Staring At Survival Sidescroller Snowbroken

Yes. Like an octopus.

John just pointed my face towards Snowbroken – a side-scrolling survival RPG currently listed on Greenlight.

Snowbroken’s premise is that you’ve hunkered down in a bunker during a scuffle between humanity and the supernatural. Alas you have run out of rations and, after killing a fellow survivor who invaded your hideout, you decide it’s a choice between starving alone or heading out into the world.

I should confess that the premise is really not what’s interesting to me – I have serious survival game fatigue. You could perhaps try to tempt me with a game about octopus survival but that’s probably about it. Maybe a giant Pacific octopus who is attempting to fight typical biology and, after gently tending thousands of eggs for months and months, does not want to starve to death thank you very much. She will fight for sustenance and eventually become a master underwater chef.

Just a suggestion.

Anyway, watching the Snowbroken trailer the idea is that you move across simple landscapes shooting and killing enemies that turn up using a variety of weaponry. There are also tools, resources and opportunities for research and so on. I preferred the gifs, though – particularly one where you kill a dude, pick him up and then fling him into another guy to down him as well. Apparently that is my current mood’s jam. That’s the aspect of the game I’m interested in: combat.

There’s a Kickstarter at the moment so I’m not sure whether the game will get made or delayed or cancelled (it’s only $393 CAD towards its $6,500 target). You can head there to find out more, though.


  1. celticdr says:

    Pip you should get that Survival Game Fatigue checked out before it balloons into full-blown ARPGFS*, that stuff is pretty serious.

    *Action & Role-Playing Game Fatigue Syndrome

  2. grable says:

    That music reminded me of Arabian Nights.. aaahh fun times :D

  3. Chuckleluck says:

    Octodad, anyone?

  4. hotmaildidntwork says:

    Staring Eyes tag? The title picture puts me in mind of some sort of post-apocalypse blood sport where blinking results in cannibalism.

  5. RaR3X2 says:

    Oh mah gods, praise the sun. Can’t believe Snowbroken made it on here!
    Now I can die happy. (after I finish making the game of course)