Night In The Woods Likely Delayed Til 2016

“Sad news from other people at GDC” time: Eurogamer are reporting that Night In The Woods [official site] is probably going to be a 2016 release rather than a game to be played this current sun-cycle.

Night In The Woods is a game I became interested in having played Lost Constellation over Christmas. NITW focuses on Mae, a cat who drops out of college and returns home. It’s about that period of change where you’ve outgrown home but not quite found your next thing yet.

Lost Constellation was a different thing – a supplemental fairystory set in the same universe – but with a wonderful sense of place and a bite in the telling which kept it from cloying twee-ness.

As per their official information page the team had been aiming for a 2015 release but, according to Eurogamer Scott Benson, one of the developers, now thinks 2016 is far more likely.

In the meantime, if you haven’t played Lost Constellation I suggest you give it a whirl, especially if you’re looking for a quirky, spooky fairytale to play while the evenings still have a chill to them. (It’s pay-what-you-fancy over on


  1. Lars Westergren says:

    They can take their time. Judging by Lost Constellation this looks like it’s going to be a spectacular game, I’d rather have that a bit later than something rushed early.

    • rexx.sabotage says:

      Exactly, and it’s not like we’ll be suffering from a dearth of new releases between now and then. If you got the money and talent to get it done right then, by all mean, take the time as well.

    • Niko says:

      Same here. I can wait however long it takes (and looking at the rate of backer updates, they are hard at work).

  2. gambl0r says:

    From the NITW Kickstarter Backer email:

    “So, quick thing- at our GDC presentation I mentioned that early 2016 is a distinct possibility for NITW being out. We’ve said this in interviews and in updates here over the past months, and we explicitly did in the public one-year update last October so everyone could see it. “2015-ish” or soon after has been our line because we wanted to keep a bit of wiggle room and not start laying down specific release dates only to blow past them.”

    “[W]e haven’t announced a specific release date yet. Not getting any more specific yet than we’re being in this post. If NITW development ends up going long it’ll be by like 4 months or something, not years.”

    I can’t wait to play it, but would love for it to be as polished as possible when it’s released.

    • ShadowNate says:

      Thanks for posting this. The backers e-mail explains that this was just mentioned as a possibility but it is by no means an official thing. I am going to go ahead and treat this article as non-news then, as we already knew that there was no official date announced to backers or the press.
      Their current aim remains 2015-ish and backers will be (according to today’s kickstarter update anyway) the first to know directly from the developers of any official delays and release date announcements.

  3. Philomelle says:

    Given that we backers have given Holowka and Benson four times more than they actually asked for, and combined with Holowka’s past history for releasing meticulously polished games, I think I can wait an extra six months to play this.