Space Is The Place – New EVE: Valkyrie Trailer

EVE: Valkyrie [official site] is so very, very pretty. The multiplayer dogfighting spin-off from CCP’s intimidating MMO seems to capture what EVE battles sound like when someone tells you about them, not the confusing zoomed-out radar screen covered in blips that big fights actually look like. Being made exclusively for VR cybergoggles means the immersive view looks jolly good too.

With their annual EVE Fanfest going on in Iceland right now, CCP have released a new staged gameplay trailer showing all this off. Oh me oh my it’s a corker:

That moment when your ship gives out and lets the vacuum of space in and your body ices over – gosh! Haven’t we all dreamed of such a beautiful death? And the hostile ships warping in! Oh, it’s all just so nice. And yes, those orders are coming from the voice of Katee Sackhoff, Starbuck off that there television.

Our Pip’s at EVE Fanfest and had this to briefly tweet: “Been playing Valkyrie’s new game mode – a point-capture-with-drones-and-dogfighting thing on a space ruins necropolis map :O”. Splendid. I assume she’ll have more to tell us all about it later.

EVE Online has a universe of large, beautiful, and odd things that I happily kept exploring even when my interest in EVE itself ran low, and I’m very excited to see them up close. The VR requirement is a problem for me and my unfoolable eyes but heck, I’ll stick it out.


  1. badirontree says:

    link to :P

  2. Cerzi says:

    It’s been over a decade since I was essentially living in Eve but wow, this certainly gives fleet battles an artistic grandeur that always seemed to be lacking in the game itself. The sense of scale has always been there, but from this perspective it’s just breathtaking.

    Now if only there was no such thing as engine limitations and this game was seamlessly combined with Eve itself, with player controlled fighters weaving around player controlled battleships and capitals. That would be mighty fine.

    • Razumen says:

      Weaving it in the MMO sounds good in theory, but I think having it as it’s own separate thing allows for more freedom that just wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Also, flying in large EVE battles would only be fun up until time dilation starts kicking in, at that point you might as well just grab some popcorn.

  3. xcession says:

    Finally, a space shooter with genuinely gargantuan capital ships.

    Quite understandably devs seem to always pull their punches a bit with scale in space things, but it’s a huge shame given that scale is the essence of the space experience.

    • Cinek says:

      Elite: Dangerous already has huge ships and Star Citizen will have them as well (though in S:C perceived scale difference will be much bigger due to the fact that you can eject from a fighter and basically walk around the hull of enemy cap ship… and the fact that smallest fighter is even smaller than equivalent in Elite). In past you don’t have to look much further than Freespace 2 and it’s GTVA Colossus.

      • derbefrier says:

        I can’t wait. To see the cap ships in star citizen. Since you are gonna be able to actually walk around in them and shit I imagine they will be humoungus. I know several ships have gotten bigger than originally intended because of this. Even running around out of your ship in multiplayer free flight in the test servers has a great sense of scale.

    • Razumen says:

      Someone hasn’t played Freespace 2… ;)

  4. zenmumbler says:

    Have to say that looking at the video fullscreen made feel a bit dizzy but damn it looks amazing. Hoping that if the head movements are initiated by myself the vertigo will be less.

  5. Synesthesia says:

    I’m so so happy all these flying games are coming back to the market. Cockpit games will be fucking awesome on VR. More, more, more!

    • Premium User Badge

      Qazinsky says:

      Yeah, exactly, games where you are driving some form of vehicle or something, a spaceship, a car, a mech will be fantastic with VR and also not demand a big empty room to play in. If they can just get VR rolling in this department first, we’ll worry about FPSes and such later ;)

      • Synesthesia says:

        Have you seen assetto corsa working with occulus? It’s sexy as hell.

        • Premium User Badge

          Qazinsky says:

          I googled it and it looks great! I am not personally a fan of racing though but that immersion!

          link to for those interested in seeing it themselves.

    • derbefrier says:

      What this guy said

  6. disorder says:

    As an eve player (which means in real terms about 60% spreadsheets, 30% flying freight, most of the rest waiting or watching, and 24/7 jabber) the decision not to explicitly link the valkyrie to the main game, at least on any schedule is the best choice they could have made to get this concept started – and to make it a really good, energetic and exciting game first.

