The Bargain Bucket: PAX Hungover

I am fresh back from PAX! Which, I might note, was an absolutely bizarre experience. Who knew that not running around like a headless chicken could be so exhausting? Never had I imagined that being stationary, while endlessly repeating the same lines over and over, could be such a challenge. (Seriously, being an exhibitor is tough work. I salute those who have done it repeatedly.) Of course, after having survived the ordeal AND PAX plague, I will soon be off to Iceland where I will freeze to death. Sigh.

So, how has your week been? Ignoring everything else, mine’s awesome because we have a guest plushie! His/her name is Schwein. It enjoys sunshine, unicorns, sleep, and Don’t Starve. (Thanks for the submission, Lene & D3c0n!)

Cities: Skyline
That game that the most recent SimCities was supposed to be, or so people tell me. I haven’t found an opportunity to check it out myself, but Alec’s got the full run-down on the game, and it sounds like the game is an elegant response to everything SimCity was suppposed to be. Like, the developers intentionally went out to fix what went wrong with that other city-builder. It also lets you ensure that your waterfront property stay beautifully picturesque, which is kind of neat. (And name every member of your growing city? Which seems kind of nuts.) P.S: Faux-Twitter is an excellent touch.

Payday 2
My most salient memory of Payday 2 is walking into a bank in broad daylight, mask on, gun out, and thinking to myself, “Oh. Right. This WOULD make people scream in terror.” (I never said I was always on the ball.) It’s an interesting FPS, which has benefited from a variety of patches and additions. Competitiveness is minimal here. The key word instead is co-operation. Because there is absolutely no way you’re going to pull off a decent heist without working together. (Well, you can. But. That’s probably a terrible idea.) Curiously reminiscent of Monaco, Payday 2 rewards caution and strategy over blazing guns.

Endless Legend
I like Amplitude Studios a lot. They’ve moved from strength to strength, growing the shared universe of their games, smoothing out old mistakes, and building on what they know. Endless Legend is a lovely 4x strategy game, with a deceptive simplicity. In particular, however, what I enjoy best is the lore behind the game. Unlike Civilization Earth, Endless Legend posits a reality where fantasy creatures have learned to consider the ramifications of space, which is shockingly rare both in literature and in games. Of course, there’s probably a reason for it: where do you draw the line when fantasy and sci-fi decide on meeting up in the middle for a drink? Pure madness, I tell you. Madness.

Journey of a Roach
Mutant cockroaches! Nuclear wars! Barren wastelands, and an irrepressible sense of humor. Nothing says a good time like chocolate-shelled vermin. Unlike the landmark Bad Mojo, which still makes me squirm when I think about it, Journey of a Roach isn’t a nest of dead animals and loathsome scenes. Instead, it’s a buddy-comedy of sorts, which sees two roaches attempting to find their way to the world above them. Probably a bad idea if you’re human and aware life as you know it has ended, but these guys are roaches, man.

Also of note:

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition – $5.77/£4.11/€5.77
More stuff? More stuff. Sleeping Dogs, which has no relations to actual canines, is an open world action-adventure that will definitely delight fans of the Infernal Affairs. But even if you have not grown up with Hong Kong pulp movies, there’s absurd amounts to enjoy here. But, you knew that already. This game is practically geriatric in the eyes of the Internet. Punch out people, explore questionable locations, ride dangerous vehicles, and sing karaoke. There’s a bit for everyone in this game. B-b-b-bonus note: it includes 24 pieces of DLCs, making it, er, a definitive version, indeed. (P.S: Don’t forget the voucher: H3U5TZ-9726D1-JIPSHC)

Star Wars Epic Bundle – $9.95/£6.75/€9.48
Were you somewhere else when Humble Bundle had all of these marvellous Star Wars games on sale? You were. Well, then. There’s a charming Star Wars Epic Bundle available for acquisition, and it includes — actually, you already know the drill. Pick it up if you need a quick birthday gift, or somehow still lack these games.


  1. suibhne says:

    It’s worth noting Steam’s Ubi sale this weekend. Decent price on WATCHunderscoreDOGS if you’re jonesing for a “clear the map” obsessive experience with no soul, but the genuine standout is probably Child of Light at $5. You can quibble about whether it’s worth full price, but c’mon, the aesthetic (graphical/auditory/etc.) alone is worth a shot at that price.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Also free weekends for the X series; the above-linked Payday 2 (also on sale on Steam for a fiver if you want to eschew Cass’ third-party site); and Red Faction: Gorilla, which is going for all of three quid.

    • MasodikTiasma says:

      What about Rayman Legends? it’s also part of the Ubi promo on Steam, and it’s discounted for the same price on the uplay store (if you want to save yourself the trouble of having two layers of DRM, Steam and Uplay, on the game).

      • welverin says:

        If you’re going to have DRM on your game, you might as well have two kinds of DRM.

  2. Gnoupi says:

    The Cities Skyline deal on Nuuvem was region free a few weeks past, now it’s restricted (like most Paradox games on this site since some time)

    So if you want to abuse regional pricing and get the brazilian price, you have to use a proxy.

