Lubricated: Rust Revving Up For New Features

I’ve been fascinated by the rebuilding of Rust [official site], and DayZ too, and how different their developments are the second time around. The initial free versions of both open-world survive ’em ups were scrappy things, quickly growing and tossing features onto foundations that, it turned out, weren’t quite able to support them. Starting over from scratch, both have moved more cautiously through Early Access, and I’ve enjoyed seeing how they grow at this slower pace.

Rust is about to enter a bit of a growth spurt, now stable enough to start boshing in more features.

“We’ve been trying to get to baseline, building a foundation, get shit stable. We decided that although it’s not perfect and exactly where we’re at, it’s time to start pushing forward with adding features,” creator Garry Newman said in a dev update on Thursday.

“Balance, performance and stability is going to obviously be affected by these new features so probably doesn’t make much sense to hold off on new features until we get these things perfect.”

What this means for folks playing is updates will be lighter some weeks, as ‘sprint’ bursts of focus on features “go long and take a couple of weeks to complete”. At the end of that, you should have a shiny new feature to play with.

“So next week you’ll start to see that coming through in a minor way, and over the next few months you should start seeing it coming through in more major gameplay ways,” Newman said. Good-o!

It’s common sense, but I enjoy seeing how Rust and DayZ aren’t following the original order features were added to the originals, forging new paths through familiar territory towards a familiar waypoint then onto new, further destinations. But, uh, I imagine it might be less fun for some who are actually playing, not simply watching professionally from a distance.


  1. RARARA says:

    I would be a real bummer if this game doesn’t pan out.

    • phelix says:

      The bottom line is whether the game actually works. No use adding buttloads of features if they break the game completely.

    • April March says:

      It’s important to have a lot of content. There’s a limit to how long people will enjoy meaninglessly arsing around.

    • Hebrind says:

      I had a cheeky go on this earlier, lots has changed.

    • jrodman says:

      These spammers sure are a pain in the backside.

    • rabbit says:


  2. Kempston Wiggler says:

    That’s quite enough of your cheek, thank you.

  3. Rymdkejsaren says:

    Please take this seriously. Butt on a different note, it’s interesting to see how Facepunch added stability first and features second. Perhaps Bohemia could learn something from that.

    • Max Planck says:

      When Facepunch starts adding features, they will lose that stability. You introduce something new, it will mess with what you have, so Bohemia’s approach is better in the long barenaked run.

      • April March says:

        It’s easier to add a second story to a well-founded one-story house than it is to build a two-story house without a foundation.

        *Notice: April March is not qualified to give advice on house construction. Please consult an expert to build a foundation for your house.

        • Mad Hamish says:

          Making a very early version of a game stable isn’t the sturdy first floor in that analogy. Making a proper, flexible framework that you can build on might be more appropriate. But I’d probably just abandon that analogy altogether.

  4. Villephox says:

    I don’t play these sorts of games, so I’m curious: Are all of the character models the same? Is it just the same naked white guy, or is there any sort of customization?

    • Premium User Badge

      Malarious says:

      Rust actually has a really interesting approach to this: you’re given a randomly generated skin color and face, dependent on your Steam ID, and neither can be changed — not even by remaking your character. Details: link to
      Regarding customization, there’s loads of crafted gear that the Rust staff is keen on implementing, ranging from a variety of shirts, hoodies, etc, to scavenged-together chestplates made of metal rivets and tin cans.

      • AbsoluteShower says:

        Looks like they’re making an honest effort. Mind you, they’ll have to be prepared as some SJ trolls will still pillory them for cheap laughs.

    • SominiTheCommenter says:

      Dick Size slider or bust!

  5. Neurotic says:

    Is there a single player mode in Rust, a la Minecraft?

  6. joa says:

    So why exactly is the guy’s bum on show?

    • Ross Angus says:

      Because he hasn’t crafted trousers yet.

      • joa says:

        Oh okay. I thought it was a sexual thing especially since they call it ‘Rust’.

  7. Premium User Badge

    Oakreef says:

    Is the title a rape joke? :/

    • Beanbee says:

      Just an innuendo to sex, butt stuff happens consensually you know.

    • hypocritelecteur says:

      First of all what does lube have to do with rape? Or anal anything? Lube is fun everywhere. Y’all should be using lube in any sexual context.

    • rabbit says:

      I ….. um …. what?

  8. Voqar says:

    Rust is an interesting beast. I have zero interest in the griefer paradise style deathmatch that exists in it or DayZ or similar games, but I *DID* enjoy Rust in it’s first incarnation for the survival gameplay even if it was on the simplistic side.

    I tried playing it again recently and the game doesn’t feel remotely the same anymore and all the improvement seem to make the game clunkier and less enjoyable.

    I had hoped they’d get the game to a hostable state (so you could host your own games for you and a few friends rather than pay absurd server rental costs) and shore up the content but who knows how this game will pan out. I know the focus of the game is the glorified gang rape deathmatch stuff, which IMO is a flimsy excuse for content by lazy devs, but I still *hoped* there would be some options to play it a bit less childishly.

    • Ruigi says:

      You’ve been able to host your own server for a while now but it’s not just a quick menu click. Also, servers are pretty cheap ($12/mo for 50 slot). I’ve only got 15 min for lunch so you’re on your own there. Rust is intended as a sandbox and while a lot of it is KOS RDM you’d be quite surprised at the way some people play.

      Here’s a nice feature Craig Pearson did on my old server: link to

  9. jrodman says:

    Nice ass.

  10. MrFinnishDude says:

    I had forgotten rust was still a thing