Sylvanas Heroes Of The Storm Trailer, Ability Info


Blizzard have ruined my “I’ll only post about Heroes of the Storm [official site] once today” plan by releasing the official trailer for upcoming character, Sylvanas Windrunner.

Sylvanas Windrunner, Queen of ALL ABS ALL THE TIME the Forsaken, was a known quantity in that she’s been a confirmed HotS character since BlizzCon 2014 – I thought she’d been mentioned at a previous Blizzcon too, back when it was called Blizzard DOTA (I’m trying to find the bit in the panel video at the moment) – but there hadn’t been any detail on how she plays until the developer’s 2015 PAX East panel.

If the nitty gritty of what she does isn’t important to you, the bottom line is that she’s a ranged DPS-y character, good for sieging and with an option to subvert enemy pushes. For the more detail-oriented there’s the following:

Her Q ability is Withering Fire – it’s rapid arrow fire for burst damage which, looking at the video, doesn’t need you to be actively firing and targeting to use. Instead it looks more like a mini version of Valla’s strafe talent.

W is Shadow Dagger which does light damage to its initial target, then damage over time which spreads to nearby units, so good for wave clearance and against teamfight-y enemies.

Bound to E is Haunting Wave which sends out a wave of damaging banshees which Sylvanas can teleport to by hitting E again. It’s similar to Illusory Orb – an ability from Dota 2’s Puck and looks like it offer similar repositioning, escape and chase options.

Her heroic abilities are Wailing Arrow – an explosive arrow that deals area of effect damage and silences enemy heroes for a few seconds – and Possession which forces an enemy minion or mercenary to fight for you. The cooldown on the latter is linked to the strength of what you choose to possess.


  1. Orija says:

    Does Blizzard come up with corny one-liners in an attempt to self-parody, or are they simply unaware of how grating they sound?

  2. dontnormally says:

    Her ultimate is Super Midriff which provides +5 armor to completely exposed skin.

  3. Monggerel says:

    Is that like Ab Jones’ Ol Pub?
    cause there sure aint no tone to be seen except blue HEYOOO

    Dead former elves: nature’s [insert racist euphemism here]!

  4. GomezTheChimp says:

    That character would be hilarious if it wasn`t so sad.
    Yet another female with ridiculously improbable physiology?
    Still, she probably needs those thunder thighs to balance out them pointy bosoms. What on earth has she got in there and why are they pointing skyward?
    Also, those tights look mighty uncomfortable around the gusset area, possibly because she`s wearing her thong on the outside of them, Superman style.

    • nemryn says:

      Those little prongs on her pants look like they’d be uncomfortable, as well.

    • Jackablade says:

      Not to defend too hard because you do make a reasonable point, but there are a few design points that come into doing a character like this. She needs to be very easily readable compared to a lot of other characters and things in the world, from above and at a significant distance. That means strong silhouettes and large contrasting shapes. Accentuating thighs and breasts and having the bulky armour contrasting against patches of blue skin does make her more readable.

      She’s also derived from a character model that would have originally had to consider these factors with a polygon budget of about 250.

      Now there’s no reason why any number of other alternative solutions couldn’t have been taken or a different body type could have been chosen etc, etc, but these are factors in the choices that have been made here.

      • lordfrikk says:

        As much as I hate to admit it, I agree. When you see the model at OP picture size, all the badly designed bits are immeditely visible while in the game it’s probably almost impossible to notice them but they (probably) help the character stand out and be instantly recognizable.

  5. iainl says:

    Never trust an artist who draws thighs as big as waistlines…

  6. klo3 says:


    That elf definitely is into fitness. I mean there’s no doubt how she spends her spare time.

    • Ashrand says:

      It’s like i always say. If the armor lets you estimate a workout routine at a glance, there isn’t enough of it

  7. rbsupreme says:

    King Varian next please.