What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Unity 5 guy with a fine moustache

This weekend, I’ll mostly be playing with myself. No, wait! Sorry, sorry. What I meant was I’ll be experimenting with Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4. Easy mistake to make.

I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn that I’m no developer, but over the past six months I’ve been oh-so-slowly learning the ropes of Unity and C#. And, thanks to GDC, this weekend there’s a bumper crop of new toys to tinker with.

I’ve been looking forward to playing around with some of the new features in Unity 5, like the enhanced lighting and texturing tools that make it easier to prettify things – even my lumpen geometric creations. As for Unreal, I’ve never so much as launched it before so I’ve not much idea of what to expect, but from the little I’ve seen its UI is now pretty close to Unity, so I’m hoping that I’ll at least be able to play around with the basics before too long.

Aside from that, it’s adventure game time here at chez Green. I’d rather like to play through more of Grim Fandango; my better half and I are currently a way into Year 2. We started a while back, but when we did so we were both so ill that we subsequently forgot who half the characters were. Thank heavens we live in the internet age. I also want to finish my current playthrough of The Novelist, which I’ve been consuming in dainty bite-sized chunks.

How about you, dear reader? What does the first full weekend of March hold for you?

Tell me, tell me, tell me. I read every comment on these posts, even if I respond only occasionally. It is fascinating to read about what has our fine readers enthralled, and why.


  1. karthink says:

    This weekend is for watching young cousins play (and be enthralled by) Outer Wilds and Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons, placing my Baldur’s Gate playthrough on hold. Good stuff.

    • phelix says:

      Outer Wilds is the game I’d be recommending to non-gamers all the time, if only it had better controls. :(

      • Shaun Green says:

        Because of the orbital mechanics aspects of the game it’s the sort of thing I’d love to recommend to space and sci-fi fans who weren’t into games. But yeah, I can see it being really hard for those not au fait with playing games and navigating 3D spaces.

  2. dangermouse76 says:

    Heroes and generals. I’m not sure I’m up for their pay model, and I’m bored of grinding unlock games. But have had some fun playing and chatting with friends. Also multiplayer civ v we’re in the 1400’s now so it’s getting a little tense.

  3. DRodders says:

    I’ve started playing Game Dev Tycoon again, this time modded to the hilt. It’s given it a breath of fresh air again!

    • Andy_Panthro says:

      I did really enjoy GDT, but I think it would take a lot to get me to go back since I played it through so many times. I found the earlier part of the game more interesting, and wished that was longer.

      What are the mods you’re using?

  4. lowprices says:

    Monster Hunter, mostly. Trying to get a suit of Tetsucabra armour. On PC, I’m theoretically playing Shadowrun: Dragonfall, in an attempt to tackle my back catalog, but in practice I’ll just end up playing Monster Hunter.

    • mgardner says:

      MH4U for me as well, and yes that is in fact Tetsucabra armor you’ll see me wearing. The camera nub on the new 3DS means this game finally feels like it belongs on that handheld, thank goodness! Giving the new charge blade a try this time around, liking how it works so far.

      And Arkham Horror board game with wife and her brother, really looking forward to that! Getting geared up for a six-player game next month.

      • lowprices says:

        As someone who is playing MH4U on an old 3DS, I am jealous. Would you say the new 3DS is worth an upgrade, or is it too similar to be worth it?

        Also, what weapons do you use? I’ve mostly settled into a mix of charge blade and lance, as my favourite strategy is the one I got from Demon’s/Dark Souls i.e.; cowering behind a big shield.

        • Hexagonal Pensioner says:

          I’ve taken to pretty much using just the insect glaive. I started off with the hammer and while it’s powerful, it’s not very forgiving for a first-timer like myself. The glaive, I’m finding, lets me be much sloppier. I’m moving away from cowering behind a shield (as for you my dark souls methodology) to getting out of the way.

        • mgardner says:

          If you will be playing a lot of MH and can justify it in your budget, the difference is huge. For some perspective, I first played MHFU on the PSP (which was great fun and playable), then moved to MHFU on the Vita (which does have a camera stick). The change was transformative – the game became so much easier to control. No more fighting the interface – now you’re just fighting the monsters. I tried MH3U on the 3DS for about 4 hrs before I gave up in frustration (target lock does not make up for loss of camera stick). I was super excited to hear about the new 3DS coming out on the same day as MH4U, camera nub is just what the game needs! My way to cope with a mid-life crisis I guess. But you could also try the circle pad accessory to squeeze some more mileage out of your 3DS (much lower cost of entry).