    I played Valkyrie myself recently and in VR, the sensation I get is that it definitely is on the right direction. Even when the game itself is not a whole lot different, actually than Freespace, various X wing – games we already know. Freeing it from the MMO part (like elite dangerous didn’t) lets them go straight to the exciting parts of this format.

    This was (asides from being on a console) Dust 514’s big complication and a goal they never (yet) really achieved.

    Also that convoy was just asking to get hotdropped. Or even convoys like that.

    Let’s hope Rift actually make a release at some point and not hold Valkyrie hostage, forever.

    • Beren says:

      “””the decision not to explicitly link the valkyrie to the main game, at least on any schedule is the best choice they could have made to get this concept started – and to make it a really good, energetic and exciting game first.”””

      Yah this worked so well with badgame… I mean Dust514. All you can say about Valkyrie over Badgame at this point is that it won’t be as glorpy.

      Without a serious plan for when and how Valkyrie will integrate this will be another failed mighthavebeen.

      Why should serious players take the game seriously when it’s pretend neweden lobby shooter?

      The integration will be glacial, trivial and at the whim of the crying of people that aren’t physically capable of even playing this game (ie most eve players).

      Badgame 2.0

  7. emorphien says:

    This looks like it could be fun. I miss flying a wee little ship around among giant capital ships.

    I’m still hoping that the space shooty sim genre brings back some other gameplay types, rather than just multiplayer and open world. I’d totally be up for modern games in the style of Freespace that focus on the same large scale battles as this but use them (and other scenarios) to tell a well crafted single player story.

    • Razumen says:

      I agree, I’m really itching for another game in the vein of Freespace.

  8. Catweasel says:

    Really busy looking cockpit, I find it hard to focus on anything. Hopefully it’s less of an issue when you’re actually playing though.

    • Razumen says:

      One thing that bugs me watching that video is how the players viewpoint is rotating on a pin, whereas realistically you’d have some side to side and forward/backward movement as well. I hope they have at least some positional tracking in the game as that would really help to further the immersion even more.

  9. airmikee says:

    VR exclusive? Ah well. At least there will be videos to watch. Maybe I’ll track down a PS1 or 2 to replay the three Colony Wars games while I wait for CCP to realize that “half assed VR” adoption rates aren’t likely to take off as quickly as they think.

  10. Rindan says:

    One of my biggest nerd ragey and utterly pedantic pet peeves is people freezing in space. You. Don’t. Freeze. Let me put it this way; if you had a decent pair of boots, you could run stark naked across the surface of Pluto with only a face mask, ear plugs, and a pair of goggles, and feel more or less comfortable.

    Do you know what the very best insulator known to man is? Fucking vacuum. There is literally no better insulator from heat. If you are standing around in a vacuum, there is exactly zero heat being lost through conduction, zero being lost through convection, and a very small amount being lost through radiation. On earth, you are constantly losing heat to your colder surrounding through conduction, convection, and radiation. In a vacuum, conduction and convection loss would go to zero, and you, being a mammal, make heat far faster than you radiate and so would stay toasty warm, even if you were standing on Pluto (again, assuming you have a pair of boots on).

    Bonus point pet peeve; vacuum isn’t all that harmful. If you have swam down to the bottom of a deep pool you have experienced a pressure differential of 1 atmosphere. Your skin can easily resist it. If all of a sudden I threw you into a vacuum with a fast mask on, you would get a body wide hickey, and your eyes would quickly dry out if they were exposed to raw vacuum (due to it boiling away) , and it would feel mildly uncomfortable, but you would be fine. No, you wouldn’t get the bends. No, your eyeballs don’t pop out.

    • brgillespie says:

      There’s a map in Mechwarrior Online situated on a moon. The game treats it like a “cold” map in terms of the Battlemechs dissipating the heat of their weapon fire through the heatsinks, when it should be the opposite. It SHOULD be the hottest map in the entire game, since without air for the thermal exchange with the heatsinks, the Mechs would struggle to operate their weapons even sparingly.

