it seems reasonable to expect the basic facts to be correct.


  1. drinniol says:

    Maybe it supports LANs? That would techinically be offline co-op.

    • Keiggo says:

      It doesn’t, sadly. There is literally zero way to play the campaign in co-op on the PC version as co-op in this mode is limited to offline play.

  2. Keiggo says:

    Myself and my buddy are pretty cheesed off about this. The lack of online co-op at launch meant we had arranged to ACTUALLY PLAY IN THE SAME ROOM and now we can’t even do that.

  3. Hammers says:

    It really annoys me how few PC games support local co-op. Particularly annoying are cases like this where local co-op is included in the console version. Other instances include Borderlands, F1 (co-op championship isn’t local on PC), Portal 2 (at least at launch. i think this was rectified later), L4D2…

    Is it that rare to want to play with someone in the same room on a PC? Seems odd that games omit this when there has been quite a big push towards PC as a console experience from people like Valve lately. I often play games on my telly from my PC, but it sucks when I can’t do it with my partner.

    • Matt_Ceb says:

      But if you include local co-op, one person less will be able to play it! … I don’t know if I’m joking with this. :-/

      I’m actually surprised that the Xbone didn’t go the way of: “You can only play co-op with another user account which also has the game in question flagged as “Purchased”‘. Would have fit right in with the rest of the garbage they tried/try to push on people.

      • Matt_Ceb says:

        And by “will be able to play it” I naturally meant “will purchase it”. Total brain-fuck-up there. *sighs*

      • pekingduckman says:

        Oh please, are you stuck in 2013? MS removed the requirements long time ago, and the overreaction is hilarious, considering that on PC Steam ties your key to an online account, but since everyone loves to suck up to Gaben, it’s suddenly all okay.

    • Emeraude says:

      Add the dwindling of LAN support to that, and yeah,, it becomes pretty annoying.

      Some people want gaming to be social, but only when you’re alone.

    • Faxanadu says:

      Anyone wants to give names of some good co-op FPS games? Or ThirdPS games.

  4. szendroib says:

    I have bought the game from Greenmangaming so I would not even get a refund for the game :D. Only bought it to play with my girlfriend (the not so action focused second player role sounded perfectly for it). I learned my lesson relatively cheap fortunately, I will never pre purchase a Capcom game ever. That 5 pounds minus doesnt worth to be scammed over.

  5. Aysir says:

    Capcom did this same shit with Resident Evil 5, which had splitscreen on console, but not on PC. Stupid thing is, you could easily mod the game to allow splitscreen, and it ran just fine. Capcom need to stop treating PC like a console – where features are removed because they’re scared they might not meet 1st party compliance requirements. After the odd release schedule, I was already planning on waiting to pick this up – I guess I’ll now wait until they mod in splitscreen.

  6. Christo4 says:

    What they say actually doesn’t make sense, since if you have a lot of graphical options, you can tone them down to also support co-op and have a stable experience.

  7. MiddleIndex says:

    i have a pc and so does my gf and we cant play together? then whats the point in forcing us to have an ai partner and a game that designed for coop when there isnt going to be a coop?

  8. Turkey says:

    The co-op looks pretty bad from what I’ve seen. One person plays as Barry with a full arsenal of guns and stuff and the other plays as the girl who can’t really do anything other than find ammo and point out zombies.

    • Keiggo says:

      I wanted to be the girl one! It looked ace!

    • Philomelle says:

      I just finished the first episode and while the co-op is not traditional, it looks really amazing. Claire has an ability to kick stunned enemies to the ground, but only Moira can stun them with her flashlight and she is the one with the finishing move. Meaning you have to do a triple switch combo to take someone down without wasting very limited ammo.

      Similarly, Barry has a deceptively large number of guns but he also doesn’t have nearly enough ammo to go blindly in, so you need Natalia’s pointman skills to no where to hit and how. More than that, Natalia can stun enemies really hard with her brick, which allows Barry to go in and finish them off while they’re grounded.

      There are also environmental kills and traps, but those take time to manipulate and you’ll likely want both people doing different things at once to be effective.

      It’s very interesting co-op because it’s not two people just running around with guns together, it’s two different characters with completely different kits needing to work together in order to survive.

