Video: File System Aging – 3. Another World

Hey come watch Rab Florence’s new weekly video series, made just for us. Part one is here, part two is here.

In the third part of this series about games, time and loss, Rab remembers Another World.

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  1. X_kot says:

    Yay for Rab’s video series! Boo for incorrect title image.

  2. MrThingy says:

    I’ll never forget that bit where you have to jump over the chasms whilst being chased by water. The nerd-rage and rage-quit was strong in this one.

  3. Spacewalk says:

    I never didn’t like Another World because of Flashback.

    • Spacewalk says:

      Curse my fingers.

      • Andy_Panthro says:

        I have never played Another World, but did really enjoy Flashback. Both kinda remind me of Prince of Persia though.

        • ansionnach says:

          Flashback was a lot more like Prince of Persia. Another World was its own game. Only other games I’ve played like it were the sequel on the Mega CD (which didn’t involve Chahi) and Chahi’s spiritual successor, Heart of Darkness. I really enjoyed the Mega CD sequel, even though it seems to have been almost universally panned. It’s certainly worth a look if you liked AW. Heart of Darkness on hard is soooo bloody hard. There’s this bit where you’ve got to dodge low and high fireballs while fighting monsters that can even get behind you. Not sure if I’ll ever be able to do it.

        • ansionnach says:

          Maybe Origin’s Bioforge is a bit like it in a way, seeing as it’s a film-inspired game full of set-pieces with instant death around every corner. It’s a lot more clunky though, and there’s a lot of reading (but it’s worth it).

  4. MOKKA says:

    Back then I never got past this initial sequence but it’s still deeply entrenched in my memory like almost no other game’s opening scene. I think this should speak for something, but I don’t really know what.

  5. microtubule says:

    Love, love, love the series Rab! looking forward to many more.

  6. Dorga says:

    Thank you, really.

  7. Pazguato says:

    This was a really nice artie video “review”. Food for the heart and brain. And lynchian as hell :)

  8. bonuswavepilot says:

    Another great installment ‘Rab. Keep ’em coming!
    Another World… Well, I doubt I’m equipped to add much to the reams of writing this game has attracted, both ink and pixel, but it’s a hell of a thing. I played through it when I was about 13 – 14 while a friend from school was doing the same and we would compare notes. Well, for a couple of days anyway, then when the weekend came around I blitzed through it. Man, that ending. That setting! Truly glad this one is in my gaming history. Thanks Eric Chahi!

  9. Thirdrail says:

    I remember finishing Out of this World on my snes at 3am, and waking my girlfriend up to tell her how amazing it had been. Still my favorite game of all time. I thought Flashback was a terribly shallow version of OotW’s wildly diverse and inventive gameplay, but I guess it was better for people who people without the time and patience to unravel OotW’s more insane sequences. Out of this World just had so many cool ideas in it. Watching for the guard’s reflection in the orb. Fleeing the flood. That ending was the most heartbreaking and visceral thing I’d ever seen in a game, and still stands out as having more emotional resonance than 99.99% of the games I’ve played since. It was retro, but in many ways, it was the one great unison of the old way – survival instinct gaming – meeting the newer, more narrative driven gameplay model. I have long hoped Eric Chahi would come back and do one more game.

    • bishmanrock says:

      He did a few years back didn’t he? I don’t remember it being mind blowing, but I didn’t spend much time with it.

      Heart of Darkness was good, if you missed that one.

  10. Easy says:

    <3 <3 <3

    (I said I would)

  11. virginiavstubbs says:

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  12. theapeofnaples says:

    Really enjoying this series… thank you

  13. waltC says:

    I was impressed that he cited the Amiga version of the game (can’t recall if there were other versions–I had an Amiga when the game was newly released)…! The rest of the “talking Rubik’s Cube” clip was kind of obvious, I thought…;) Still, it’s an imaginative, original way to review a game–even if the format might become tedious to wade through eventually.

  14. ansionnach says:

    Agree with you there, Rab – Out of This World is poor name. Sounds like it’s trying to be all “rad” and “gnarly”… and maybe should have starred an anthropomorphised animal spouting ‘tude-filled one-liners. Another World on the other hand is mysterious and understated. Sparse, just like the game.

    Nice to see some people remembering the British names for games. Have seen a spate of East Atlantean English-speakers “remembering” games using the American names. UFO: Enemy Unknown was one example. Was developed by Mythos in England, originally called “UFO: Enemy Unknown”, but somehow “remembered” as “X-COM: UFO Defense”. The “s” in “defence” is the hint.

  15. Day0ne says:

    The opening scene of the car pulling up outside the building at night is one of my first computer game memories. I don’t remember the rest of it, maybe I only had the demo.
    I’m currently finding that ‘other world’ in the likes of the dwarf fortress world generator and the hinterland of Unreal World. Its all a pretty strong call on the imagination.

    When I close my eyes I still see that little cube light :D
    Thanks Rab.

  16. cultiv8ed says:

    Loving these videos, Rab. I remember as a kid solving thebit where you are trapped in a cage and feeling really chuffed with myself.

  17. Valkyr says:

    Simply beautiful, Rab. Thank you so much for this series.