    • czerro says:

      To kinda nerd further. All the moisture(water) in the cockpit expands/boils/vaporizes and then that fine mist immediately freezes! Pretty weird. A thin layer of frost on all surfaces is not that strange of a portrayal. As to eye’s bugging out and such, yeah, you see that in film for dramatic effect. In space most environments are kept below 1 atm, and space itself is slightly above 1 atm. Explosive Decompression really doesn’t happen at that pressure drop. Scuba divers have much higher and messier risks involving decompression effects.

      I know people kinda dislike the film Sunshine, but there is a pretty awesome scene where the characters become marooned on a vessel they were investigating and are essentially forced to decompress the ship, by opening the docking bay doors without an umbilical attached, and leap to the docking bay door of their own ship without suits. Everyone that has ever watched this movie instantly throws their hands up in the air during this scene and says, “That’s IMPOSSIBLE!”. Yeah, it’s actually not. Highly uncomfortable and probably temporarily blinding, for the like 20 seconds you have before you pass out or have an embolism…but its easily possible that those characters were able to make the 5 second jump shown in the film. The only unreasonable thing in that scene, is that everyone was able to get their trajectory right, and not end up bouncing of the hull of their own ship like the one hapless redshirt.

    • manio22 says:

      According to this guy

      • czerro says:

        Hah, thanks for that! I actually dug Sunshine out again and was watching it, and I really highly recommend it to people. It’s pretty incredible excepting the weird unnecessary 4th Act/Super Hero/Bro-Down Fight that comes out of nowhere. There’s definitely a fly in this soup, and somebody thought that’s what audiences really wanted :/. The artistic direction is top-notch and the science quite good. Capa’s labored run might seem confusing. I remember people asking that alot, “Why is the suit so heavy?”. Well the suit may or may not be heavy. It is intended to look heavy and likely has to be heavily shielded, but its the gravity of the SUN he is fighting in that scene. The suit is an exoskeleton. He is manipulating it from within the suit, but it’s like moving mountains to do the minor tasks for actuating the exoskeleton of the suit. That’s why he is very clumsy and already tired just using the exo suit to get to the point where he falls. He coughs up a ton of blood when he falls, because the force of that fall is actually quite dramatic. Again, he is literally walking into the center of the sun. I know the film doesn’t spell all this stuff out for people, but it’s actually one of the smartest, and most dramatic sci-fi film with the goofiest last 10 minutes I’ve ever seen.

    • K_Sezegedin says:

      Amen, the instant freeze is the weird new form of suitless-eva ignorance that’s replaced the old 1 atmo explosive decompression schtick.

      The cockpit icing up in Dangerous is similarly stupid.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      Yeah, but freezing then shattering in the depths of space is really cool so

      • K_Sezegedin says:

        Aside from the wacko physics of the freezing in Dangerous, it also makes me wonder why I’ve got the humidity in my cockpit dialed to rainforest…

  11. racccoon says:

    In true eve CCP style..
    YET another copy and paste job!
    They can’t think of anything themselves all they do is copy others when they could of done ten years ago!
    Their fan base during beta of eve asked for this type of game, but CCP choose to ignore all requests remained stubborn just copy and pasting maps to make out they made a world when it was merely a paste job.
    Now that the new guys/DEVS are on block showing great imaginative and inventive space in a true games view. CCP gets to old tricks of just copying n pasting into full gear
    CCP is just playing the game of catchup with the jones’zz.
    when it could of been the original, but CCP is just an embarrassing COPY CAT of what could of been but for their own ignorance to their fans.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      Ten years ago there was no way to make this game. The VR kit available then was crap, and graphics tech wasn’t there either (and CCP were busy launching a unique MMO and didn’t have time to be messing about with a shooter as well).
      Now there are some other first person space shooting games, but most of them are more like Elite (ie the combat is only part of the game). And lets face it, games that are similar is a feature of this industry, exactly how many FPS’s are there?

  12. Keeper075 says:

    What would be interesting is, even though the game isn’t directly linked to the MMO, they could reproduce some of the MMO’s historical battles in Valkyrie. Perhaps in a sort of simulator environment if not directly woven in to the game’s plot line. Perhaps they can even release such battles as DLC as they occur, so you’re not limited to just the battles that have already happened.

    Like many here I used to play EVE, but for various reasons don’t anymore. That said, there are a number of ‘events’ that I was involved in that I would absolutely love to see from this perspective!

  13. TheSplund says:

    Spacehog reference perhaps?