Jetpack Squad Is A New Shooter From Intrusion 2 Dev

Intrusion 2 [official site] is one of the best games. It’s a 2D side-scrolling shooter with physics-driven animation and a commitment to expansively silly action. So, for example, one of its bosses is a helicopter with arms. It punches at you then pumps its fist when it wins. When you destroy its helicopter blades, it uses its arms to drag itself towards you along the ground. And when you destroy the rest of it, you go sliding down a mountain by using its remains as a snowboard. Then you get given a mech suit with a sword and shotgun.

Now its designer is making a new game called Jetpack Squad [official site] and the GIFs of its in-development form are enough to suggest it’s even more physicsy, expansive and silly. There are six of those GIFs below.

Who even needs words to explain to appeal of this.

Look at the way the robot legs scamper away when its head has been destroyed.

The new game is being designed and programmed by Intrusion 2’s Alexey Abramenko, but with art from Aleks Nikonov. They’re using the Unity engine, so it should be a little smoother than Intrusion 2 and a Windows, Mac and Linux release is planned.

The game is called Jetpack Squad because you have a jetpack, and because you control a squad of characters with different abilities. Those characters are swapped in and out automatically in the midst of the action when you execute different kinds of attack. It’s subject to change, but the concept is that “you need to choose 3 characters before the level starts, each with their attack/weapon and passive effects, and you can collect new characters along the way.”

Also I guess it has a kind of robot scorpion bus.

And swarms of things.

No word of a release date yet, but the team will be at GDC. I will track them down.


  1. HuvaaKoodia says:

    Looks slick! Good use of the Unity engine, in other words it hides the fact well.

    I never got very far in the version of Intrusion I played way back when. The floatiness off the controls threw me off I seem to recall. Hopefully that’ll be adressed here.

    • solidsquid says:

      Looks like they’ve solved the disconnect caused by floaty controls by making the player float

  2. Robstafarian says:

    The Linux version will make my summer so much better, since I will finally return to it (following a September 2013 hard drive failure and many months of IQ reducing fatigue) once Windows 7 support ends. Also, my unconscious mind wrote this upon seeing the lovely gifs.

    Oh my goodness,
    Oh my damn,
    Oh my goodness,
    They’re going blam.

    This is how gaming is supposed to be,
    The sprites, they move so perfectly.

  3. RARARA says:

    Intrusion 2 had ridiculously good boss designs. Looking forward to this!

    • Jakkar says:

      Which is.. quite amazing, really. A videogame in this era about which people say “OMG THE BOSS BATTLES ARE AMAZING!”, rather than “OH GOD, WHY, WHY DID THEY DO THAT, WHY ARE THEY MAKING ME DO THAT”.


    • LionsPhil says:

      Very yes. All the yes. Intrusion 2 was an amazing escalation of physics glory, and I am very much looking forward to this.

      Also you could ride a wolf. It bit people in the face. 10/10

  4. draven says:

    Wow, that looks amazing… I just hope they do *NOT* release it on Linux before I finish my PhD, otherwise I’m doooooomed…

  5. Viroso says:

    BTW, Noitu Love 2 is super awesome for people who are into this sort of stuff. I swear it was like playing Gunstar Heroes for the first time.

    It’s short but there are a lot of characters that play totally different, making multiple playthroughs worth it.

  6. Razumen says:

    Wow, this looks great! I loved Intrusion 2, even though it was done in Java which isn’t the best for games, they did a superb job with it. Glad to see they switched over to Unity though, should make this even better.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Really? I thought it was Flash.

      • Razumen says:

        Yeah it may be flash instead, it was really impressive when I saw it, never thought a game like that could be dome with that language.

  7. The_invalid says:

    Those graphics! *drools*

  8. Gabe McGrath says:

    “Look at the way the robot legs scamper away when its head has been destroyed.”

    @Graham – Plus the fact that you steal the head to shoot the legs.

    Frankly it all looks amazing.

    Oh, and in that first GIF are those flying fists a tribute to the ones in Psycho-Nics Oscar?
    (Fire up MAME if you’ve never experienced this wonderful 1987 sidescroller)
    Or perhaps the mighty fist in Turrican on the C64/Amiga?

  9. Truemas says:

    I am really excited for this one after i have been really amazed by Intrusion 2 which i played countless of times. The physics, the weapons and the great boss design made it a pleasure to beat it time and time again. Oh , and the rocking Soundtrack =)