          As far as weapons of choice, charge blade mostly because it is new but also because it’s fun, and also my old standby the hammer for breaking faces or Kut-Ku ears. For collecting insect parts, I use poison coating on bow, but will switch to poison dual blades when I get the components to create a decent one. Happy hunting!

          • Awesomeclaw says:

            I have the Circle Pad Pro for my DS and I still find the ranged weapons practically unusable, due to practically all of the relevant controls being on the right hand side of the DS.

    • Hexagonal Pensioner says:

      I too will be playing monster hunter. I thought I’d be the only heretic but it appears there are several. I’ve just completed my velociprey set and will be pushing forward with the single player campaign.

      From these replies I think I’ll see if there is a monster hunter section in the forums.

      • mgardner says:

        That’s a nice thing about RPS, it’s mostly about the gaming and the audience is pretty inclusive when it comes to gender, religion, or platform bias.

        • Heliocentric says:

          But you need one of the accepted combinations.

          Bisexual, Buddhists, Brothers in Arms coop = Okay

          Cis gendered, Christian, Civ 5 = okay

          Protestant, protosexual, Planetside 2= okay

          Altogether alliteration is allowed.

  5. MartinWisse says:

    Restarting my campaign to keep Villa in the Premier League in FM2015.

  6. Rymdkejsaren says:

    I am mid-stint in DayZ SA on some whitelist servers. It’s amazing how a game that is broken to the point of frustration still manages to draw me in for hours on end.

    You spend hours gathering gear, avoiding players and trying to meet up with friends only to die because a zombie bugs out and can hit you while it is stuck on a door in another room.

    Respawn. Start over with childish excitement.

  7. DrScuttles says:

    Having somehow got the weekend off work, I can sit around feeling like a genuine, normal human being. I’m not sure I like it. Could just be the hangover.
    In any case it means spending some more time with Sunless Sea. Dicking around in Dark Souls 2 while listening to podcasts. And Binding of Isaac Rebirth, also great with podcasts. Ever since that Star Wars bundle recently, Jedi Knight 2 has been on my mind. Then again Grimrock 2 is sitting there looking all forlorn and abandoned which makes me feel guilty.
    And if I’m feeling really bold I may even go outside(!) and walk around le Ally Pally.

    • ansionnach says:

      Gave JK2 a lash recently and I couldn’t get one observation written in on of the magazine reviews when it was released out of my head:
      The stormtroopers move completely “unrealistically”, like they’re bots from Quake III Arena or something.

      Was a deal breaker for me.

      • DrScuttles says:

        It’s weird. They move around in a manner I can describe only as a scamper. Don’t recall the empire’s finest doing that in the films.

        • ansionnach says:

          Nope. The only thing they aren’t doing is continuously jumping up and down as they go. Lucasarts developed the first two Dark Forces games in-house and I never remember being annoyed with how the stormtroopers moved. Raven developed JK2. The change of developer plus a few of these authenticity issues are what changed my mind about running out and snapping it up straight away in 2002. I’m sure it’s a decent enough game if you can get past the first few levels (it is Raven), but for me it just isn’t Star Wars.

          • Shaun Green says:

            JK2 is a very scampery game. The speed the player character (Kyle Katarn, right?) moves at feels… right in comparison to enemies, but just wrong otherwise.

            To be fair this may also be true to some extent of JK1; I don’t remember as it’s just been so dang long since I played it.

  8. Premium User Badge

    Lexx87 says:

    More Isaac Rebirth… 162/178 secrets now; almost there!

  9. Grobmotoriker says:

    White Night and more Homeworld Remastered.
    Also a bit of War Thunder in between. (maybe trying out the tanks)

    • Philopoemen says:

      How is Homeworld?

      • Grobmotoriker says:

        Its very relaxing and addictive. Beautiful graphics update, atmospheric sound and a melancholic story.
        A strangely hypnotic game.
        Gameplaywise like the original except of that the enemy fleet grows with the size of yours (Homeworld 1).
        And highly recommended for people who smashed their left shoulder in a bike crash and can only use the right mouse hand for playing…

        • Shaun Green says:

          My sympathies. I developed RSI about a decade back so can empathise with having to play games one-handed. I played a lot of City of Heroes and turn-based strategy games at that time.

