Hot Cakes: Dirty Bomb Weekend Beta Key Giveaway

Edit: That was quick. All keys have been claimed, I’m afraid. Enjoy if you managed to grab one!

Fancy an early jaunt in an upcoming game? This weekend, the folks at Splash Damage are performing a stress test of their multiplayer FPS game, Dirty Bomb [official site] and we have a pile of keys to hand out to our readers. All you need to do to snag one is pop your email in the box below. The giveaway is first-come, first-served and the key is distributed via They won’t use your email address for anything other than dispensing the key.

The stress test has already started and runs through to Monday. Go go go!

Dirty Bomb is a game about That There London. But don’t worry, you don’t have to go there to play. In fact, in the game’s 2020 setting, it’s not the sort of place anone would want to visit. “A mysterious disaster” has shattered the city and – because this is precisely what happens – Private Military Companies are now at war in the streets. They’re fighting over the capital’s abandoned riches, which include massively overpriced bedsits and a pile of corgis. Probably.

Splash Damage sent across this description of the game:

Developed by UK-based Splash Damage, Dirty Bomb is a competitive multiplayer online first-person shooter, and the first in a new generation of games published by Nexon America. Free-to-play, and more importantly, free-to-win, Dirty Bomb is a unique team-based game in which players will select from a diverse group of mercenaries, each with their own very different personalities, talents and weapons, to create specialized squads to take into the fray on a quest for riches and bragging rights.


  1. aeromorte says:

    Ill take it! With extra cheese.

  2. El_MUERkO says:


    • Crimsoneer says:

      hey, they finished Brink, just not in time for launch. They even released free DLC despite the fact it was obvious the game was dead.

    • tangoliber says:

      They were slow to patch Brink. “Finished” is relative, but they did make significant changes in patches. (However, I prefered the original gunplay that the game shipped with to the gunplay of the 2nd and 3rd major patches. I’m not a fan of changing the core feeling/identity of a game after release)

      They added a clan system about 8 months or so later…which very few people used.

      By that point it was obvious that nobody was coming back to the game, and there was no point in working on it further.

    • El_Emmental says:

      What this user said. Brink was never finished.

      Oh, they patched the fact nearly all ATI users couldn’t play the game at all (nb: I’m a nVidia user).

      They patched the masterserver constantly crashing.

      But they never patched the gunplay, always favoring the highest magazine capacity with the highest rate of fire (drum mags on tiny SMGs everywhere).

      But they never patched the maps (especially the choke points), despite constant reports and threads about it on the forums and in their inboxes.

      But they never patched the objective design (de-hacking should have been attributed to the Operative to prevent massive turtle camp by Engineers).

      But they never patched the class system design (players should have been able to switch characters without disconnecting – what’s the point of a class-based gameplay, if a player can’t efficiently use all available classes?).

      But they never patched unbalanced abilities and weapons (I know that – I would always pick the same loadout whenever I wanted to triple my kills).

      So I confirm Splash Damage have so far proved they were not capable of patching anything related to design:
      – gunplay? not fixed
      – level design? not fixed
      – objectives design? not fixed
      – class design? not fixed

  3. Wytefang says:

    You lost me at Splash Damage – they basically suck at making games, from what I’ve seen over the years. BUT that being said, it’s at least nice of them to offer free keys for their latest game, I suppose. Props for that.

    • Crimsoneer says:

      I’m sorry, what?

      • Petethegoat says:

        Given that their last notable effort was Brink, and their current effort is Dirty Bomb, I think you can forgive him for assuming they suck at making games.

        With Dirty Bomb it really feels like they ignored the problems with Brink and charged on regardless.

        • puffinmcpuffs says:

          Would phrase it differently: They took everything that was good about Brink, removed it and moved on with the rest. I really dont see this game going anywhere. Which is kind of sad.

      • Wytefang says:

        I would think it’s fairly easy to understand given that they’ve not crafted a decent game in a LONG, LONG time. Enemy Territory was gawd-awful and everything after that, as well. It’s a pretty well-accepted fact – of course if you doubt that, you could also just check out sales figures or playing totals. They speak volumes for the most part. ET got some good hype so it probably had some decent sales figures at first until people realized how crappy that game was…

        • TRS-80 says:

          Um, Wolf:ET ended up being free, and is also fantastic. ET:QW wasn’t so hot, is that what you’re talking about?

  4. Flappybat says:

    Hot cakes? Hot garbage. There’s far less variety than in Brink with worse level design and F2P gating/grind. It’s still got the sloppy gunplay of Brink with less parkour and technically feels four years out of date.