Update Will Let You See Through The Eyes Of Your Guild Wars 2 Character

Camera POW

A Guild Wars 2 [official site] patch will introduce a first-person camera mode to the MMO on 10 March.

As far as I recall the only times you get a truly unimpeded view of the landscape is when you trigger the cinematic sequences associated with activating a vista point (I have a lot of screenshots from those vistas).

After the patch is released zooming in fully while playing will switch the camera to first-person view. It’s not intended as a special option for a particular scenario, just an alternative view. This is pleasing news to me and will necessitate my return to Tyria for the equivalent of a tourist trip. I will take a sandwich and explore some areas and take all the screenshots.

There are a number of other camera changes included in the update too. A field of view slider will let you alter how much of the game world you see on screen while position sliders let you tinker with the horizontal and vertical camera positioning so you can create custom over-the-shoulder perspectives.

Another tweak is that the camera will now focus on your character’s head by default. The reason this is interesting is that it sounds like it’s intended to bring out the height characteristics of the game’s races. A Norn (those nine-foot-tall hunters), for example, will feel taller to play than one of the Asura (the formerly-underground race with the sad ears). If you find that ballsing up your jumping puzzles you can toggle back to having the camera a fixed height from the ground instead.

ArenaNet will be having a livestreamed demo on Twitch of the features on 27 Feb (that’s Friday) at 8pm GMT if you’re curious about how it’ll work.


  1. Pich says:

    How’s Guild Wars 2 nowadays? i was interested in it but i heard a lot of criticism at launch, and recently i heard the the story is run by the plant people.

    • Neurotic says:

      The plant people story was a bit weak in places, but we’re on to new things now which are much more exciting. And at this point (indeed, for a very long time now), I think the worst criticism is that there was no first-person camera view…

    • Xerophyte says:

      I’ll confess that I don’t play it much but far as I can tell nothing fundamental has changed. It’s pretty much the same game it was at launch, just with more stuff in it.

      Whether or not that’s a good thing depends on whether or not you liked what the game was at launch, I suppose. I thought it was OK but very repetitive even by MMO standards, other people very much enjoyed it, still other people truly hated it. In a sentence I’d say the graphical design is good to great, the plot is mostly harmless and the gameplay is a divisive semi-action take on the typical press-buttons-kill-things stuff of the genre.

      Try checking it out when they run a free trial week and see if you like it I guess.

    • Merus says:

      It’s cleaned up a lot – PvP actually has life, PvE’s not quite so dependent on exploration and there’s more to do at max level. The upcoming expansion will clean up even more.

      Turns out there was a reason there was so much focus on the plant people – there was something fairly important about them that needed to be brought up.

    • Gibs says:

      “How’s Guild Wars 2 nowadays?”
      Felt laggier than at release. At least on Seafarer’s Rest EU. Made a new thief to experience the game again some 2/3 weeks ago, but just couldnt continue anymore after the first few levels. Not sure if it’s the server or the animations or both, but didnt feel right. And I am a fan of GW1, so I really wanted to like GW2. Oh well, played enough hours at release I guess.

    • Caiman says:

      Played a ton of this shortly after lunch, had enormous fun both in PvE and also WvW (I steered clear of the PvP stuff, not my bag). I’ve recently got back into it, and it’s as enjoyable as ever. I find its combat is far more interesting than WoW, requiring a lot more interaction from the player than simply pressing 1, 2, 4, 2 etc. It’s more like an ARPG in that respect. But what really makes it is the way the game is designed to reward you for playing nice with other players, helping them out nets you xp, resurrecting them nets you xp, and you never compete for loot. Easily the most enjoyable MMO I’ve played. I wasn’t much of a fan of the plant people though, way too hippy dippy for my liking. The Asura and Charr are more my speed.

  2. hemmer says:

    In fact you could have an unimpeded view by using the /sleep emote, which was kind of a weird workaround.
    Curious what else this patch will bring with it, currently playing the game after a one year absence and many annoyance I had then have been fixed, very pleased so far.

    • Wedge says:

      Hahaha, yeah I remember using that as the best way to grab screenshots. Of course it always worked better with the smaller races and you were still sort of limited in your angles, though sometimes you could get creative with that too.

  3. liquidsoap89 says:

    Is it WoW first person, or ESO first person?

  4. Didden says:

    I was quite excited about this one, believed all that hype, even managed to drag myself painfully through Guild Wars 1 for some of the goodies. But the game felt utterly terrible – never understood why people liked it so much.

    The two things that killed it for me, were the fact that all regions were beautiful crafted, but strangely, just square blocks on the map! – not exactly immersive world building beauty at work there, which is a shame given the work that had gone into the interiors.

    That and the fact the world events were just utterly terrible lag fests. Been there and got the T-Shirt with the WoW world events. I’ve got better things to play and do that die repeatedly to something that killed me five minutes ago already.

    • Chalky says:

      Lag is something you get in any new game. Performance is much better now and the new silverwastes zone has the best world events so far. With no subscription, I’d totally suggest checking out how it’s changed since you played.

      As for square zones… well they’re still square. Sorry. The new expansion is apparently going to add vertical exploration to the world though! So I guess zones will be cubes! I’m not sure if this improves things for you :D

  5. Wedge says:

    Hmmm, now if only they would ever add official controller support. Played great with the ridiculous convoluted AHK+XPadder script setup I found, but was still fiddly and could’ve been so much better if it just worked natively. Not that I’ve played the game in a couple years anyway, so whatevers.

  6. sejma says:

    Popular MMO game Guild Wars 2 going to add first person mode in game
    See world of Tyria in FP mode link to goo.gl

  7. aliksy says:

    I enjoy it now and again. The new zones are fun, especially the silverwastes. I think they’ve gotten much better at designing areas to prevent it from turning into one big zerg ball. The silverwastes have four forts to defend so the players get split up, and then the boss is split into 3 sections. It’s a little bit contrived, but it does a good job of solving the “too many players in one place’ problem.

    Also I started playing a lot more pvp now. You can get pve skins and gear from it now, so it feels slightly more rewarding. On some idealogical level I don’t like the whole random loot thing, but it’s a nice consolation prize after losing a match, or a perk after winning.