    • RedViv says:

      Is it? They usually mark that right next to the Steamworks notification. With a bright red English “REGION LOCKED”, visible for example on recent SEGA games.

      • Dodj33 says:

        The game is not region locked (otherwise it would be clearly stated on the page) . What Gnoupi means is that you cannot add to the basket from the UK anymore. you have to use VPN Brazil to add it to your basket.

        If you don’t want to do this you could try and for about £13 with FB code

        • RedViv says:

          How odd. Is that a UK-only thing? I can do it nicely from the mainland.

          • Llewyn says:

            UK and Sweden, at least.

          • n0m0n says:

            Also applies if you try to shop from USA (east cost at least) as of a couple of weeks back. I bought some DLC for EUIV two or three weeks back, but now it won’t allow me to add anything to my shopping cart anymore.

          • RedViv says:

            Ah, I was hasty. I could two days ago. I can not any more. Too bad.

          • Jalan says:

            They’ve likely tightened the noose in response to the trade restriction noose tightening further through Steam. Seems odd to do so, given that most of these aren’t region-locked keys, and only seems to hurt Nuuvem’s bottom line in terms of overall sales.

          • Jalan says:

            (Man, that last reply was horribly constructed – I apologize to anyone who tries to make sense out of that)

    • Gargenville says:

      You can get it through GMG for 20 eurobucks if you go through VIP and fish the current coupon out of your email spam folder.

      • Llewyn says:

        For UK readers it’s £16.78 with GMG VIP (£21.89 for Deluxe). Not quite Nuuvem levels, but a good price nonetheless.

    • Synesthesia says:

      I live in argentina, quite near brazil. Will this work for me?

      Also, where can I get that VIP GMG coupon? Couldn’t find anything.

    • SuperJonty says:

      1. Get Hola
      2. Buy it for ~£12 :)

  3. Darth Gangrel says:

    The Humble Star Wars bundle was much better, so I’m glad I got that one. I already had the four games (Kotor 1, JK2, JK3, TFU 1) in this so-called Epic bundle even before I got the Humble bundle.

  4. virginiavstubbs says:

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  5. commentingaccount says:

    As someone who plays Payday 2: It rewards blazing guns as well. It just depends on the mission. You can very easily just go into a mission with a rocket launcher and Gatling gun(Added in the latest DLC!) and just fuck everybody’s shit up.

    • Awesomeclaw says:

      IMO, trying to stealth missions in Payday 2 quickly becomes an exercise in tedium. The stealth mechanics are extremely unforgiving, so one mistake usually means restarting the entire mission.

    • Jalan says:

      The game may reward it, but the players will piss and moan to no end over it – often initiating a call for a kick from the server.

  6. dorobo says:

    HEY RPS! will you write now about Hawken? There is some fresh news – IP now belongs to Reloaded and they plan on furthere fixes and development.

  7. Andy_Panthro says:

    Alien Isolation is only £10.87 (66% off) at the Humble store, which would tempt me if I didn’t already have dozens of games to finish.

  8. raiders5000 says:

    That Endless Legend is scheduled to have a major update this month and an expansion next month. I can’t wait for either because, frankly, I didn’t find it as great as many people express. It maybe different in a lot of ways from Civ games but it stills suffers from the same crap that Civ games do. And that’s mid-game boredom and grinding end games. It also seems that many people who love EL haven’t even played Legendary Heroes first. If they did, they may find EL isn’t all that original. It just effectively combined parts of two differently styled games into one, including their glaring setbacks.

  9. Papageno says:

    Hmm, when I hit the link for Sleeping Dogs it shows up as costing $29.99 USD . Does the code bring it down to the price mentioned?

    • Papageno says:

      Just tried to paste the code for Sleeping Dogs in and it didn’t work. Using Chrome on a Nexus 7, anyway.

    • Llewyn says:

      No, that deal’s ended by the look of it – think GMG rotate their dailies around the same time as Steam.

      • Papageno says:

        Shoot. Well, I guess I’ll wait till the inevitable holiday sale.

  10. kalirion says:

    How can you miss the GOG Electronic Arts classics promo – dozens of classic EA/Origin(the old, good one) games at 60% off!

    link to

  11. Jalan says:

    A notice for anyone wanting to buy Payday 2 from Nuuvem – they’re out of activation keys and are expected to get more by the forthcoming Tuesday (17 March).

    • Jalan says:

      (forgot about the removal of the damn edit function)

      Which is not to say you can’t purchase it, apparently you can still do so but you’ll just have to wait to play it until they slip a key into your account.

      • SuperJonty says:

        I found that too, can’t complain about the price though. I was totally rushing to buy it before the free weekend ran out – not sure if I’ll have to re-download the monster if it’s not activated before hand?

        • Jalan says:

          I think (but am not going to say I’m dead certain) that you can leave the game installed after the free weekend ends and then once you have access to an activation key, you should be able to resume playing the game like normal without having to re-download everything all over again.

          • SuperJonty says:

            Well it’s still in my library at the moment, so it’s looking promising

          • welverin says:

            You absolutely can leave it installed, it can be a pain to uninstall if you don’t end up buying it sine Steam then hides it on you.