          Glad you’re enjoying Homeworld!

    • Gibster says:

      I had a nice bout with War Thunder Tanks last weekend. My recomendation: Play Realistic battles as soon as your up for it. Of course, I have a King Tiger now so I’m far ahead, but I go back and mix in some lower tier battles as well and they’re certainly as much fun, if not more fun, as the upper tier battles.

  10. byjimini says:

    Football Manager 15, as usual. Interspersed with matches on Company of Heroes and Civ IV.

  11. mpk says:

    Another Mass Effect play through, this time Femshep is staying monogomous with Liara the whole way through.

    • elderman says:

      I’ve been slowly playing through the Mass Effects for the first time since, oh I don’t know sometime in the middle of last year. Halfway through ME2, it’s starting to really wear thin. The fantasy is gradually becoming less convincing. The planets are beginning to feel small, claustrophobic, they starting to all look alike. The characters are also starting to sound alike : their thoughts and their problems all seem to come in roughly the same register and rhythm.

      It’s what I’ll be playing this weekend if I can any time for it, but it’s an increasingly joyless experience. Maybe the end will convince me to buy ME3? It’s hard to imagine dedicating even more time to this series, though.

      • mpk says:

        The ultimate irony of Mass Effect is that a series built on player choice ends up removing the power of those choices – all the main plot points of ME3 occur regardless of what you do in the first two games; it’s just the details that change.

        It’s a very flawed series, of that there can be no doubt. I enjoy it though.

        • malkav11 says:

          The same can be said of ME2, except that the choices they make for you feel a lot less organic, imho. Like working for Cerberus, a racist terrorist organization that you shoot a lot in ME1. I know, I know, they try to sell you on it but there is no way I would ever do that if I weren’t being railroaded into it.

          But that’s the thing. It’s not a series built around player choices branching the narrative. I don’t know how you would even do that across multiple games in any kind of reasonable project scope. It’s a series built around player choices coloring the narrative in ways that suggest ownership even when you’re not -really- steering the ship, not unlike what Telltale’s doing these days. And ME2 and ME3 are both great at that. (Right up until ME3’s ending ignores the lot.)

          • mpk says:

            That’s a fair point actually – I suppose a more accurate description would be a series built on the idea of player choice.

  12. MasodikTiasma says:

    Bastion. I could never get into it, but a few days ago I have started a new playthrough, and this time everything clicked for me. I love it! I’m almost at the end, so I’ll probably play some more Amalur as well, or finish episode 1 of Life is Strange. And maybe I’ll get tempted and buy Isaac Rebirth while it’s on Steam.

    • ribby says:

      Ooh Bastion’s ending is great!

    • Shaun Green says:

      I liked Bastion, though I think its soundtrack has stuck with me longer than anything else.

      But yes, enjoy! It is an excellent game.

      • MasodikTiasma says:

        Finished it. It’s cool, always very styly, but I feel like they dropped the ball with their ultimate weapons at the end. Like the “Calamity Cannon” and the Battering Ram, they’re completely OP and not that fun to use, in comparison to previous weapons, and yet the last levels seem designed to have you use them (in case of the Ram, you don’t even have a choice). Previous weapons, such as the Brusher Pike and the Breaker Bow are much more strategic and fun to use. The story was great and really well told, except the ending, the choice between thow endings felt for me completely shoehorned. The way the narrator suddenly started abruptly explaining about the two endings in the last level reminded me of Deus Ex 1 and its last area, where out of the blue they tell you “oh yeah, you know you can choose between three endings because of some arbitrary plot twist?” Bastion’s ending felt a bit like that for me… But enough bitching, the game’s great and I enjoyed it immensely!

        • MasodikTiasma says:

          EDIT: why did I type “thow”? I meant “the two”, obviously. There’s no edit function for the comments on RPS?

  13. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    I’m hoping to spend a bit of time with the new Unity myself, and see if I’m able to get something simple going with my DK2. Other than that, Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth and Far Cry 4 are the likely candidates.

  14. Dorga says:

    Majora’s Mask on the 3ds most likely

  15. phelix says:

    Elder Scrolls Oblivion. Yes you read that right. Never too late to discover Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul and Unnecessary Violence, which have made Oblivion worthwhile once more.

