Freeware Garden: VoYD

VoYD is a simple, minimalistic game and this is exactly what allows it to be a super fast, brutal hack-and-slash arcade offering that’s still completely playable, and which flows in the most zen-like of fashions.

Set in a universe of pale colours, corrupted tiles and numerous enemies, VoYD has you running around through lovely, abstract, randomly generated levels with a sword and killing everything that comes your way. You have to move fast and kill fast and achieve a high-score before dying.

Thankfully, not only is the game incredibly moreish, but the controls are both tight and make dashing around and slashing as interesting as it gets. Left click and hold the button to swiftly move towards the cursor, right click to attack, click the middle mouse button for your strong attack and press space to dash. Got it?

Good, you are ready for some elegant arcade fun then.


  1. he-who-outthinks-empty-bottles says:

    A really nice condensed experience. But one thing makes me very sad: the strong attack on the middle mouse button is annoying as hell. So I stopped playing. A shame!

  2. mikmanner says:

    Fun! Nice mood

  3. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Ah. Shame it’s only avaliable for Windows.