Life Is Strange Episode Two “On Track”

Square Enix have issued a statement to reassure players of episodic mystery Life Is Strange that development of the second installment is on track. The statement (as well as a piece of concept art) followed reports that episode 2 would be delayed.

The game – a teen story with a time-rewind element – divides up into five episodes, the first of which was Chrysalis [you can catch up with our review here], released on 30 January. The developers, DONTNOD, had stated they were hoping to stick to a release schedule of an episode every six weeks.

As per an AMA on the games subreddit producer Luc Baghadoust originally stated:

“The 6 weeks between each episode is a target we’d like to achieve. Our objective was to offer the players a stable release schedule, to avoid unknown or excessively long waiting time between each episode.”

With reports that the schedule had slipped we got in touch with the game’s publishers, Square Enix, who sent us the following statement:

“We’ve been asked to clear up the question of when Episode 2 will be released since there have been rumours of a delay. We would like to assure everyone that development is on track and we’re looking to release it before the end of March.”

I have no idea if the concept art showing Chloe and Max literally on tracks is a joke but I’m taking it as PR lols.

If you wanted to be picky, looking at the wording and a calendar while holding a magnifying glass (because DEDUCTION) that could mean technically having seven or eight weeks between the two episodes if the date falls towards the tail end of the month. But then it could also mean six weeks on the dot OR that six weeks was a ballpark figure DONTNOD didn’t anticipate being called on.

Consider yourself informed.


  1. Penguin_Factory says:

    To be fair they did say “it’s a target we’d like to achieve” rather than “every episode will definitely release six weeks apart”.

    I’m just glad it seems like the delay won’t be too long, I can’t wait to get the next episode.

    (yes, I’m aware an incomplete version leaked, I haven’t played it)

  2. phelix says:

    That header image is ridiculous, it derailed the point of the article for me.

  3. emptyskin says:

    Alan Wake is the only game to do the episodic layout correctly. They released it all at once and it played out in episodes. Capcom’s episodic release schedule for Revelations 2 is better than the monthly, bimonthly, ‘when we feel like it’ approach of everyone else. I want to play Life is Strange, as well as the new Telltale ludonarratives, but the episodic release fad is bunk. But I’d also prefer to binge watch TV seasons and read comics in volumes instead of wait out the whole production cycle.

    • Frosty Grin says:

      I like that Life Is Strange is episodic specifically because it has decisions with long-term consequences. This way your Episode 1 decisions are going to be set in stone when you start playing Episode 2.

      • emptyskin says:

        Um, I don’t think it would make a difference if they released all of the episodes all at once.

        • kaisergav says:

          Perhaps just in terms of the psychology of feeling like the effects of your decisions may not fully be understood for weeks? I guess that could help you feel more involved in the story.
          I guess it’s similar to how I find the Netflix model of bingeing on story-heavy TV shows to be ultimately unfulfilling in a way, like how having to wait a week between episodes actually let the plot sink into your subconscience(ness..? I don’t even…)

  4. ThinkMcFlyThink says:

    That header image looks like it is located on the train tracks of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

  5. Rae says:

    Looks promising. I thought ep. 1 was fun even if the characterization was heavy-handed but still a lot of potential here.

  6. montorsi says:

    Cool, can’t wait. I liked the first episode quite a lot, silly bits of dialogue (here and there) and all.