    • Awesomeclaw says:

      I have practically all of the Bethesda developed/published RPGs and their associated DLC, but for all of them there’s usually one DLC I haven’t played. E.g., for Oblivion it’s Shivering Isles, for Fallout 3 it’s Point Lookout, for FNV it’s Lonesome Road etc. Every so often I’ll pick a game and try and finish it off but I always get hopelessly side-tracked.

      • Blackcompany says:

        You are genuinely missing out with Shivering Isles and Lonesome Road. The former is very open and very…mad, in that Alice-in-Wonderland-by-a-Daedric-Prince sort of way. Charming and a good time. Lonesome Road is very, very linear, almost a scripted setpiece shooter type of experience. It should feel all wrong in a Fallout game but somehow I found the experience a nice change of pace from simply wandering about the Wasteland, and the character you’re chasing has this Logan Cunningham-alike thing going on, which is no bad thing.

        Point Lookout, on the other hand…you aren’t missing much. Its not terrible. But if you do decide to give it a try, find a mod that nerfs the enemies there. They have this magical and enormous damage bonus that only applies to you, the player; they can drive a garden utensil through power armor that its a hot knife through butter. Not only is it annoying, it kills immersion in a blink.

        • malkav11 says:

          Point Lookout is still probably the best DLC for Fallout 3. Great atmosphere and lots of cool little details to find, plus it feels properly open world (albeit smaller scale) in a way most of the others don’t.

    • fish99 says:

      I’m currently trying to resist the temptation to play through Oblivion again, since ES6 is years away and I’ve finished Skyrim twice (once recently). What puts me off is the time I’d have to spend modding it, especially visually.

  16. mrwonko says:

    I picked up Europa Universalis IV last weekend and am enthralled, so I’ll be uniting India as Jaunpur in singleplayer and exploring/colonizing the world as Portugal with friends.

  17. Miked says:

    Kotor2 – finally with the restored content mod. It’s almost been 10 years since I last played it so I’m looking forward to spending a few hours being nostalgic.

    • Paul B says:

      You’re in for a treat then. I’m currently playing Kotor, and am impressed by how good BioWare used to be before their RPGs started to get big, bloated and overly cinematic.

  18. Marblecake says:

    As always, Star Citizen, Hearthstone and 7 Days to Die. A recent server reset has made things *much* more interesting.

  19. DwarfJuggler says:

    Unreal Engine has been a phenomenal release. The amount of documentation and tutorials available, even in the program itself by clicking the academic caps. Helped streamline the learning process into realms where my incompetence is creating problems that are probably otherwise avoided by using a different method I was unaware of.

    But aside from that it’s quite easy to pick up and learn, and if making maps for UT there is a nice scale map test for heights and distances to go by for making maps.

    So to answer the question… Fiddling with Unreal Engine as well :o.

    • Shaun Green says:


      I’ve never made a map / level for anything, so starting off with UT levels sounds… ambitious. But it sure does sound like a good way to get to grips with UE.

  20. Awesomeclaw says:

    I’m probably continuing my trip through the Talos Principle, with occasional incursions in to Rogue Legacy and perhaps a touch of WoW.

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      Oh hey I just bought this as there was a bit of money off and it sounds rather sci-fi-ey. Don’t know anything about it other than people say the story is awesome and I think John Walker liked it or something.

  21. Wret says:

    I already made a colorful physics ballpit playpen in Unity, so I guess I’ll use the weekend to get to what I actually intended to make. Spooky shooter houses.

  22. caff says:

    Hand of Fate. Best game I’ve played in 2015 so far. Alec’s review was spot on.

    I initially steered clear because I thought it was another Heathstone, but it’s a radically different type of game – it reminds me more of the old Fighting Fantasy books.

    More of you should be playing it – go read link to rockpapershotgun.com first though.

    • Blackcompany says:

      Thanks for this. I have been on the fence about this game a while now. The RPS review got it back on my wish list (I had removed it, thinking it destined to never leave Early Access) and this comment now has me seriously considering a purchase. Thanks!

    • PhilKenSebben says:

      Hand of Fate is great. Actually double dipped on my XB1 for it. If you also liked the old FF books I also recommend Lone Wolf on Steam. Quite fun and in the same vain.

  23. Dilapinated says:

    Wot no “staring eyes” tag?

  24. adamacuo says:

    I’m going to get a little further along in Shovel Knight, try out DG2 that I just picked up on a Steam sale, maybe okay a little Civ5 and mess around in Dark Souls 2.

