A New Perspective: Trine 3 – The Artifacts Of Power

When I’m playing the Trine [official site] games I feel like I’m shuffling around inside beautiful fantasy concept art. It’s a little known fact that Louis Armstrong’s recording of What A Wonderful World was performed after an all-night cooperative Trine binge and the inspiration is clear (the final verse, however, was a joke about The Sims’ squalling infants). I’ve often wondered how it would feel to step inside the beautiful artwork rather than dashing across it from left to right, and the freshly announced Trine 3 has the answer. Indulge your eyes by watching the trailer below.

Details are thin on the ground but Frozen Byte confirm that, viewpoint manipulation aside, it’ll be business as usual for the trio of heroes.

“The Three Heroes embark on a new adventure through an enchanting fairytale world full of wonders, puzzles, dangerous foes and strange magic.”

I adored the previous games, even when I found wizardly block-bothering trickier than I probably should have done, so I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for fresh information now that the initial announcement has been made.


  1. Eiv says:

    Trine series really is one of the prettiest games on PC. This looks like a good mix of the old style with new. Looking like another must buy for me.

  2. eruvalar says:

    Looks amazing. And when the knight used his shield as a parachute, it really cracked me up.

    • Urthman says:

      Yeah, that’s not exactly what I was thinking of when I’ve said Trine would be cool if the character switching worked more like Lost Vikings, but I like it.

  3. slerbal says:

    I will almost certainly be getting this when released. Not only where the first two great fun – especially in co-op – but their ongoing support for the games has been fantastic and really exemplary.

  4. Faxanadu says:

    Was the first available to play with 1 player on Controller and 1 on Keyboard+Mouse?

    Does anyone remember the minecraft look-alike adventure game? I wonder if that was co-op.

    • MacPoedel says:

      Yes Trine supports local co-op, with mouse/keyboard and a controller.

  5. Steed says:

    Absolutely love the Trine series. Very enjoyable in co-op and they look beautiful, such a vibrant and charming art style. Not sure about the 2.75D style shown in the video, but the upgraded visuals and animations look very swish.

    The devs themselves are also great, willing to have a little chat with customers.

  6. alms says:

    Whoa, last interview I’ve read they were saying their next game wouldn’t been another Trine, but I’m really not complaining there.

    • Jalan says:

      It’s the series that’s likely made them the most money, it shouldn’t be surprising that they’d go back for more.

  7. liquidsoap89 says:


  8. jrodman says:

    I’m a little doubtful of 3d physics puzzles working even halfway as neatly.

  9. Fenix says:

    I really dig the music!