Poirot Takes On The ABC Murders

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“An adventure game based on Agatha Christie’s The A.B.C. Murders” – it’s like someone deliberately laid a Pip-trap.

Well it worked. I have now watched the trailer exactly THRICE:

The A.B.C. Murders is a Hercule Poirot mystery where the killer (who signs off in letters as A.B.C.) appears to be working through the alphabet when it comes to victims. Also present are regular companions Detective Chief Inspector Japp and Captain Hastings.

I’ve both read the book and watched the TV adaptation featuring David Suchet (multiple times) so I’m not sure quite how well the game will hold up given I know the clues and the killer pretty well. I think when there was a Nintendo DS version you had an option to play through with a different killer – an idea which really didn’t appeal although Wes Yin-Poole, writing for Videogamer, called it a “thoughtful, and welcome, addition”.

The game is beign developed by Microids and is due for release in summer 2015. I was going to watch the entirety of David Suchet’s Poirot again as diligent research but it’s not on Netflix anymore and I think my sister has my DVDs. DRAT.


  1. rustybroomhandle says:

    Nice style.

    Microids, eh? Wonder how Syberia 3 is coming along.

  2. Noviere says:

    Damn it. I was hoping for Marple.

  3. Havalynii says:

    David Suchet or get out.

  4. Luminolza says:

    The different killer than the book has been done in a few games adaptations, and so long as the writing hold up, it does make it the experience far more interesting.

    The more complex the story, the harder it can be for it to make sense and not seem like a cheap addition.

    Hopefully however it ends up, it works, really should be more Poirot games.

  5. Premium User Badge

    Nathan says:

    Weren’t there only a couple of the newer episodes of Suchet on Netflix, or did I miss out on a golden opportunity? :/

  6. Octacon100 says:

    Oh man, I really, really want this. Hope David Suchet provides the voice. It wouldn’t be the same without him.

    • Catchcart says:

      Yeah, I think that’s pretty unlikely given the trailer as a) it neither implicitly or explicitly claims affiliation with the TV series and b) I suspect the reason Poirot is silent in the trailer is that they don’t want people actively thinking ‘Well, that’s the wrong Poirot’. But I know the feeling. I never really got into the Telltale Sam & Max because Max just didn’t sound like Max.

  7. drussard says:

    Well Pip, they are still on Netflix here in the colonies if you fancy yourself some good ole fashioned VPNs.

    This really is one of the best stories but I have to agree with others.. Hard for me to see or hear Poirot as anyone other than David Suchet. Of course I felt the same way about Jeremy Brett’s Holmes but Mr Cumberbritches turned that around on me.

  8. smuppet says:

    Series 1-11 are on the American Netflix if you use something like Hola Unblocker or Media Hint

  9. Timbrelaine says:

    I love the art style- sorta cel shading, but with natural lighting. Doesn’t look quite as good in motion though.

  10. rcguitarist says:

    My wife will love this game. She’s a big point-and-click adventure gamer.

  11. ramirezfm says:

    A Poirot game! And I’m not the only one that enjoys Poirot! Outstanding. If Poirot talks in this game it has to sound like David Suchet, otherwise it’s no Poirot.

  12. Monkeh says:

    This is some of the best cel shading I’ve ever seen in a videogame! Will definitely keep my eye on this one.

  13. Blackrook says:

    Having been to school there, I would advise Poirot to stay at home with a cup of hot chocolate instead.
    The only thing that Andover has given the world was the Troggs and Wild Thing!