Freeware Garden: Insatia

Be the nasty critter!

Professor Pokrovsky, with the invaluable help of his lab assistant Bob and secretary Pinny, delights in breeding new species of worms, colourful little insects and disgusting, hungry little critters. Happily, you too can now play Insatia and get to experience a short and agonizing life as one of the good doctor’s test subjects.

For, yes, Insatia is a carnivorous worm sim that’s properly action oriented and comes with an excellent, innovative control system and a dark atmosphere with little touches of silly humour.

You, in most cases, play as a nasty looking worm that can eat anything that will fit between its jaws and is cannibalistic enough for its diet to include other worms. The more you eat, the more you grow and the more you can eat, but also the less nimble you become. It’s a Darwinian nightmare filled with creepy violence and supported by cool visuals and sounds.

Appropriately Insatia comes with the most brutal tutorial (of sorts) stage ever conceived. It’s hopeless really and you won’t probably beat it until after you’ve played through the complete game, but, then again, everything is pretty intuitive. And, uhm, fluid is the word. Aye, fluid.

Eat the nasty critter!

To move, simply wriggle your worm by pressing left and right, press and hold down to have wormy coil like a spring and jump, press up to turn sharply and press control to enter the adrenaline powered slow-mo mode. You can’t imagine just how satisfying lunging and killing another worm feels… In the game that is, in the game.

It’d look positively ridiculous in real life.

Let’s not go there though. Let me only tell you that despite Insatia being a short game of only eight levels, it’s impressively varied and filled with clever, novel ideas. It is an absolute joy to play through and I can’t wait for the devs to add multiplayer to it. Oh, and you do get to play as you, your grandchild and child in the span of a few minutes.


  1. Jakkar says:

    Why the racing level?

    Why the final level?

    Why the indistinguishable differences between mouth sizes that decide strictly whether or not you can eat a given segment, turning a perfect lunge into a thump into a stone wall, and instant death?

    Potential devoured by poor decisions.

    • Harlander says:

      That racing level is pretty awful. Too bad, I was enjoying it up to that point

      • Kozinaka says:

        Hi! Thank you for the feedback! Ill try to make this level easier. In main idea player have to cut green worms off and jumps sometimes. But this tactic is complicated and this level is too early appears in the demo. Thank you again, I’ll do something with this level. :)

        • Harlander says:

          It might work if you make the enemy worms a little crapper. I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t do the wiggling, either with mouse or keyboard, as consistently or effectively as the AI ones do. But yeah, moving the level further down the line would help.

          I feel like I sounded overly negative in my original post – the levels where you’re slithering around eating bugs and other worms are fun, and the presentation is slick and looks good. Keep up the good work!

          • Kozinaka says:

            >It might work if you make the enemy worms a little crapper.
            They run on hidden routes, I can just give them not such a straight traectory. :)

            > I can’t do the wiggling, either with mouse or keyboard, as consistently or effectively as the AI ones do.
            Just don’t haste, do it slowly and smooth. High frequency wriggling is not beautiful and is not effective.

            > Keep up the good work!
            Thank you, I’ll try. :) At present we are trying to redraw worms and other creatures: link to

    • Kozinaka says:

      >Why the racing level?
      >Why the final level?
      Just for demonstration. This is alpha release, I needed to test different gameplay types. There are main gameplay in the fourth level (Worm hunting season).

      About size of mouth. When worm can’t swallow something it doesn’t open it’s mouth. This is a visual tip for player for the first time. After some time you will easy detect possibility to devour something. This is main player’s skill after wriggling and jumping. This is part of gameplay. I will highligt eatable creatures as a bonus for little time, but not all the time.

      I’m sorry for my wooden English. :(