GFWL-B-Gone: Dead Rising 2 Switched To Steamworks


You may survive a zombie bite, sometimes, if you hack off the bodypart they nibbled – you’ve got to beat the infection to your heart. Games have a little more time. Dead Rising 2 and its reimagine-o-follow-up Off the Record were born riddled with Games for Windows – Live, Microsoft’s nasty abandoned attempt to make PC games Xbox Live-y, but now they’re free.

As promised, Capcom have cut out GFWL and grafted on Steamworks in its place, though not without complications. To celebrate the switch, they’re holding a Dead Rising Steam sale too.

The switch happened yesterday. Steam copies are automatically upgraded to the Steamworks version, while folks who bought retail boxes with GFWL keys can activate those on Steam. The GFWL version will continue to work, for folks who don’t have it on Steam or don’t want to switch.

Folks who bought it direct from the GFWL Marketplace aren’t able to get Steamy, though. Capcom explain, “Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate a Steamworks transfer for these folks as there is no authentication option available.”

Tools to transfer saves and achievements over from GFWL to Steam are coming soon.

However, DLC will not carry over. If you’ve bought bits and bobs for either game, they’ll only be available in the GFWL version. If you want ’em in Steam, you’ll need to buy them again. Capcom explain this is because they couldn’t authenticate DLC purchases, but it would’ve been nice a nice gesture to give them to everyone – they’re not expensive. 2K gave BioShock 2’s DLC to everyone in a Steamswitch, for example.

That Dead Rising Steam sale I mentioned has DR2 for £5.09 (or £8.49 with all its DLC), Off the Record for £5.09, Dead Rising 3 for £23.99, and discounts on DLC too. It’ll run until Friday.


  1. SigmaCAT says:

    WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAA oh God I never thought this possible. Such good news. Have my love, Alice.

  2. XhomeB says:

    I bought DR2 purely by instinct and wasn’t disappointed, loved every minute of it. Such a… relaxing game.
    Going to activate my retail copy asap.

    • Awesomeclaw says:

      Yeah, I got DR2 shortly after release and had a bit of fun with it but I stopped when I started having GFWL problems. Maybe I’ll give it another shot now I can get it on Steam.

    • SigmaCAT says:

      I hate to be the bearer of bad news, said Mister Cave, but it appears I can’t activate my boxed copy yet. After all this µ guess we’ll be able to shred zombies with patience

  3. Kempston Wiggler says:

    I might be unique in that I love zombies but don’t actually own a zombie theme-d game of any kind. Dead Rising 2 for cheaps, you say…?

  4. Humble_Beest says:

    So fellow RPS’ers, if you could help a guy out I would love you even more. Dead Rising 2 or 3?
    #2 is obviously much cheaper right now, but 3 looks pretty awesome. Obviously this is coming from someone who has never played any of the titles. Which one do you recommend? Thanks so much!

    • Premium User Badge

      Qazinsky says:

      I have played and enjoyed them both, 2 takes place in a big mall where you scavenge the stores and the “square circle” nature of the mall means that you’ll decide if it is worth the risk to go save those survivors on the other side or not, if taking the long way around the inside or the shorter but more dangerous outside middle way.

      3 on the other hand is several city chunks and as such gives a little more variety, it has more vehicles and more opportunities to use them as you travel around.

      I found 2 had harder boss fights than 3 but 2 is also a smaller game.

      If you haven’t played either, it might be worth it to buy 2 since it’s so cheap right now, and maybe when you’re done with it and you know if you like the game style, 3 might be on sale if you want more.

    • Premium User Badge

      Qazinsky says:

      Oh, right, it’s also important to mention that there’s a time limit, you have a set amount of days and each day has a set length with its own new changes to enemies and missions. It is more noticeable in 2 than i 3 imo, you will have some time to mess around and fill your inventory with gear if you want and go about it right, but sometimes you’ll have to skip to save some survivors because other things took too much time.

      • Humble_Beest says:

        Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar. I appreciate your insights.

  5. Perkelnik says:

    How does DR2 compare to DR2: OtR? Which is better? Do I miss anything playing one without the other?

    • golem09 says:

      I haven’t played any Dead Rising game myself so far, but I’ve looked into just that yesterday.
      Off the Record is the exact same game as DR2, except the main character is switched out, including one storytwist. Everything else, including the story, is the same.
      Except Off the Record also has more stuff, areas, weapons and costumes.

  6. elevown says:

    Tried to register my retail OTR and it didn’t work – is this only for America or anything?

  7. fish99 says:

    So what games are left with GFWL then? I know GTA4 is, not sure about Bulletstorm and Dawn of War 2. Wasn’t Fallout 3 GFWL too?

    • Camerooni says:

      These are my personal notes on the GFWL status (may be helpful?):

      :) Batman – Arkham Asylum: STEAMWORKS
      :) Batman – Arkham City: STEAMWORKS
      :) Bioshock 2: STEAMWORKS
      :) Darksouls: STEAMWORKS
      :) Dead Rising 2: GFWL
      :) Dead Rising 2 – Off the Record: GFWL
      :) Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet: STEAMWORKS
      :) Red Faction – Guerilla: STEAMWORKS
      :) Resident Evil 5: GFWL
      :) Toy Soliders: STEAMWORKS
      :) Warhammer 40k – Dawn of War II: STEAMWORKS

      :/ Fallout 3: GFWL
      :/ Mortal Kombat Arcade Collection: GFWL

      :( GTA IV: GFWL
      :( GTA IV – Expansions: GFWL
      :( Iron Brigade: GFWL

      Extremely Unlikely:
      :( Bulletstorm: GFWL
      :( Fable 3: GFWL
      :( Flatout – Ultimate Carnage: GFWL

      Not a chance in hell:
      :( Juiced 2: GFWL
      :( Section 8: GFWL
      :( Section 8 – Prejudice: GFWL
      :( The Club: GFWL
      :( Universe at War: GFWL

  8. Camerooni says:

    I would have thought that a receipt with a date from the GFWL store would have been an avenue for authentication – CAPCOM just know people who care enough will buy it again though.. They call receipts ‘proof of purchase’ for a reason.