Tales From The Borderlands Ep2 Trailer: Hijinks & Violence

Tales From the Borderlands episode two screenshot

The second episode of Tales From the Borderlands [official site] should be arriving sometime next week, so to get you in the mood Telltale have released a trailer. This is a clever idea and I’m sure other games developers are likely to follow suit.

Obligatory spoiler warning: if you’ve not yet played the first episode, it’s probably best you don’t watch this.

The first episode of Tales from the Borderlands went down pretty well, with Adam describing it as “the funniest adventure game Telltale have released in years”¬†– with a lot to like about it despite a shaky start.¬†Obviously we’re all hoping that the second episode continues to exhibit the same strengths and starts off more confidently.

There’s not a great deal else to say at this point. It’d be nice to offer you a quick plot recap or outline where the second episode begins, but I’m fairly sure this very paragraph is going to be read by people who haven’t yet played the first episode. Essentially, I have been embargoed by my own spoiler warning. Damn it, Shaun.


  1. Monggerel says:

    Reckon the reason it’s taking so long is because they’re making the story up as they go.

    Oh Telltale. Never change.

  2. Carra says:

    I didn’t like Borderlands 2 much but I really enjoyed playing this tale. Looking forward to the next entry in the series.