  25. Anthile says:

    Geneforge, if I find the time.

  26. ansionnach says:

    Have this idea about playing something old that I never really got into, like Bioforge. Looks like a nice day today so I think I’ll go for a long walk and maybe leave it buried.

    • LionsPhil says:

      I restarted through Warcraft 3 last weekend. It’s quite possibly been over ten years, so while I got quite far into it back then (midway through the undead campaign) I had no idea who was doing what to who for why and started over.

      It’s weird how much of my RTS play style changes my memory attributed to DoW when many of its mechanics (heroes with powers, in particular, and the need for a mobile force built around them because defensive structures just aren’t good enough to turtle with alone) are Warcrafty.

      • ansionnach says:

        Must give WC3 a crack… for the first time. Got stuck in Brood War yonks ago and swore that I had to finish it before moving on. Finished it several months ago, only replayed a couple of levels to get back into it, and watched youtube videos to remind me of the story. Was stuck on the mission where they charge you with almost invincible ultralisks from early on. Should have been able to work it out back then but I never allowed myself to save the game mid-mission or slow the game down back then. Maybe because of this, my play style was not aggressive enough for this mission.

        Gave Starcraft 2 a go recently but coming straight from the original it just isn’t Starcraft. Feels like it’s trying to be Gears of War or something (and obviously needs an XBox release…).

        So yeah… Warcraft 3. As soon as I finish the second one. Going to skip the first at this stage, I’ve left that far too long!

  27. Andy_Panthro says:

    PES2015 (PS4), Minecraft (PC) and if I have time a bit more Civ5 and Xenonauts. Also feel slightly bad that I’ve just stopped playing Torchlight 2, after getting about 50-60% through.

  28. Eiv says:

    I shall be playing Republique Remastered. Bought it on release, been meaning to give it a crack.

  29. Honigsenf says:

    Mad Game Tycoon and some MTA Carball

  30. Shadowcat says:

    I’ve been playing some Retrobooster here and there. I completely failed to play anything at all last weekend, so I still need to finish up my Underworld playthrough. (In the interim, U3 was funded! Yes!)

  31. James says:

    Like you I’m tinkering with the new game engines. Seeing which one will be best suited to what I want to do. I’ve also been getting back into Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior. It is a lot more intense than I remember.

  32. Blackcompany says:

    ETS2. I’ve discovered the Volvo 2013 mod by Ohaha, as well as the latest Brutal Environments graphics mod. That both work splendidly with ProMods 1.84 is a nice surprise. Combined with all of JazzyCat’s trailer and traffic mods, and my TrackIR and Wheel…well, it might sound weird, but its splendidly relaxing.

    Sometimes I feel like, as a gamer, I should be playing more Far Cry 4 or Sunless Sea or something more…gamey. But then I fire up Elite Dangerous and just…fly off in an Asp, exploring. Or crank up one of my beloved Volvo trucks in ETS2, and just…drive off. I find both so darned relaxing that when I have some precious free time for gaming its hard to convince myself to NOT play one or the other of these titles.

    Maybe I’m odd; maybe its just that sandbox type sims are my niche. Maybe one day I will find the courage to expand into racing games. Been considering Game Stock Car Extreme (GSCE) for a while now, but keep worrying that I will suck at it since I dont drive a manual transmission well if at all. Who knows…maybe this will be the weekend for a trial run?

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      Get Assetto Corsa, i played around 200 hours and only 10 of them were actual racing, with ZERO of them in the online portion ( which i should try, but still ).

      The driving part is so good that i simply want to pick a car i feel like driving and then… just do that. Oh, and all the weird mods flying around might help.

      • PhilKenSebben says:

        And with this comment, you have pushed me over the fence into buying AC.

        • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

          Nice to be of service!

          A word of warning though: this all happened because i’m rather addicted to this sort of stuff, so the mileage ( pun intended ) may vary!

      • fish99 says:

        The AI are pretty fun to race against too.

        • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

          Must admit, it really is, and after some patching their destruction derby attitude seems scaled down considerably, which always helps.

  33. TormDK says:

    I’ve started on “Dirtybomb”, the Brink wanna-be shooter from Nexon.

    I’ll also be playing some Dragon Age Inquisition multiplayer, as the promotions do not grind themselves.

