Freeware Garden: SEAQUEST海探1992

It’s the jaggy, shaded, colourfully filled polygons that make SEAQUEST1992 look like an obscure Japanese oddity for the N64, and in practice it feels like the Sonic/Nights Into Dreams crossover the Saturn never got. Add in a touch of traditional trinket collecting and Ecco’s underwater adventuring and you should have a pretty solid idea of what this beautifully weird free game is all about.

Well, roughly, at least. This is a game created for the Jam For Leelah, and as such it’s also telling a tale of hardship, boundaries and change. On the surface it might be about precision-swimming and collecting triangles, and filled with oceanic sights and mythological elements, but look deeper and you’ll discover a poetic tale of allegorical value.

Even the occasional moment of frustration and a nigh-on impossible shark chase feel absolutely appropriate. An integral part of the experience I’d dare say, though that’s up to you to decide after you play SEAQUEST1992.

Thankfully it looks lovely, and is accompanied by a wonderful, rich soundtrack to match. Jazz, electronic and a touch of pop will play throughout your journey, and work with the excellent ambient sounds and suitable sound effects to create an excellent soundscape.

Yes, this a dreamy aquatic trip through a fantastical, mythologically-inspired ocean. A meaningful, visually stunning and very demanding journey.


  1. Shazbut says:

    Thanks very much. Just wanted to say I appreciate these columns and I hope you don’t get disheartened from not getting many comments. I’m often trying out your suggestions.

    This one isn’t working for me for some reason. The music starts but the screen is black.

    • kleptonin says:

      Looks like their VHS Mode effect makes everything black. Try toggling it off with F2, seemed to work for me.

    • Ross Angus says:

      Good point, Shazbut: I like this column. I rarely leave a comment because I’m unable to try out the games when I read it.

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    Oakreef says:

    This looks really cool. I download lots of games from this column but often end up not getting around to trying them out. Maybe I should make more of an effort

  3. Urthman says:

    Freeware Garden is a great column and I want to check out this game. (And thanks to Shazbut for the reminder that I ought to say so.)

  4. theapeofnaples says:

    I also concur to the quality of the column.

    Keep it up! (please)

  5. Konstantinos Dimopoulos says:

    Hey, thank you so much for the kind words everyone! They are deeply, deeply I tell you, appreciated :)


  6. jimjamjimjam says:

    This game was very pleasant if a little wonky in its controls and clipping. Definite Ecco the Dolphin vibes.

    That is until you get to the shark chase. I haven’t rage quit like that since Battletoads.

  7. MrUnimport says:

    I am really, really angry about this shark. I have no intention of sitting down for an hour and running this obstacle course over and over until I have it down to an IWTBTG-like science. It has totally surpassed my pain threshold for a freeware vaporwave game about atypical gender identity or whatever the blue/green thing is supposed to symbolize.