A Glimpse Of Our Cyberfuture In Neon Struct Trailer

Hands up: who wants to be a secret cyberagent on the lam in the garish and cruel future? You’ll note that you can’t raise your hand, as while you were all distracted by that screenshot, I snuck around breaking your arms. And that, MI6, is why you should defs hire me once you get into the cyberagent game. It’s also why I’m quite keen to play Neon Struct [official site].

Minor Key Games, the teensy team team behind Alec-pleasing Lovecraft ’em up Eldritch, have dropped a new trailer to reveal a May 20th release date. It’s well data, yeah?

Neon Struct is a first-person stealth thriller set in that ever-grim dystopian future. There, the government are hunting for former spy Jillian Cleary after she was framed for treason, and she’s out to clear her name and unravel conspiracies and treachery and all that. Naturally, this will involve an awful lot of sneaking. Have a look:

I’ve seen grumbling about its look before, but I think Minor Key do well with the resources they have and form an attractive and coherent style within those limitations. Given the choice between having a first-person 3D stealth game from them or not, pssh, that’s a no-brainer.

Neon Struct is coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux. Its development blog is good reading too.


  1. Ross Angus says:

    This looks amazing. I love the low-poly style. I can’t wait to play as Julian Clary Jillian Cleary.

    • Artist says:

      You call THAT “looking amazing”??? Ok. Some people lack standards. Take the uplifting song from the trailer away and theres not much left.

      • Villephox says:

        I think there’s plenty left. And I watched it muted, just to be sure. The setting is intriguing, the developers are solid, and I, too, love the low-poly style. I think it’s smooth and could work well for the game, just as the style for Eldrich did. Sure, it’s still early, but I think there’s promise.

      • Ross Angus says:

        I think the aesthetic is quite carefully chosen. On a recent episode of the 20 Sided Dice podcast, Shamus Young was discussing the aesthetics of the low-poly style. It was really interesting. Long story short: low poly is hard to do, and there’s not so much of an economic reason to choose it.

        For me it’s appeal is unquestioningly nostalgic, but when paired with modern lighting, it becomes something greater, somehow.

      • hollowroom says:

        Interesting how peoples opinions differ: I thought the game looked good, but had to turn down the awful music. Bad synths, terrible voices. 18 tracks of that would be a nightmare.

  2. Monggerel says:

    Ah. Treason. That one’s always difficult to clear up. How do you explain to the government that in fact they’re the ones who treasoned CHIMself? So much confusion. So little time.

  3. pixl_man says:

    Amazing song. I just hope the AI is good :D

  4. stinkytaco says:

    Cool, another programmer who thinks they have artistic talent by making stuff look like total shit.

    I bet he spent a whole 20 minuets learning how to model.

    ProTip : If you do not know how to make Art, go and take a few tutorials. STOP pawning off this shitware as art.

    • caff says:

      Eldritch was a great game (try reading the previous threads about it here).

      I have high hopes for this title.

      Or would you prefer something beautiful but dumb?

      • Catweasel says:

        I was really unimpressed by Eldritch personally. It was trivially easy to run through at a screaming pace with no need to be sneaky, but if I chose to be it got even easier. The graphics looked good enough, but I’d be kidding myself if I said they weren’t heavily cribbing Minecraft for a lot of the textures and environment stuff, and the monster noises were too silly to make any tension (especially the one monsters that like to yell “Blooh!” in the distance, those had me giggling). It didn’t take me very long to beat it and I didn’t feel like there was anything to gain from playing more, since it was so easy. I wanted a more challenging, roguelike experience and I just didn’t find it there. I wouldn’t call it beautiful but dumb, but it felt extremely shallow.

    • Villephox says:

      Why so angry? Personally, I like how this game is looking, but even so, it doesn’t need to look super perfect to be a good game. All that matters is that the particular style matches the tone, in my opinion, for it to count. And even if it didn’t, there are a million other factors that could make this game (and plenty of other “ugly” games) qualify as a really good game. I can understand that not everyone would like how this looks, but I don’t understand the need to put down the programmer over it.

    • Jakkar says:

      I recommend you try to address whatever is actually frustrating you rather than indirectly hurling ill-conceived insults into the void of a comment thread. Aesthetics are subjective. Assumptions about the developer’s intentions or abilities are purposeless.

  5. Joe W-A says:

    I have played this, it is excellent. If you like Thief or Deus Ex you will probably like this!