  34. welverin says:

    I shall trying to finish up Bioshock 2 around my D&D game tonight. I will also squeeze some Evolve in somewhere regardless of all else, just to make sure I earn the skins they’re giving away this weekend.

  35. Koozer says:

    I am mostly trying to ram vectors into slerping quaternions.

  36. LionsPhil says:

    I’m playing the exciting “try to disinfect old family Windows PC that seems to have picked up ‘Speed Browser'” game.

    Are Malwarebytes evil yet?

    • Barberetti says:

      I used Malwarebytes last week for the first time. Seemed fine to me.

    • bonuswavepilot says:

      I think you might need to dodge some crapware in the installation, but nothing that can’t be avoided by appropriate un-checking of boxes etc. Program itself still seems to do a good job.

      • LionsPhil says:

        Mmm, it doesn’t seem to be evil, but it doesn’t seem to be capable of removing it. Guess this thing’s getting its drive zeroed and reinstalled from scratch.

    • realitysconcierge says:

      Hey if it’s not too late try using adw cleaner as well. It’s the only program I know of that can get rid of what malwarebytes can’t. Malwarebytes is still the go to, it just needs a little supplement to help with exercising the adware.

  37. Barberetti says:

    Haven’t decided yet, so while I have a think about it, I’m going to load up Star Trek Online (which I haven’t played in ages) and check out the tribute to Leonard Nimoy. Well, if the scumbag feds let me near it, what with me being an evil Klingon ‘n all.

    I suspect that I’ll be spending a fair chunk of the weekend continuing with my Minecraft mod(s).

  38. Ch0ke says:

    Finally picked up XCOM:Enemy Unknown along with some DLC. I’m planning some Elite: Dangerous, Space Hulk: Ascension and Talisman: Prologue this weekend. Maybe some DayZ if I can round my friends up to play…

  39. tsff22 says:

    Gonna be checking out Zombie Army Trilogy this weekend. So far its considerably better than the first two games.

    Also received Mighty Dungeons and Steam Marines from a friend. Steam Marines is hella hard and kinda laggy, but Mighty Dungeons is pretty fun so far.

    After playing some of Avernum 2, I realized that I never actually finished Escape from the Pit, so I’m gonna try to make some progress on rectifying that.

    And, of course, gonna probably play some of my faves, such as Dynasty Warriors 8 XL, Isaac Rebirth, Sword of the Stars: The Pit, and more.

    On the non-PC side, I have Monster Hunter 4U and Persona Q.

  40. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    In between bouts of stuff-doing this weekend (Beefoven+Tchaik concert; sliding down a mountain), I hope to make some progress in Skyrim’s DLC. Last night, though, I played a bit of Awesomenauts with its new character (fun in low-level bot matches, at least) and interestingly-nerfed Gnaw weedlings (they have finite lifetimes and are generally more actively managed). I have no idea how that game remains so much fun after all this time, especially since I’m pretty terrible at it. I guess it’s a bit like UT but with different gameplay, graphics, sounds, music, and other stuff.

  41. Kempston Wiggler says:

    Seems I’m in a ‘messing about’ mood this weekend. Can’t seem to focus on any one thing. So:

    Reprisal: Universe
    Redline (both from the latest bundlestars bundle)
    Lego Marvel super Heroes
    Midwinter 2: Flames of Freedom (DOS)
    …and a bunch of smaller stuff recommended by RPS, such as Outer Wilds and Strange Gravity. Oh, and maybe a re-install of one of the earlier UTs, with some mods and levels and stuff.

    Next week may be different. I done gone bought me some new RAM fer ma PC last night, so I guess I’ll be back to the big modern stuff soon.

  42. melnificent says:

    STO, as it’s been a while. I played it for about a year at release then just kind of drifted from it over the next 6 months. If it wasn’t for my lifetime sub I would have forgotten about it by now.

    • melnificent says:

      Oh and setting up steam for my friends lad as he has moved from console. On the plus side if my friend gives him the equivalent money to a new release console game he’ll have enough to play for a few months.

