Rainbow Six Siege Video Shows Plane Level, Carpentry

Rainbow Six Siege [official site] isn’t the first time the Rainbow Six series has tried to take cues from Counter-Strike, but it’s maybe the first time it has combined it with a compelling set of its own ideas. A new, ten-minute video boils those ideas down to: i) you can destroy walls and ii) your trousers are full of portable walls.

Seriously, it must be a woodworking shop down there. If you’re not pulling sheets of wood over doorways to block the paths of your opponents, you’re dropping metallic, waist-high cover on the ground to crouch behind. This on top of a sledgehammer, barbed wire, EMP grenades and a “Bonfire Launcher”. Your thighs must be chafing.

In this particular video, you’re doing these things in a previously unseen level inventively named Plane. It’s reminiscent of cs_747 in as much as it also takes place aboard a plane, but it’s different in that it doesn’t seem to be about a single, infuriating chokepoint divided by immovable curtains.

I am excited about Siege, because I like destroying things, but marginally less so than Due Process. The video is taken from the game’s currently closed alpha, so may not hang around online for long. Watch it below.

Thanks, Eurogamer.


  1. rabbit says:

    It’s reminiscent of cs_747 … aaaaaaaaaand of ‘that plane mission’ (google tells me it’s called Operation: Perfect Sword … will stick to ‘that plane mission’ I think) from Rainbow Six : Rogue Spear. Which was so good. The whole game, actually. I’d really love a modern day engine rejig of that game.

    • rabbit says:

      Oh, and … looks pretty cool from a quick look. I haven’t played a single rainbow six game since the third one. Loved the second (Rogue Spear) , didn’t like the third as much as I lost my beloved third person mode.
      For anyone who’s played R6 games more recently … do we know whether or not it’s sensible to get interested in this game? Or are they more dud than … not dud, now?

      • lordhughes says:

        After this video I have lost a little hope, it seems more CoD/BF than R6 which is sad, no tactics just run and gun.

    • crazyd says:

      I think I might be the only one, but 747 was my favorite CS map, and I’ve always been disappointed that it hasn’t come out in the later releases.

    • Havalynii says:

      Somewhere on the interwebs is a Raven Shield re-make of Perfect Sword. It’s so good.

    • vahnn says:

      Rogue Spear and Ravenshield are definitely on my top 5 games of all time. I must have played thousands and thousands of hours between the two of those games, although mostly multiplayer.

      I’d kill for Rogue Spear- and Ravenshield-style multiplayer in Unreal 4 engine.

  2. Not_Id says:

    Graham Graham Graham, a developer is going to read those words wot you wrote up above and create some kind of carpentry simulator. Please think before giving those people ideas! Before you know it we’ll be buying dlc sheds, lathes, coloured hammer handles, hats, screws and nails etc So think before you type please.

    • Premium User Badge

      Graham Smith says:

      Would buy.

    • OctoStepdad says:

      constructing a room with the Steam VR, now that would be interesting.

      • emptyskin says:

        Yeah! and Valve can charge people for the virtual crafting components!!

      • Vandelay says:

        Oh my. The home improvement industry and the Vive would be weirdly excellent mix. You would need someway to do a 360° scan of your room, but you could then test out different furniture, paint, etc. without any permanent damage to your room. The old home design software that often came with computers back in the 90s could see a comeback too.

        Farewell Sarah Beeney!

    • Hebrind says:

      Closest to a carpentry simulator I ever played was polishing up that pirate’s wooden leg in Monkey Island 2. And playing the “How much wood?” game with the carpenter!

    • April March says:

      I don’t see any problem. I mean, I suppose I was delivering all that wood in Spintires for a reason.

  3. 2late2die says:

    I definitely like what I’m seeing here. It really reminds me of the better Rainbow Six games, and has a very different vibe than the various COD/BF clones.

    • remon says:

      In which way? This looks exactly like a COD clone, with a CS mode, and not even close to what R6 was.

  4. Bull0 says:

    I think this is looking really nice! People on reddit are just being po-faced about how different from the early R6 games it is. Whatever.

  5. peterako1989 says:

    If you can’t die in one hit and plan every single action of a mission, its not rainbow six. rainbow six died after RS3

  6. Koozer says:

    “Content deleted.

    This video is no longer available because it has been deleted.”


  7. zeep says:

    This looks like a My First Sony kids version of what a real tactical shooter should be.

  8. emptyskin says:

    This looks terrible. I want PATRIOTS. That looked good. Why does no one think anything of the vast disparity of PATRIOTS and SIEGE?

    • Distec says:

      Because Patriots was looking pretty dumb, honestly. Too much narrative, too much message, too much morally gray EDGE. If the original R6 games had a plot, it didn’t matter to me because you played those for their superb tactical gameplay. Patriots was looking like a hamfist full of the former while the latter was being corroded with third-person cover shooting and quicktime crap. It had taken one too many cues from some other modern hits, including the Vegas offshoot.

      Siege looks like it’s far from the series’ glory days, but at least it sorta roughly fits into the shape on surface appearance alone… I guess.

      • emptyskin says:

        “Too much narrative, too much message, too much morally gray EDGE.”

        All reasons that make it more interesting than generic one button cover building non-sense. Patriots got canned because it prompted a mutiny on a US army base. I accepted long ago that R6 was over (raven shield killed it). A challenging narrative as well as some freedom in dealing with problems would be preferable to killing waves of enemies with various gimmicks to differentiate the game from every other shooter.

    • Bull0 says:

      No no no. I disagree with patriots looking good even more vehemently than I disagree with people complaining that this is a “cod/BF clone”

  9. kwyjibo says:

    I’d rather press X to Jason or to grieve.

  10. zarthrag says:

    I want to like this game, but …where’s the planning-screen/map? This isn’t R6? This is CS. I was watching a competition match (not that I understand the concept of pro-level play on an unreleased game) and no one ever made a solid effort to actually *get* the hostage. I’m assuming there will be no single-player, as well.


  11. benzoate says:

    Dissapointed that it’s not actually “Hold X to barbecue” as I thought on first glance.