!!!!!: Metal Gear Solid V Out September 1st

Metal Gear Solid V’s release date is so important that there’s been a countdown and everything. TICK TOCK, it went. TICK TOCK. And then, moments ago, a cuckoo popped out screaming “SEPTEMBER 1ST, SEPTEMBER 1ST” before the timer had hit zero. Oops.

The countdown continues.

Neogaf user DNAbro has posted a seemingly authentic video file that lists the release date as September 1st. There’s probably more information in the video but I won’t embed it here because a) it’s in Italian b) it’ll probably vanish in the next few minutes.

Ground Zeroes, a demo/prologue to The Phantom Pain, delighted Rich a couple of months ago. I’ve never been a huge fan of the series – due to lack of attention as much as lack of interest – but I’m excited to see all of the elaborate weirdness and proper stealth on PC.


  1. vorador says:

    Well, at long it doesn’t get too crazy it should be fun.

    Oh who i am kidding. It will get batshit insane. But the good parts are really good so this series is one of my guilty pleasures.

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      It’s the insanity that keeps me coming back to MGS. There might not be “plenty” of good stealth games, but there ARE others. There’s only one series with quite this brand of crazy.

  2. Shadow says:

    Let’s hope that September 1st is valid for PC as well…

    • Junkenstein says:

      I highly doubt it.

      • ZIGS says:

        I’m sure it’ll come out on PC on September 1st as well… of 2016

    • Weedus says:

      I remember hearing that the PC version is going to be released alongside the console versions. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Grobmotoriker says:

      Its supposed to come out 2 weeks later. 15th of September

  3. mnerec says:

    I bought the prologue but never got to play it because of the limitations in key mapping.

    I use the right side of the keyboard, and it would only allow binding of keys on the left side. Couldn’t get autohotkey to work with it either.

    Strange limitation, hope the fix it for the full game.

  4. stinkytaco says:

    I got tricked into buying the pre-alpha “Gift” scam.

    Lat time I ever buy a japan product.

    Charged me full price for a single level.

    • phelix says:

      So you judge an entire country by one product?
      That might work for, say, copper from Chile, but to judge Japan you need to have seen the tentacles first.

      • teije says:

        That’s the only mindfully engaged way to be an active “prosumer”! I’ve boycotted China since I got a crappy yo-yo for my 8th birthday.

      • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

        Those tentacles are not for everyone though.

        Some people lost themselves, it wasn’t pretty…

  5. Monggerel says:

    This is good, isn’t it.
    *considers second half of sentence*
    Actually, I’m not sure. I have no doubt it’s gonna require a fucking shower afterwards. MGS has always been fucking awful in a lot of ways.

  6. DrManhatten says:

    Wow that’s a lot later than I thought it would be. 6 more months luckily there will be The Witcher 3 to fill the gap

  7. drygear says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been as excited about a game as I am about this one.
    When Ground Zeroes came out I revisited the series by watching the let’s plays by Chip Cheezum. A good way to experience them if you don’t want to take the time to play them: link to chipandironicus.com
    If you want to view them in the same order he did the LPs it would be MGS 3, MG 1&2, MGS2, MGS, MGS4, Peace Walker, then Revengeance. It’s actually not a bad order to experience the series, and then you start with MGS3 which is the best one.

  8. Cash at Folsom says:

    I am one of those that fell head-over-heels for Ground Zeroes [of course, I also got it on sale, so the price-per-hour was a little more reasonable]. The playable prologue actually pulled me back into the series, having first fell in love with the original Metal Gear Solid’s PC port. That game had the distinction of being the first I ever played on my first home-built PC, assembled lovingly in my parents’ living room with fellow nerds. Since, I’d grown distant from the various gears metallic, due in part I suppose to not owning a Sony console for a good while.

    I am sooo excited to be back. I’m currently plugging through the back catalog, even the deep cuts [I’d forgotten just how GOOD the Game Boy Color MGS was, considering the limitations of the system].

    And while that September timeline is a bit far off for my hopes, I will wait with bated breath. If I had to name one thing, I am most eager to .

    • Cash at Folsom says:

      Strange, link didn’t work.

      The answer was–obviously–“airlift orphaned wolf cubs back to my sea base.”