My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad: Dad By The Sword

In contrast to many of my treasured colleagues, I dislike puns. I suppose I never went through the Future Publishing punmill. Dad By The Sword [official site] might have a punny name, but its puns are seeds sprouting justification for roguelikelike first-person melee mutilation and murder.

Your game dad will run around procedural dungeons in his jorts, see, hacking monsters and hot dogs to pieces, collecting dadcessories and gaining derks (dad perks). He sounds more fun than your regular gruff game dad. Come see some short dad clips (dips?):

As you can see, it’s pretty arcadey swordfighting focused on hitting weak points to smash armour and lop off bodyparts, with a few fancy special moves on top. Developers Rocketcat Games (them behind Wayward Souls) talk of procedural dungeons and hordes of enemies, so it seems towards the bloody end of the roguelikelike scale.

Here’s a newer clip showing off new enemy art:

Dad By The Sword is due out towards the end of this year on Windows, Mac, and Linux for $20, which is around £13.50. Rocketcat first showed the game off last year, but I’d missed it until Rob Fearon pointed out this amazing sentence from its marketing jazz: “It’s Dark Souls meets Gone Home meets some game with a dad in it.”


  1. scottyjx says:

    I too am sword of put off by the pun title.

    • Caelyn Ellis says:

      I’m not, I’m really looking forward to. Almost epeeing myself with excitement, although I will try and sabre the anticipation. I wouldn’t mind interviewing the dev team so I could axe them about other melee weapons.

      Damn, I tried to make this post pun-free, but I was foiled.

      • schlusenbach says:

        scimitar game already! I spear, I katana think of anything else anymore.

        • Darth Gangrel says:

          I’d love to see (clay)more of this game, it feels cutting edge.

  2. padger says:

    Looks great, but most sword games are a bastard to play.


  3. DrScuttles says:

    If only you could talk to the monsters. And give them a stern telling off. And send them to bed without supper. And, just to cap it all off, slowly and deliberately explain how you’re not angry at them. Just disappointed.

    • Ross Angus says:

      How could you say that to those lovely hot dogs. All they want to do is have a dance party. Dancing is just swordplay, but without the swords.

    • abrokenchinadoll says:

      but then you’d have to freaking give every monster allowances XD

    • Stopsignal says:

      Tell them all the dad jokes.

  4. Roxton says:

    Obviously it’s hard to tell without playing it, but from the (very brief) clips the swordplay looks quite similar to that of the first couple of Thief games – if those games had allowed decapitation. Could be interesting.

    On an almost-related note: Your dad could still have you in a fight (Daily Mash).
    “I don’t want to hurt any younger men. I just want to do gardening and watch documentaries about steam engines. But if they f*** with me I will destroy them.”

  5. Spacewalk says:

    While this game was busy meeting someone’s dad I was off meeting their mum.

  6. Tengil says:

    link to

    I feel like this might have helped inspire this thing

  7. Da5e says:

    He’s got more swords than a sword convention.

  8. chauchee says:

    You know this game was based on an old pc game called “Die by the sword”, in which there was a sort of gladiator-mode where you could fight an opponent 1v1 and decapitate limbs. One of the first 3d games that used physics like that

    • ArtyFishal says:

      Unless you are dealing with some kind of extreme mutation, I think you will find that it is impossible to decapitate limbs.

    • anaemic says:

      I saw the picture and title and thought ‘i wonder if this is a pun on ‘dbts’. I cant believe it didnt even get mentioned in the article, kids these days with their halos and their counter forces eh.

      • Alice O'Connor says:

        Check the “punny” link. The DBTS reference didn’t seem interesting enough to explicitly explain, but it’s there for if folks want to click on words to make more words appear.

  9. Viroso says:

    I wish procedural animation, or partly procedural animation, becomes the norm this gen. It’d look fantastic in a fighting game. Doesn’t even have to be realistic animations, could just be something that procedurally creates ridiculous anime reactions to getting punched.

    • Crafter says:

      Overgrowth is aiming at realistic procedural animations.
      It does indeed look like a lot of fun.

  10. MrUnimport says:

    Dadliest Bash

  11. April March says:

    So it’s IVAN, only real time first person and inexplicably starring the guy from Firewatch. I’m down with this.

  12. BathroomCitizen says:

    Heck, me and my brother loved Die By The Sword when we were little kids, bashing eachother off enormous black pits with pointy spears at the bottom and arenas filled with magma.

    Years later, I bought it on– oorp, I wish I hadn’t.

    The game sure didn’t last the test of time, what with its primitive 3D graphics, but even then, the worst blow was its clunky combat system and the completely unbalanced multiplayer mode which made the fun last for about 5 minutes; and then, lasting, perpetual boringness.

    Nostalgia was ruined.
    Some memories are best left intact, I guess.