Making Things To Build – Cities: Skylines Mod Trailer

I suppose we do post about Cities: Skylines [official site] a fair bit, but that’s partly because it’s a big chunk of (current) future hopes for a whole genre. Me, I’m well catered-for as I mostly play games in thriving genres like ‘shooting men’s faces’ and ‘dreamy wandering around surreal landscapes’. But with Cities XXL a wash, a minor update spun off into a so-called sequel, what else is coming soon for people who dream of building grand cities? So here, have a trailer going over Skylines’ mod support, which’ll let you make things to build.

Cities: Skylines has ye olde level editor, of course, letting folks sculpt landscapes and sprinkle trees and pour rivers and whatnot. It also has tools to create new buildings, importing models and setting how they work and whatnot. And it’s got an API to code new bits. Steam Workshop support will let to share creations too. Have a peek at the modding section of its wiki if you want to see technical bits, or simply see pretty moving mod pictures in this here trailer:

Here, read what Adam made of Skylines when he played a bit recently. It’s being made by Colossal Order, the Finnish studio who started with Cities in Motion, a city-planning sim about threading public transport solutions through existing cities. Paradox are publishing it.

As we approach the release of Skylines on March 10th, and presumably near the end of these videos, I do wonder: what are CEO Mariina Hallikainen and lead game designer Karoliina Korppoo up to? They’re always on the move in these videos, writing secret notes, laughing at secret jokes, and looking pensive about secret concerns. I want to join their gang.


  1. ScottTFrazer says:

    I’m trying (and generally failing) to not get my hopes up too much about this game.

    • MeatMan says:

      Me too, but I’m hoping that someone will create a mod that removes that fake Twitter feature that seems to pop up every 5-10 seconds in the gameplay videos I’ve seen. It’s been 2.5 years since I’ve played a traditional city-builder (excluding Banished, which I really enjoyed but don’t consider “traditional”), so I really want to play a good, new city-builder, but that annoying fake Twitter thing might be a deal breaker for me.

      • Llewyn says:

        The good news is they’ve already announced there will be an option to turn off the popups and notifications, though strangely not to hide the bluebird icon itself.

        • MeatMan says:

          [citation needed]

          Not because I don’t trust you, but because I’d like to read the specific details. I don’t want all notifications disabled – for example, I would like to be notified when a building in on fire – but I most certainly want to disable those Twitter-esque pop-ups.

          • Llewyn says:

            link to (which, to be fair, you could have googled for just as easily as I just did)

            By popups and notifications, I was only talking about the Twitterlike things, in response to your understandable dislike of them.

          • MeatMan says:

            Thanks for the link! Ideally the bird itself would also be hidden if you choose to disable that piece of “artistic integrity”, but I think I can accept this compromise.

          • Llewyn says:

            You’re welcome! And I agree entirely.

  2. Darth Gangrel says:

    Alice, if you want to Mariina’s and Karoliina’s gang, then you must add an “i” to your first name, i.e. Aliice. Otherwise they won’t accept you.If you still try to infiltrate their gang, they’ll Finnish you off.

    • deadfolk says:

      Wow – this thread is going to Helsinki handbasket already.

      • crazydane says:

        And you’re doing nothing to Sweden this situation

        • Premium User Badge

          Bluerps says:

          Yeah, there is Norway anything is going to get better soon.

          • MacTheGeek says:

            If any of you fine readers sees a way to improve things, Denmark it down and share it with the rest of us.

          • Nosada says:

            SCANDINAVIA …

            I suck at this.

          • Llewyn says:

            I was going to comment on your punning ability, but stopped before Icelander’d you.

  3. Lacero says:

    “I suppose we do post about Cities: Skylines [official site] a fair bit, but that’s partly because it’s a big chunk of (current) future hopes for a whole genre.”

    So if any devs are watching, just think how much free advertising RPS would give you if you made a city sim.

    Go, make a city sim. Make thousands of them. City Sims can be the new “roguelike elements”. Every RPG must have a traffic simulator to be taken seriously.

  4. airmikee says:

    For being a wash, my main XXL city of 7.5mil with 1.3bil in the bank and an income of 600k is doing pretty well, and it still has far less lag and fps drops than SC4 does with a city of only 1mil.

    • AngoraFish says:

      And, miracle or miracles, it only took four name changes from Cities Unlimited, costing $40 each, bundled with a FREE minor patch each time, for a game originally released in 2009 to turn into something that is now (kind-of) actually playable!

      When historians look back on this period in future years, Cities XL will be seen as the true originator of the “early access” movement.

      • airmikee says:

        $40 each? I paid $5 for XL2012 on sale, I got the discount on Platinum making it $6, and I got the discount on XXL making it $20, which somehow doesn’t even approach $40 for three games, let alone $40 each. Somehow I sincerely doubt you paid $40 for each game, given that FHI has heavily discounted each new release for owners of previous versions. Are you just parroting what you’ve heard, cause you’re certainly not basing your opinion on anything resembling a fact.

        • AngoraFish says:

          US$40 was the day-one retail price of each release. The fact that some people will have shopped around for a discount in order to reduce the amount by which Focus Home Interactive ripped them off is neither here nor there.

          In fact, some consumers have likely paid more, since Monte Christo were charging $9.25 a month for access to some of the game’s basic content for nine months or so after release.

          • airmikee says:

            Shopped around for a discount? Huh? It was a discount automatically applied by Steam before I even added the game to the shopping cart. Keep parroting what you’ve been told, don’t bother looking into things for yourself.

  5. Hunchback says:

    It’s quite great to see a lead game designer looking like that. So sick of old-school stereotypes of “work clothes” and shit like that…
    I once had people talking behind my back at work because i was wearing a tank-top during summer at work. Bah