EA Offers Up Battlefield Hardline Premium Details

I don't think Roy Walker hosts Catchphrase anymore

Is a trailer really a trailer when it’s actually just different bits of a still image of a man with some particle effects? I’d say that was closer to those bonus Catchphrase rounds where they gradually reveal the image for contestants to guess until one of them says “Uh, is is Battlefield Hardline Premium?” and Roy Walker shouts “RIIIIIIGHT!” even though it’s not a catchphrase.

Battlefield Hardline Premium is a one-off fee £39.99/$50 membership program which grants extras to the main Battlefield Hardline game [you can read Brendy’s hands-on with it here]. These include access to Hardline expansions for two weeks before regular players, a Gun Bench for personalising weaponry, access to Premium-only tournaments and competitive ladders, masks which bring “unique gameplay benefits” according to the mask’s theme, and a thing called Legendary Status which “provides replayability of the entire progression system”.

EA also list out:

  • 12 Gold Battlepacks (a phrase which is now stuck in my head to the tune of the Twelve Days Of Christmas)
  • New personalization options including gun camos, ammo skins, and more Battlefield Hardline Premium exclusive in-game items
  • Access to double-XP, in-game missions, and more Battlefield Hardline Premium exclusive events
  • Priority position in server queues
  • As someone whose main FPS experience nowadays comes from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive it seems weird to me that you would push customisation and competition behind a paywall. I’m also concerned about that server queue prioritisation idea and how you would make that a noticeable benefit of Premium – will regular queuing have to be a bit rubbish and slow?


    1. Cross says:

      So pretty much the same extortion that Premium was in BF4. If you want to play at all when the new DLC comes out and all the servers are playing the new maps, you need this. And yes, the queue prioritisation is rubbish, because it may well mean you cannot EVER enter a popular server.

    2. Beelzebud says:

      After the awful launch of BF4, I have no desire to buy this until it’s on sale, if that.

    3. TwwIX says:

      Saw Premium for BF4 recently on sale. So, i gave the game another try and to see what has improved. I am going to miss those $16. I don’t know why the fuck i even bothered with BF4 after my disappointment with BF3. It’s the same instant gratifying and cluster fucky gameplay that games like Call of Duty popularized which this franchise continues to embrace. Tried the Hardline beta. I wish i had my bandwidth back. They’re selling a reskinned BF4 with the same clusterfucky gameplay regardless of the new setting and concept. I expect them to do the same shit with the new Battlefront game. “But… but.. they’re not even the same studio!” Tell that to EA.

    4. montorsi says:

      ^ doesn’t like Battlefield anymore and that’s okay. Both games are decent, though I somewhat prefer Hardline’s emphasis on objective play in Heist maps over what you typically get in BF4.

    5. LennyLeonardo says:


    6. Dale Winton says:

      This really should have been a mod but instead ea can make millions of dollars

    7. Arithon says:

      Here lies the BattleField franchise.

      Dumbed down for mass-appeal, divorced from modders and players by DLC paywalls, then slain by greed.

    8. Radiant says:

      wooow they really just photoshopped an ethnically ambiguous face onto that cop?
      I guess that’s that base covered then.

    9. Synesthesia says:

      Fuck these business model, it’s utterly depressing that it actually works. What the fuck people.

    10. typographie says:

      This is presumably the same server queue prioritization that already exists in Battlefield 4 Premium. I see “PREMIUM PRIORITIZED” appear in text form anytime I try to join a full server, but I doubt I could measure a difference. And frankly I have no trouble using the filters to find servers with 1-5 open slots, anyway. It’s a pointless bullet point.

      • Fatbubba says:

        BF3 also had the priority in the premium pack and it was one of the reasons I never got BF4 because I was fed up with those kind of antics (on top of bf4 being released to quickly after bf3 and being Battlefieldishly tired). Mind you I did buy premium at some point for 3 because I was having a lot of fun with the game and some buddies and was looking forward to the dlc’s, but that server priority thing always left a sour aftertaste.

    11. wengart says:

      I bought premium for BF3 and played BF4 until Premium was released. After that I drifted back to Red Orchestra 2, Planetside 2, and Arma 3 for my FPS needs.

      To an extent I do not mind paying for more content, if I enjoy a game I’m usually happy to throw more cash at them. However, the way DICE/EA doles out the expansions. As 3-4 packs of 4 maps that must be purchased entirely through premium or individually. Means that the community is divided into a multitude of distinct groups, and therefore servers don’t exist which play every map available.

      Generally speaking each server will be the vanilla maps + one of the expansions. Which pissed me off as a BF3 Premium owner. I purchased all the content, but to use all the content I need to go to 5 different servers.

    12. Heliocentric says:

      Played the beta, hot wire is a brilliant game type, I’ll never buy a Battlefield ever again though. The very fact you can’t launch a private server(optionally lan/offline) and screw around in the vehicles is an insult I cannot abide.

      The business model of complete server control means the games will steadily become coasters as their rates of sale peel off.

      The grind and pricing model is a small problem in comparison.

    13. MythArcana says:

      Wait. Is that The Rock in the picture? I guess the Doom movie gave inspiration for that.