Games, Cassette, Matched: Curve’s Indie Mixtape

like a jolly Hotline Miami

Curve Digital is best known around these parts as the development studio behind Stealth Bastard [official site] but the British studio has also worked on some major indie ports, including OlliOlli, Thomas Was Alone, Proteus and Lone Survivor. Most of those ports have been from PC to console, bringing indie games to new audiences. With the newly announced Indie Mixtape, Curve is hoping to achieve something similar, entirely within the PC ecosystem. The Mixtape is a bundle of five lesser-known titles that will be released together on Steam for £6.99/$9.99/€9.99.

I’m skeptical about this sort of thing. If I see a book in the independent shop around the corner, my first reaction isn’t to run to Waterstones in the hope that the book is available there as well. That’s how we end up with one store to rule them all.

On the other hand, the people who created these games would probably like to take up some shelf-space in The One Store. Curve certainly makes the deal sound attractive:

By helping to get the games onto Steam and offering a generous revenue share above that of a typical publishing agreement, We are helping up-and-coming indies by giving them the ability to have their work seen and purchased by a much greater audience, giving them a steady revenue stream while they work on their next titles.

Nowt wrong with that. I guess my concern is that other stores need exposure and steady revenue streams as well. To that end, here are the five games included, along with links to the places they’re available right now, before the Mixtape releases next month.

First up is Laza Knitez!!, a frenetic local multiplayer lance ’em up. It’s available on Detective Chirpums, a detective adventure game about birds that hatched from the most hardboiled of eggs, is also available on Randomised, super-fast and vibrantly colourful, hets is also available on

Surely “not-quite-euclidean” puzzle game Test Chamber isn’t also available on It is! And that just leaves us with Roguelight, the only one of the five that I’ve played (it’s fab), which is available on

I wish the Mixtape well and hope that it helps to bring the games to a wider audience while helping to fund further work from the developers. I’d love to see sales figures before and after Steam – it’ll help, of course, but I wonder how much its impact has been lessened now that the “shelves” are busier than ever before.


  1. rustybroomhandle says:

    Always thought it’d be fun to take a bunch of exceptionally daft little games and combine them into a modern incarnation of Lazy Jones.

  2. Wowbagger says:

    Hadn’t heard of Roguelight before but had to go have a mooch. it’s lovely! Glad to support them.

  3. fco says:

    there are just so many indie games, and so little time to play, that a bit of curation is always welcome.

  4. Simon_Scott says:!

  5. April March says:

    Don’t see it as seeing a book in the indie bookstore then running to the big chain. See it as a bunch of writers that are big in their niches collaborating in a short story collection that will be sold in the big chains, with the hope that a few people will discover them there and find out about their other works that the big chain doesn’t stock.

    But yeah, I’ll probably stick to

    • April March says:

      Thank you for collating the links to the games’ pages in one place, btw.