SUPERHOT Super-Alpha Super-Footage Is … Alright

My face :(

What’s left to be said about the stylish and genius SUPERHOT [official site] beyond “is it out yet?” and “when is it out?” The prototype, coming out of the 7DFPS 2013 gamejam, captured everyone’s attention with a mix of minimalist style and time manipulation. If you’ve somehow not played it, go do so right now (if it works for you, as the RPS hivemind can’t get it to load).

SUPERHOT’s been flung back into the spotlight as the first alpha version was sent out to $200+ backers of the highly successful Kickstarter on February 28th. One young killtrepreneur has posted up eleven minutes of footage from the game’s new endless mode, fighting off waves of neon bad guys. Check it out below.

Hrm. The greatness of SUPERHOT’s ideas isn’t in doubt – the prototype proved it worked and left us begging for more – but whether a horde mode is the best use of it is another matter. The corner-camping seen in the first part of the video is inevitable given how lethal enemies not in your cone of vision can be, but is it fun? The new weapons don’t fill me with confidence either, -part of the original charm being the precision and tactical thinking required when using a low clipsize pistol.

On the other hand, these things used in the context of a longer version of the prototype’s narrative-light ‘story’ mode would be excellent. More powerful guns provided sparingly and with reason beyond killing another wave of baddies. As a supplement to that, the horde mode could be quite enjoyable. It will help to alleviate the strain of trying to stretch one mechanic across an eight hour campaign. It’s also worth noting this isn’t a refined, custom-made trailer, just a fan-made clip of someone playing the game in its current (alpha) state.

The latest progress update on the Kickstarter links to Killstagram, a custom site set up to share gifs created by the game after each life. They’re not currently very high quality, but it’s a cool idea. The same update also mentions that the devs are currently eight weeks behind schedule, delaying the more widespread beta release into Spring and the full release into at least August.


  1. ErraticGamer says:

    I think that looks pretty excellent, honestly. I agree that endless waves of it might get tiring, but I can still see it being a fun challenge to throw myself up against occasionally, and yeah, in the context of a crafted level based experience I think it would be… well, you know. Exceptionally high in temperature.

    Kinda bummed I didn’t back it to get the alpha, looking forward to when we all get to play it.

    • Liandri_Angel says:

      I’m looking at their preorder page and the options are still up…

  2. Penguin_Factory says:

    That bit where he throws the empty shotgun at the guy then grabs his gun and shoots him with it… *drool*

  3. morbiusnl says:

    can someone please explain what the appeal of this is? I just see someone shooting in a sort of slomo mode. cant see this be entertaining for more then 5 minutes.

    • grundus says:

      Well that’s kind of the point, it looks dull. The actual game isn’t quite the same, though, the prototype (Google it) was quite fun and I hope the actual game is too. This looks boring but it’s alpha gameplay so a lot will change.

    • Liandri_Angel says:

      The slowmo turns on whenever you move. What sounds like a mindless shooter gets a bit more depth in determining who to take out first, where to move, how to get there, and, of course, shooting them in the face.

  4. Astrosaur says:

    I reeeeeeeally want that pistol model to be replaced. It has such a muddy and generic shape. I hate it. I need a badass pistol if I’m going to be doing some badass slow motion stunts.

  5. El_Emmental says:

    I’m not too hyped about a “horde” mode too, the whole slow-mo game mechanic is better suited for storming a room, corridor, building – for handling an ambush when we walk into a trap – basically bringing the Max Payne slow-mo to a whole new level.

    Meanwhile, the gunplay seems a bit… generic. I hope they’ll get around to make it more exciting. Same with the animation: guns needs to react, light up, heat up and reload the chamber in a visible way.

    And finally, the slow-mo game mechanic showed in that footage isn’t really what might make the game unique: what we’re seeing is “use slow-mo when firing to compensate slower reflexes” like we already had in the FEAR series, it’s not the “turn time into a finite value that can be traded for movement, shooting, evasive action, throwing” concept that is the whole point of the project (unless I’m mistaken).

    Like, getting caught in an ambush, the player has to decide which “path” (mentally planned ahead) s/he will follow to achieve a satisfying result, by prioritizing, scheduling, predicting everything – a design where every millisecond matters, every decision “cost” time – and the hectic action (multiples enemies, multiple bullets/pellets, scenery parts being destroyed and flying, etc) prevents the player from fully controlling the environment, providing a challenging experience.

    Adding enemies with bouncing projectiles, ricochets, reflective surfaces (used by the AIs), various muzzle velocity (including slow ones like arrows), timed shields (for both the AIs and player) and the infamous “shooting the opponent’s bullet midair” (if possible) would keep it interesting for several hours.

    I really hope the Story mode will focus on that kind of design approach and no just settle with the “slow-mo including bullets”, otherwise the game’s gonna be a one-trick-pony with no depth or replayability – a minimalist indie FEAR, but without the satisfying gunplay, atmosphere and level design.

    • KevinLew says:

      This game is nothing like F.E.A.R. or Max Payne. The idea is that all enemies (and yourself) are killed in one bullet, and all the weapons can only be fired about four times at most before they run out. There’s no reload mechanic and there’s also no way to determine how many bullets (which is randomized) are left in any weapon that you pick up. It forces the player to get in close and take out enemies with melee (which is an instant kill also), or bullet-dodging to grab a gun laying on the ground. The game shares more in common with Hotline Miami if anything.

    • Liandri_Angel says:

      The prototype (which is playable) has all that and more.

  6. liquidsoap89 says:

    Hot DAMN this game’s got style!