  43. tikey says:

    The header image made me think there was a Star Trek game with Tom Selleck in it.
    I’m sad now

  44. Gibster says:

    This weekend has started as a mixup mash for me and I’m not sure what’ll result from it. Friday after school I joined some friends on a new minecraft server and after an hour of technical difficulties, got it mostly working for everyoone except me who was having lag issues. It still remained semi-playable though so I did that for another hour before getting off. After that I started a new Endless Legend game as the Draken after oogling over the lore (or what there is of it in the wiki) for almost a week and its turning out alright. I’m playing on easy difficulty since this is only my second game but I’m thinking that for better diplomacy with the AI I should have done normal. Then I had the urge to play Company of Heros 2 and realized I hadn’t yet downloaded it on my machine, so I just had it do that overnight. I probably play 1 game, realize how much I suck, go back to the mc server, realize how many latency issues I’m having :(, then go and play some more Endless Legend. Maybe I’ll even fit in some War Thunder there if EL doesn’t grab me.

    • Shaun Green says:

      I genuinely enjoyed the campaign in CoH 2 if you’re having latency problems. It is much more fun playing against / with friends, though!

  45. muira says:

    No, you’re all wrong. Portal mod Rexaura to reaffirm that I’m extremely clever, and the fakefactory half life 2 mod to reaffirm that I can still fight the good fight and that my old’ 660m still rawks.

  46. roethle says:

    Helldivers has been thoroughly addicting so far.

    • Awesomeclaw says:

      I’m kind of tempted to get it, but setting my PS3 up is kind of a pain.

  47. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Has anyone else got the urge to punch Unity 5 guy in his big square butt-chin?

    • Shaun Green says:

      I suspect he’s available on the asset store for that very purpose.

    • James says:

      No but I do have the urge to punch whoever decided to remove the edit button in thier (probably bearded) chin.

      I am getting to grips with Unity 5 though. There is potential to achieve what I want in it.

  48. derbefrier says:

    I will be playing some Star Citizen. Patch 1.1 is on the test server and I finally get to fly my Gladius! Also some Heros of the Storm. It seems after i posted in one of the HOTS articles yesterday about never getting into a BLizz beta they took pitty on me and sent me an invite ( or it was probably just a coincidence). Its been pretty fun. Just been playing bots getting a feel for it but i have enjoyed it so far.

  49. liquidsoap89 says:

    In preparation for MGS5 I’m going through all the old games, and I’m currently playing MGS2. This game is NOT as good as I remember. It basically has the same controls as MGS1 (for the most part), but with worse camera angles. I still enjoy it, but I’m looking forward to getting in to the newer versions now simply so I don’t have to hold down 4 buttons just to aim a gun in first person.

    When I’m not playing that I will of course be playing The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, in which I have now unlocked 146 out of 178 achievements.

  50. malkav11 says:

    Last weekend I finally ascended in Kingdom of Loathing, so I expect to dedicate some more time to that this weekend. For whatever reason, I decided my first reincarnation would be as the current Challenge Path instead of a more sensible approach like just trying a new standard player class and beginning my slow accumulation of permanent skills. So now I am Actually Ed the Undying, the immortal mummy you defeat as the boss of the level 11 council quest, waking back up after an unusually long sojourn in the Underworld after that thorough thrashing, and now investigating the aftermath of the adventurer’s questing as your servant Amun finds out where they were sent by the council. It’s a pretty great conceit, with encounters like a boss fight with the corpse of the Boss Bat (killed by the adventurer), affixed to a complicated series of pulleys and levers by his bodyguards who are attempting to pretend he’s still alive, or the bartender of the Typical Tavern saying “um, yeah, so the beer doesn’t taste right now that my basement isn’t full of rats. Could you maybe turn them back on, just a little?”

    You also get a completely different skill system and release mummified servants like a cat and a priest instead of having familiars. And you are literally immortal. Anytime you get defeated in combat (which will be often, early on), you pop down to the Underworld and are fully healed (plus can do some shopping and have your body upgraded with things like a functioning stomach and liver, or, you know, six extra spleens…), and can go right back into the fight without your opponent getting a chance to heal. This isn’t an “I win” button – if you tackle something too strong for you it’ll just keep murdering you without you getting a chance to actually attack and eventually you start getting charged for further returns in the same fight. But it’s really nice if you pick your fights wisely.

    I may also try out Warmachine: Tactics, which I Kickstarted but hadn’t gotten around to, play more Secret World now that I’ve finally gotten to Tokyo, push further into Dragon Age Inquisition, polish off Call of Duty: Black Ops II (I made progress last weekend! I just didn’t get to the end), try this stress test tournament in Hex (or do some draft queueing), etc.