      • Turkey says:

        Oh, okay. My bad. I watched someone play the co-op for half an hour and it kinda looked like what they used to call “girlfriend mode,” but I guess there’s some nuance to it.

    • Baines says:

      According to reviews, Capcom still can’t do co-op AI properly. The gun-based combat characters might be adequate this time, but apparently the AI for the non-combat support characters is pretty useless?

      I don’t know why Capcom insists on forcing a co-op mechanic that it knows that it is unable to properly implement. (Okay, I somewhat know the answer. They want online co-op, and it is easier to simply design the entire game around co-op and shove a semi-functional AI partner in for the people playing offline than to try to design the game for both single player and co-op.)

  9. DanMan says:

    But if it had local co-op then two people could be playing a single game. Madness! Think of all the starving designers, coders and marketing people!

  10. spudthedestroyer says:

    Supporting a two player co-op option in this console port would mean they would have had to hire an additional QA Engineer on the QA team to test it. That would be 100% more QA resources!

  11. Marcusq says:

    PC gaming since 1873 you say, well I guess that would explain why I have been playing pc games since DOS and really don’t understand what the kerfuffle is. Perhaps the Local PC coop seen was alive and well per-niteenth century. Sarcasm aside Local co-op has and always will be garbage on PC you can lie to yourself all you want, but getting upset over this is like reading a 6 player co-op on an original xbox game you can either take it as a misprint because you can look at your xbox and see it only has 4 controller ports. Or you can contrive a fantasy world where your upset because they promised something that only ever existed in 2 games in the history of the world and you most likely would never use even if it was actually supported.

    Not trying to be mean just giving the honest to god truth, the reality is that split screen co-op is development costs, this is a budget title 25$ for everything included in this product is a steal. You put a couple thousand dollars into a feature 1% of your consumer base will use but lose 10% of potential customers cause you have to raise the price 10$ you detract from the value of your product. As much as a lot of people want to believe that you can just develop a game for one system and then press a button and it turns into a PS4/PC/Xbox one/ 360 game , it just does not work like that. Food for thought,

    I have noticed the gaming community and the gaming Journalist community with few exceptions this year 2015 has been irrational in its hatred of new titles everyone wants something for nothing and there walking around with an axe to grind. I want to see well developed arguments and I want to not be embarrassed to say I am a gamer, to not be embarrassed like this is the 90’s and everyone thinks that the gaming community as a whole is a bunch of soda guzzling pariahs who live in basements pre-disposed for social awkwardness and a lack of intellectual capacity.

    • wu wei says:

      If you can’t see that the issue is that Capcom advertised a feature during pre-purchase and only mentioned they weren’t going to deliver it post-release, then it’s no real surprise that companies keep pulling crap like that.

      Local co-op has and always will be garbage on PC

      Nonsense. My daughter & I regularly play Lego Marvel split-screen co-op, and it works perfectly.

      I really don’t understand corporate apologists.

    • cpt_freakout says:

      Yes, people are very deluded to expect something that exists in other versions of the game and that is more than possible to do in a PC. Your analogy with the Xbox controllers is entirely bonkers precisely because Capcom announced a co-op feature, we have various co-op games for PC (whether you like them or not is utterly irrelevant), and it’s something that would make sense for the game to have. People are not asking for the impossible here, only for an announcement to be fulfilled. Your “argument” is just a rant against people who complain – it belongs elsewhere.

      • Marcusq says:

        Pretty sure I just summarized it into a nutshell, Dev costs do not justify the means. Lego games are a different target market to the point they stopped including “online coop” its the other end of the spectrum. Also to my point Lego marvel and lord of the rings two of the games I have tested local co-op on see significant change in resources needed to run it when coop is enabled.

        Hardly a corporate apologist just don’t appreciate people who can’t appreciate value. Its like a guy walks McDonald and they offer him a Big Mac Meal for a dollar and he complains that he did not get a large. A bunch of gamers get a game that could easily be sold at 60$ retail like 1886 was but instead they pay 25$ and get more content than most AAA titles and complain about niche features instead of enjoying it, if you did not read comments or don’t like it why buy it, why talk about it? Take the deal or don’t lifes to short to complain. Its not like Duke Nukem Forever or Colonial Marines where Gearbox purposely screwed everyone over because they knew there games were shit. Save anger for true injustice